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Deadline to enter was May 27, 2005, 5 p.m.
Winners will be printed in the June 8 Wilson County News print edition.

2005 Entries
Entries are posted once each week as they are received.
Photos are labeled by the photographer's name.
Click on each photo to see it larger,
or click on the first photo and scroll through all of them.
angela kotara cyndy nichols jennifer gotto margaret graham pam sanchez
angela kotara.jpg cyndy nichols.jpg jennifer gotto.jpg margaret graham.jpg
3rd PLACE!
pam sanchez.jpg
rose niemietz sonya pruski becky havard kelly orth marilyn pruski  
rose niemietz.jpg
Honorable Mention
sonya pruski.jpg
becky havard.jpg
Honorable Mention
nichole wertz randy-broom
s gonzales
sarah rethaber
sharon moczygemba
nichole wertz.jpg randy-broom.jpg
sharon moczygemba.jpg
Honorable Mention
amelia martinez
anne rickstrew
bobbie west
cecily riffe
diane turner
joyce moy
linda brucks
stephanie offer
tiffany morrell
joyce moy.jpg
Honorable Mention
bernadette knight candida weed
imelda garza
jackie ernst
kathryn mcdaniel
bernadette knight.jpg
Honorable Mention
candida weed.jpg
lynette best-crisp
mary lou ross
rose ximenez
shannon stanush
shari duncan
terri wiatrek
trisha moehrig
vanessa younts
vicki poore
annie taylor
vicki poore.jpg
5th PLACE!
becky sparrow laura hansen
linda willlis-riojas
mary limon
nancy jurgajtis
becky sparrow.jpg
2nd PLACE!
laura hansen.jpg
patricia moots ray reinke
rochelle cotton
susan robenson
betsy schuble
patricia moots.jpg ray reinke.jpg
charlie eichman crystal barrera
isabel martinez
jennifer griffith
jennifer shepard
charlie eichman.jpg crystal barrera.jpg
4th PLACE!
karen quiroz maria marshall
regina childress
b.j. pilgrim
corrine villa
karen quiroz.jpg maria marshall.jpg
dave galloway
freddy silva
jeanette kluck
jim mcelhatten
joan ehlers
joyce schulenburg
karen hons
lisa vrana
patsy liedecke
rosie johns
sean pruski
telisha rosene
bob menn
bonnie hesskew
brenda clancy
cynthia brewer daniel ybarra
dawn barnett
laurie madden mire
lilli pursley
cynthia brewer.jpg daniel ybarra.jpg
mark zigmond mary perales
roy racklers
sheri jay
suzanne brown
mark zigmond.jpg mary perales.jpg
virginia tinoco vivian jimenez
alana spell
annie voigt
bonnie rogers
virginia tinoco.jpg vivian jimenez.jpg
chelsey friesenhahn cherrelle herber
iris korus
jacinta silva
chelsey friesenhahn.jpg cherrelle herber.jpg
james hunt
kim domke
kirsty herod
leslie lessire
liz austin
james hunt.jpg
1st PLACE!
lorene mchorse
loretta lynn-orr
louis christa
mary jo bilicek
meghan childress
melissa howard
misty acton
phyllis zook
rose lea cicherski
rosella gomez
ruth vontur
tara machost
tim farr
tracy robles
wendi britz
ann skloss
arlene tieken
benjamin novak
beth carter
brandi burkett
carolyn thomas
catherine bruett
gloria lawhon
jaime peck
joy wiatrek
karen gulick
lillian kiolbassa
lorraine seidel
macy leonhardt
martha novak
phil cassell
rene peters
roby pennartz
sammantha gallegos
shynelle taggs
tasha wiatrek

The Wilson County News hosts a "Springtime in South Texas Photo Contest" every year in the spring. Photos entries are posted online at and winners are announced in the Wilson County News in June.

• All photos submitted may be viewed on the Web at
• Photos may be e-mailed to, mailed to WCN Photo Contest, 1012 C St., Floresville, TX 78114, or delivered to the WCN office. You must include your name, address, and home/daytime phone numbers as well as a brief description of the photo.
• Photos submitted become the property of the Wilson County News and they may be used in special promotions in the future. Photos submitted will NOT be returned.
• Limit ONE entry per photographer.
• Deadline to enter is Friday, May 27, at 5 p.m.
• Winners will be published in the June 8 issue of the
Wilson County News.
• Entries will be judged on the theme “Springtime in South Texas,” composition, and creativity. Decision of the judges is final.
• Employees of the Wilson County News and their immediate families are not eligible to enter.

Judges' Comments
By Dana and Tom Parish
of Floresville, owners of
Alamo Photo Labs,
3814 Broadway, San Antonio.

The photography industry is changing day by day. With all the advancements in both film and digital cameras, it has become less intimidating for both professionals and amateurs alike, to get great results. There are some basic guide-lines that are still up to date that could help to make your shot stand out and get attention.
Your main subject should be razor sharp. Check to see if your camera is equipped with a locking device on the automatic focus. This will enable you to step in close, key in on your subject and step back to frame your image. In situations where you are capturing a bird or wild animal, it may be necessary to switch to manual focus, if your camera has that feature.
The viewer's eye will be drawn to the lightest parts of the scene. Choose a subdued background with minimal clutter. Simply changing your camera angle can dramatically improve your photo.Crop tight to eliminate distractions. Being at eye level when photographing children and pets is a good starting point. Kneel or sit on the ground and take several shots.
You will have better results by avoiding harsh lighting situations. Outdoor lighting is optimal one hour after sunrise and one to two hours before sunset. Midday sun will cause washed out highlights with no detail and heavy shadows that are unflattering. Cloudy, overcast light is great for many landscape scenes, but will produce a bluish skin tone.

Photo Tips
from Wilson County News photographers:

•Don't be afraid to be creative and try new things. Some of the best photos are the ones you didn’t plan on taking.

•Don’t get too far away from your sub- ject! You really don't need a lot of background on most shots to convey the image you are photographing. Let the viewers’ imagination fill in the details.

•I think snapshots and action shots always make for better pictures, they’re more interesting, more natural rather than setting up a scene.

•Try taking the same photo from several different angles for a different look.

•Try to keep your fingers and camera strap out of the picture.

•Always make sure you have an extra camera battery, very important!!

When taking pictures of scenery and nature: try to visualize your subject as an artist trying to create a masterpiece, center your subject, check the background for clutter that will distract from your subject, avoid shadows or shooting into direct sunlight.

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