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All That's Religion

Refuting the Bible: Reality check No. 1

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October 28, 2008 | 2,546 views | 26 comments

I apologize for the long delay in my response to Mike Clements’ last letter
in our continuing debate.

Mike, you’re wrong about the bible being unique. As I’ve stated
before, it is almost entirely plagiarized. Well, actually, I suppose the
fact that a book was written using stolen myths as a propaganda piece by
multiple authors and then presented as fact, while containing
inconsistencies and contradictions that are overlooked by those who accept
it as truth is unique.

As I’ve already proven, Moses never existed, as he is a
fictional character, no more than an edited name in the stolen mythological
story of Sargon of Akkad. The same can be said of Christ Jesus of Nazareth.
His life story is stolen from a plethora of other mythologies, the most
notable being the Persian deity Mithra. Even the bulk of his teachings were
taken from Confucius. In fact, the earliest biblical accounts of the life of
Jesus weren’t even written until 70 years after his supposed death.

As far as the bible mentioning who saw the resurrected Jesus
first, it’s not even consistent on that. I often hear the same thing you
said, about how the mention of a woman being first to witness the
resurrection giving the bible some sort of credibility. Allow me to rob you
of your ability to say that ever again. Matthew 28:2-5 says an angel was the
first to witness it, Mark 16:5 says it was a young man, Luke 24:4 says it
was two men, and John 20:1-2 says that nobody witnessed the resurrection.
Clearly, there is no credibility at all. In fact, nowhere does it say that
a woman was first to witness the resurrection, only, in the book of John,
that Mary Magdalene found the tomb empty.

On to the subject of death: It doesn’t matter that the bible
mentions five kinds of death. In the real world, there is only one sort of
death, and that is the death that everyone who has ever lived in any
culture, that has ever existed, has died. And that is the death we all know
and see at funerals. There is nothing else.

Since you’ve made me jump ahead in my debunking, I’d like to add
something about the end times and the second coming. In Mark 13:30, Jesus
tells his listeners that he shall return in their lifetimes. In Mark 14:62,
he tells the high priest that said priest would witness his second coming,
as well. And yet here society stands, over 1,000 years later, and people are
still waiting for the second coming to occur -- unless you’re Mormon, then
you think it already happened.

At any rate, there are other problems with Genesis, aside from
the death problem. It states that the moon is its own light source, which we
know it is not. That, alone, blasts a massive hole in the creation story.

Another problem is that it states that the stars are for
navigation, with no mention anywhere else of them serving another purpose.
Thanks to the science of astronomy, we know that stars are the central
gravitational force that rotates solar systems. They’re also what generate
light and radiation to the surrounding planets. There are no mentions of
other galaxies in Genesis, or nebulas, or anything else that we now know
exists due to advanced telescope technology.
This also proves that the creation story is the result of the knowledge of
a man from a primitive culture who came up with a myth or story to explain
what he had no other way of explaining. Surely, if this was the divine work
of god, it would include a full description of the universe, not the limited
description that it actually includes.

By the way, this may just be my last letter, due to the behavior
of Mike Clements. It was agreed upon that we would send each other our
responses as soon as they were completed, to give the other time to respond
accordingly. Mike has not done that with his last two letters, and I’m quite
certain that he won’t with his response to this one. That alone is a victory
for me, since I’ve done a very good job of picking apart all of his
responses thus far.

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Your Opinions and Comments

November 14, 2008 10:47am
Danny, I don't think for myself? You obviously don't know me. As for religion influencing my thoughts, I am not nearly as radical as you. You quote atheists like yourself who have no respect for any religion. I have never ... More ›

November 13, 2008 4:15pm
Firstly, to SK. Modern handwriting analysis have proven that the entire section of the works of Josephus referencing or regarding Christ Jesus of Nazareth, are in fact a forgery, as the handwriting does not match up with ... More ›

November 6, 2008 10:32am
I will put Danny comments in quotes. I find his quotes entertaining and show a total lack of intelligent debate. He has declared himself GOD and “knows” what Christians are, and how they “ALL” think. I only respond for others ... More ›

November 6, 2008 9:10am
Hello. I was reading these articles of this religion debate and I really like what Danny had to say. I myslef am not a Atheist nor Christian. But I do like what Danny has to say its much of what I think about reilgion. This ... More ›

November 4, 2008 11:12pm
Rebecca,I must say I like your comments,however, I would like to correct your statement about the Hindu's Budda. The Hindu's believe in 300,000,000 plus gods, but Budda is not one of them. Gauttama Siddhattha, "The Budda" ... More ›

November 3, 2008 10:28pm
Danny, Sorry to bore you, but yes, in fact it IS true that Christianity is a relationship. I suppose you consider yourself "educated" as you accuse all Christians of not being. If that is true, why do you know not ... More ›

November 3, 2008 3:25pm
Mr Taylor, allow me then to take up the argument regarding the writings of Josephus because it is important to show the liberties Danny (and most atheists) take with the facts. First, he says the writings of Josephus were proved ... More ›

Jason Taylor  
November 3, 2008 11:36am
For the sake of argument I will grant the non-biblical sources like Josephus as being suspect. But you still don't need them. The New Testament documents are still more reliable, abundant, and accurate than any other piece ... More ›

November 1, 2008 4:00am
Rebecca, The "Christianity is a relationship not a religion" crock is so far from the truth as well as so stale it's not even funny at this point. Actions speak louder than words. Christians constantly attempt to ... More ›

November 1, 2008 12:42am
You wrote,"Religion is vile, and while you can never truly get rid of religion, you can, through education, diminish its following until the amount of people left practicing it aren't even noticed. Remove the hold that religion ... More ›

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