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Freedom isn't Free

Freedom isn't Free
A copy of the telegram my grandmother received in 1944

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Thomas J. Leytham, M.D.
November 19, 2009

65 years ago today - early on the cold, damp morning of November the 18th, 1944, PFC Thomas Harold Leytham Sr. walked with his brethren in C-company, 35th Infantry, 320th Infantry regiment, United States Army, into a field near Nancy, France. From a hedge ahead of him, enemy fire rained in from a Nazi machine gunner and he was struck in the upper chest and hit the ground motionless - leaving behind my grandmother, two brothers and his four year old son, my dad.

Had he lived, he would have gone to Bastogne to fight in the Battle of the Bulge in December, 1944. Only one man in his company finished the war without being killed or seriously injured.

On December 6th, 1944, a short telegram was typed and sent to my grandmother, Juanita. It stated bluntly and succinctly, "THE SECRETARY OF WAR DESIRES ME TO EXPRESS HIS DEEP REGRET THAT YOUR HUSBAND...WAS KILLED IN ACTION ON EIGHTEEN NOVEMBER IN FRANCE".

A few days after delivery of the telegram, my dad and my grandmother received the Christmas presents which my grandfather had mailed to them from Paris shortly before his death. Later they received his personal belongings and the Christmas presents which had been sent to him but were never delivered and therefore had to be returned to my family still unopened as they continued in mourning.

Some things are worth fighting for - our freedom was purchased and maintained with a great price - my grandfather and hundreds of thousands of others died trying to do their part in keeping democracy protected from those who work to obtain excess authority for the governments of our world who would in turn gladly force their own citizens back into subjection after the citizens had fought to make their governments subject to them.

One of my daughters is a freshman in High School studying this era of world history with it's age of fascism and socialism and she can so easily see some modern parallels.

My son, Thomas Harold Leytham III, won a first place speech award last week in a scholastic competition. Will his children be able to speak in public regarding topics of their own choosing?

My nephew, Leytham Cresswell, is an active duty USAF airman who, as the great-grandson of Thomas Harold Leytham Sr., carries on the legacy of serving to defend our freedom.

This week the President of the United States of America bowed to Hirohito's son after having earlier this year bowed to a Saudi king and shook hands with a South American tyrant. In less than a year, he has borrowed more money than the leader of any country in history - from other countries who do not share our traditions or priorities of freedom or democracy.

He has refused to allow us to find work drilling for our own natural resources and, in so doing, forced us to buy our resources from other countries while one in ten of us cannot find a job here. He has refused to allow California farmers to water their crops in the name of a fish smaller than your finger. He wrestled to take control of two American car companies away from the private owners. He now seeks to insert the federal government into an accelerated takeover of our healthcare and a takeover of our military's role in bringing enemy combatants to justice.

Earlier this month, when the world celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, the American president made no mention of Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher who had stood up for the cause of freedom against their critics in order to make that miracle possible. He now stands on the threshold of withdrawal from the fight against jihadism which has already claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilian Americans - many taken on American soil.

His supporters have asked our own citizens to report those who criticize his policies to the White House website while he has deliberately tried to silence his opponents on the radio and television airwaves. He has stood silent as public schools in America have tried to elevate him to a cult hero status in only a few short months. He has used police tactics to silence those who attempted peaceful protests (not in a far off place but rather in an American city whose football team has won six time Super Bowl championships). He has allowed his deputies to smear the character of those who held peaceful protests around our country.

He has downplayed the attacks on our military as being about nothing more than someone who "snapped" unpredictably.

For now, in America, it remains our solemn duty to ensure that our children will continue to live in a land where the government answers to them and not the other way around. If we want to maintain this gift handed down to us, so we may pass it along to our children, we must stop the trend of making them dependent on the government for everything from their education, to their job, to their health care. We must stop the expansion of government which, if left unchecked, will be spending more money than our children could collectively ever hope to earn in a lifetime - and most of it wasted on the whimsy of those who have left the U.S. Constitution in ruin to create a government which is fueled by our children's dependency.

Some things are worth fighting for - if those who came before us and died to protect that which we now take for granted were here today, I'm sure they would tell us that the sacrifice they made was worth it. I'm sure they would also tell us that it is now our turn to pick up the fight and speak out loudly and often against the would-be despots of our time before there is a greater need for the ultimate sacrifice which they were called upon to make.
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Peggy Kosub  
La Vernia, TX  
November 22, 2009 6:15pm
Dr. Leytham, in total agreement with you. We, in this country are on the precipice of change that will have long lasting negative effects. We the people need to wake up or the greatness that has been The United States of America ... More ›

2010 Begins the End  
Pendulum Swings  
November 21, 2009 10:02am
It is almost hard to imagine, to fully grasp the magnitude of change that can occur in so short a time. Even before the passing of all of those who lived through the events of WWII, the World has nearly forgotten their sacrifices ... More ›

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