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Roadmap for America

Obama’s Surprise

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David P. Price, PhD is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

January 11, 2010 | 2,091 views | 3 comments

After the attempt on the flight over Detroit, President Obama announced that our intelligence community failed us. He called a meeting of our intelligence officials and told them this kind of performance was “unacceptable”, and he “would not tolerate it”.

As we have discussed before, Barack Obama means well. The problem is he has never owned or managed a business. He doesn’t know how government functions. To he and other liberals, government is the ultimate in compassion and sophistication. The reality is far different.

Government is not capable of anything sophisticated. Government can drop bombs and destroy anything it wants, but cannot rebuild New Orleans. EPA can send in its paramilitary troops and shut down any business, but it can’t prevent municipalities from polluting our coastlines with insufficient sewage treatment. Government can mandate that everyone have health insurance, but can’t take care of our wounded soldiers and marines.

Obama seems shocked. But what happened over Detroit was predicted in, The (induced) Ignorance of Power. Government doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to and that includes intelligence agencies. As explained in the book, agencies don’t do what they’re created to do; but what they want to do.

As discussed in an earlier article, the middle name of CIA is Intelligence, but for 50 yrs. no intelligence has emerged from CIA. What has developed is a powerful agency with its own air force, special operations troops and a myriad of ways to assassinate people . . . but they have yet to engage in any real intelligence analysis. During Vietnam the CIA participated in clandestine operations, but made no effort to inform the President, Congress or public this was nothing but a civil war in an inconsequential country that had no strategic importance to the US. Fifty-eight thousand young men died for no reason.

Iraq was a rerun of Vietnam. Rather than tell the president and public the only al Qaeda presence was in the Kurdish area for the purposes of destabilizing Sadaam; Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11; and Sadaam was the kind of secular leader Ossama was wanting to overthrow and therefore there was no chance the two would cooperate; the CIA went along with a seat-of-the-pants idea. As a result, nearly 5,000 young Americans have died and three times that number have come back without their arms or legs.

The general in charge of Afghan intelligence has reported nearly all intelligence gathering has been to kill or capture al Qaeda and virtually none to understand the culture or politics. That is the essence of Ignorance of Power. Our intelligence agencies are fixated on killing Ossama bin Ladin. Would that end the “War on Terror”? Of course not! It would accelerate it. Just as the CIA wants to avenge operatives killed in Khost, al Qaeda would recruit young Muslims from all over the world to avenge the death of Ossama.

Diminishing terrorism is a three pronged strategy: 1. Disrupt existing terrorist networks; 2. Examine policies that provide terrorist ideology; and 3. Win hearts and minds. We began item #1 with the invasion of Afghanistan, which was good. But we forgot about the other two and simply engaged in Ignorance of Power. For those who have not read the book, Ignorance of Power is a subconscious belief that we need not understand the complexities of a situation, all we need are guns and power. We can intimidate a favorable ending to any situation.

You cannot intimidate a suicide bomber! But this is what we are trying to do? Through the invasion of Iraq, Abu Ghraib, CIA black sites, extraordinary rendition (kidnapping), torture, Predator missile strikes killing innocent women and children (while trying to kill al Qaeda operatives) and allowing Israel to continue violating international law and UN mandates (in seizing land designated to the Palestinians) . . . we have played into the rhetoric of Ossama.

What began as the obsession of one group in one country, has metastasized all over the world. We are trying to demonstrate to the terrorists we can be just as ruthless and brutal as they are. That doesn’t intimidate them. That motivates them. More importantly, that motivates thousands of young Muslims to join their ranks. Those who embrace Ignorance of Power fully embrace this policy which means (as with the War on Drugs) forty years from now we will still be fighting the “War on Terror”. That is inexorably stupid, but that’s where we’re headed.
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4th Generation Texan  
Sutherland Springs  
January 13, 2010 2:11pm
RNCR, do yourself a favor just as I do and skip anything written by this guy. I have read several of his columns and he always seems to lack a real knowledge of the subjects ... Read More Read More
Rock'n chair Rambler  
Over Taxed, TX  
January 12, 2010 10:15am
Ah, another priceless gem of inflammatory ignorance from Dr. Price. There are so many stupid statements in this article, I don’t quite know where to begin or even if I should ... Read More Read More
La Vernia  
January 11, 2010 8:36am
Oh yeah...let's just sit back and let the terrorists kill us.....that will make them stop and leave us alone! After all their religion has nothing to do with it. ... Read More Read More

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