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Roadmap for America

Assessing Obama’s First Year

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David P. Price, PhD is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

January 25, 2010 | 2,049 views | Post a comment

Once again we interrupt our treatise on the Drug War for breaking news. In this case it is the election of a Republican senator from Massachusetts. Amazing! This could only come about as a referendum on what is occurring in Washington.

As we discussed before, Obama is highly intelligent. His heart is good and he genuinely wants to make America a better place. But there are several caveats. To begin with Obama has never had a job outside of government. Like most who have not, he is a liberal and sees those of us in the private sector as evil. Liberals genuinely believe it is their place to protect society from business. Therefore government has an adversarial attitude toward business.

(Yes, the banks were at the heart of our recession. But we must never forget, the entire problem was driven by government mandating that some 40% of mortgages be made to people who couldn’t repay the loans! Like all liberalism, it was well intended, but the unintended consequences were escalated housing prices, which became a bubble.)

The third caveat is Obama is a lawyer. Even though he genuinely wanted to help poor families obtain health insurance, not one of the Health Care Reform bills contained any form of tort reform. As we have discussed before, we are not talking about award caps. All we’re talking about is basic truth. It may seem unbelievable, but there has never been a perjury case brought as a result of a civil proceeding! Lawyers are allowed to pay “expert” witnesses according to their “performance”, which is legalized bribery. Barack Obama’s first priority was to the Bar Association, not the poor.

The fourth caveat is Obama is a professional politician. As we explain in The (induced) Ignorance of Power, this is something the founding fathers never anticipated. They expected our officials to be businessmen or farmers who would take time out to serve their country. Instead, the vast majority of our politicians have no life outside of politics.

Professional politicians are very susceptible to lobbyists. Another glaring omission in the Health Proposals is competition between insurance companies. Lobbyists have been able to restrict competition. Through political wrangling, you cannot buy health insurance across state lines! Outrageous! But there was no “reform” in any “Health Reform” bill! That is pure politics.

But the ultimate caveat is Obama was (is) weak. He ran as a centrist, but caved in to criticism from the ultra-left wing of his party. When GM and Chrysler went under, he gave assets not to the bond holders as required by contract law, but to the unions! That is nothing less than socialism.

Obama ran as a centrist, but turned the Budget, Stimulus Package and Health Care “Reform” over to Nancy Pelosi, the most far left wing member of Congress! The public was told nothing would be funded unless absolutely necessary. The truth has been the complete opposite. The public was told there would be transparency. The truth is Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their compatriots have done everything behind closed doors.

Finally, as someone who did not vote for Obama but has worked extensively in the Middle East, my one conciliation would be his understanding of this issue. Israel signed a document with the UN in 1948 acknowledging that they would take half of Palestine and the other half would be left for the Palestinians. Instead, the Israelis have systematically seized Palestinian homes, land, farms and water for Jewish “settlements”.

Like all American presidents Barack Obama spoke out against this illegal practice as, “an impediment to peace”. As always, the Israel lobby who contributes millions to political campaigns threatened politicians and like every president before him, Barack Obama backed down. Likewise, similar to everyone else who has spoken out against this conquest, I have been the target of a smear campaign.

This is not what the public voted for. The public voted for real change, not politics as usual. Most especially, the public did not vote for far-left politics and European type socialism.
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