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TEA'd Off Americans

Bryan Underwood speaks at Wilson County TEA Party

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April 20, 2010 | 1,248 views | Post a comment

Bryan Underwood's remarks during the Texans for a Constitutional Government TEA Party in Wilson County on April 15:

Tea Party Patriots from South Texas, WOW, just that phrase should scare the liberal out of someone. It has only been a year but we have come a long way folks.

Our mass media keeps saying the Tea Party movement is undefined, I disagree, we are the people that make America great every day.

I am Bryan Underwood, running for District 28 US Representative and I am one of you. Please do not ever forget that because I guarantee I never will.

First and foremost today, thank you to our Veterans for their service to protect our country and Constitution, and thank you to everyone else who is here today to do the same in our own smaller way.

I am afraid our founding fathers would be bitterly disappointed with the casual disregard our elected leaders seem to hold for our Constitution today. Those brave men put their lives on the line to forge this great country of ours.

After winning our independence our leaders were rightfully concerned about too strong of a central government and drafted the Articles of Confederation, this did not provide a strong enough central government. Our founding fathers saw within a few decades what had hampered civilizations for thousands of years, too much government or not enough. Throughout the ages men had migrated from one extreme to the other. The balance of power between anarchy and tyranny proved to be very elusive. Because of this swing between the disorder of anarchy and the oppression of tyranny very little progress was made by mankind for centuries. When we arrived on this continent we were still sailing in small wooden boats, using crude hand tools and traveling by horse or ox-cart.

The framers of our Constitution were men of deep faith and great students of history. They drew upon the ancient Israelites, Anglo Saxons and Marcus Cicero as well as others to form a government based upon free-men electing their leaders and living by natural law or Gods law. Personal letters from our founders show constant tribute and thanks to our creator for guidance while drafting the greatest political document ever written.

Americans of 1787 had seen the need for a balanced center. They no longer wanted to live without representation under heavy taxation by a foreign monarch. America also needed something stronger than a loose confederation of states. After four months of our founders working together under tremendous pressure for a new country that was in danger of coming apart at the seams, our Constitution was born. The balance of power had been found. Man was finally free to pursue education, science, the arts, industry and religion among many other endeavors.

That newly created freedom led to an explosion of innovation never even dreamed of before. We went from traveling in ox-carts to a man on the moon in less than 200 years and changed the world around us in the process.

Today we find ourselves and our Constitution under attack from within. Our government has grown to enormous proportions, our national debt is unsustainable, entitlements are rampant, our national security is weakened, our Christian values are belittled and they are trying to say our Constitution does not matter anymore.

I say they are wrong! I love traditional America and I say it is time to take the gloves off; we are in for a fight.

When some of our biggest companies recently said the new health care bill would create excessive financial strain. Did our government offer to make changes to help? No, they issued subpoenas to appear before Congress. What are they going to do to us small-business owners? Are we supposed to just wait for the 16,500 new IRS agents to tell us what they are going to do to us?

The balance of power has moved way to the left toward tyranny. We have all been busy raising our families, growing our businesses, and building our careers, all the while trusting our elected officials to do us right. They have not kept-up their end of the deal, they have done us wrong.

That is why the Tea Party movement has been so crucial over this past year. We now know we are not alone, the sleeping giant is wide awake. We are standing strong, we are standing together and we are saying enough is enough, we want our country back.

I am Bryan Underwood a Tea Party Patriot and fiercely independent Texan. I am here to offer my services as your representative. Power holds no luster for me; but protecting the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution for our generation and those to come is worth any sacrifice I can offer. I am here to win and I need your help.

It is time for our leaders to acknowledge that it is “we the people”, through our vote, that control the destiny of this great country.
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