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Time Warp

Do You (We) Understand the World As A Whole?

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Bob Pritts is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

November 19, 2010 | 2,507 views | Post a comment

That sounds like sort of a stupid question to be asking. But, do you? In survey after survey and research project after research project, the first hint of our understanding, generally, is quickly identified. Many ordinary Americans on the street don’t even possess a working knowledge of their own surroundings. I remember a man-on-the-street project conducted by a national comic in which random citizens were shown photos of famous people in the daily news and asked to identify them by name. Only 1 in 10 identified Nancy Pelosi. Only 2 in 10 could name Vice President Cheney. But a whopping 9 out of 10 correctly identified Jessica Simpson at first glance. This was just after the 2008 elections. Amazingly a few of those ‘random’ people had four year college degrees!

Why is this little scenario important? Again it goes back to the urging of one of our founders. Jefferson had real concerns that if the people did not stay informed at all times, government would or could eventually get completely out of control. He believed strongly that freedom is not free ... it comes at a cost. He summed it all up in a statement he made on the subject regarding the responsibility of every future American citizen. “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be ... if we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed”. This did not mean we must all be political ‘junkies’, but that we must at least keep ourselves informed about all our leaders and where they are attempting to lead us on a daily basis. Thank goodness, over the past one and one half years, many of us ‘sleeping giant’ citizens have come awake and decided to do something about what we saw and didn’t like.

In my opinion, it’s now more essential than ever that we all make an attempt to learn about countries with which we deal, their government leaders, their current labor riots in the streets, and the feelings of the ordinary man on the street. Most of their citizens are very well informed about their leaders and their government policies. And, here’s a news flash, the majority of their ‘folks on the street’ could have identified the photos mentioned above and placed a name to the person as well as their position in our government. We need to be able to do the same ... the importance being that we would also be able to ‘connect the dots’ (as they do) about what is causing the deterioration of inter-relational workings between and among all the countries in question, including us.

In order to understand Europe, since it seems to be their style of governance we seem to be trying to adopt, we must first understand what is happening to them and why. This will enable us to decide for ourselves what we can expect somewhere down the line in our future and whether or not we like or accept what we see as something we can tolerate. After all, they are all socialist, in one form or another, and they are all experiencing the same downfall witnessed by their recent riots in the streets. All these riots are sanctioned by, started by, and conducted by a majority of union and student (youth) population. These folks are the most dependent on the government.

In Greece, ironically the birthplace of democracy and western civilization, Prime Minister George Papandreou and his government announced that there needed to be a 20% across the board decrease in wages, benefits and pensions for the country’s union employees. In other words, the government budget was being slashed. The Golden Goose had died. He tried to explain to the country in a scheduled speech that it was either the reduction or full blown bankruptcy. He was drowned out and not permitted to continue when an estimated 20,000 union thugs stormed into the meeting and shouted him down.

In Spain, the Greece scenario was tried by the Spanish government with virtually the same results. Spain was the first major country to buy into global warming and threw tons of their tax funds into the creation of ‘green jobs’. We (and they) are now seeing how that hoax turned out. Total failure!

In France, President Sokarzy placed suggested legislation in France’s version of our Congress that required them to consider and offer a bill, for his signature, raising the retirement age from 60 to 62 years. Guess who protested ...all the French labor unions and a majority of the college students. Transportation was shut down entirely. Thousands of citizens were stranded in the city. Only 42% of Paris resident families own a vehicle of any kind. So, the unions even shut down gasoline deliveries to service stations so the stranded people were still unable to get home. They couldn’t even call a relative or friend to ask to be picked up.

In England, Prime Minister David Cameron’s government announced that college tuitions for all university students would rise. Until 1990, college tuition did not exist ... college was ‘free’. Then the labour party (not to be confused with unions) decided that students should have to pay some of the tuition costs for their education. Just last week the students found out about the size of the government budget cuts for education and at the same time discovered this translated to a doubling or tripling of most college tuition fees. The main protestors? ... the union of British students.

We could go on with Germany, Portugal, Ireland and the like but enough is enough. You get the drift. There are 2 common threads here ... powerful activist labor unions and students. What do they have in common? Dependency on the government. Sound familiar to our current building stage in U.S. policy? Let’s see now ... control through regulation and partial ownership of our financial systems, health care, the strengthening of and attempting to grow our labor unions, partial ownership of private enterprise corporations such as GM and AIG Insurance, complete control of our energy resources, virtual seizure of our housing industry through the financial sector, and coming control on our home energy usage as well as what we eat. Sadly there are millions of our fellow citizens in each of those areas that are, for the moment, thankful to give away their freedom and liberty for dependency on the government.

Each of the nations mentioned above already have the policies we have just adopted. But the Obama administration and the far left liberals in Congress are not done yet. Just from the federal level alone the following central control items are on the table for discussion and implementation. The federal socialists are discussing banning serving potatoes in federal school meal programs. They are not satisfied with states having adopted different helmet laws for motorcycles and the like and are talking of making helmet wearing a federal mandate to all states in our country. They already centrally control our education through the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law. They have centralized control of our highway systems through threats of holding back highway construction funds if states do not accept federally mandated speed limits. Now, just this week, they are proposing legislation be passed in Congress to scramble our cell phone usage while in or near our cars by demanding, by law, that providers of service and car makers come up with a device that will allow no calls or texts to be sent or received while driving. That’s no big deal, right? Well, the next time you have severe chest pains while driving your car, here’s your procedure. Pull off to the side of the road, dial 911, get a scrambled signal, make peace with your maker the best you can, and prepare to leave this planet fairly soon for good!

Good Lord people, how low can you let these socialists drag us? Pretty low apparently. Most of Cuellar’s district put him back in office and I can assure you, if Pelosi tells him to vote for the above, he will!
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