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Bob Pritts is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or wilsoncountynews.com.

December 9, 2010 | 3,586 views | Post a comment

Apparently quite a few for some of us. I, as well as others of my constitutional conservative bent, have been trying for years now to provide information to the public (you) that we hoped would be food for thought in your ultimate decision making process as to what you perceive as the future of our republic. Where is our nation headed? Many of you have responded to my/our factual, common sense, life experiences with nothing but personal attacks and hate. But, glutton for punishment that I am, here I go again!

Almost two months prior to the 2008 presidential election, I wrote a blog on this site titled Are We Witnessing The Demise Of An Empire. It was based on the promises of then candidate Obama against historical facts relating to how all previous socialist and communist movements were undertaken. The premise was that history does in fact repeat itself, and I saw this ‘change we can believe in’ as the initial step toward that end. Turns out, unfortunately, that my predictions were right. Later, I wrote another blog concerning incrementalism as a dangerous thief in our midst. Still later in October of 2009 I wrote another blog as a rendering of the constant creep of socialism titled We Are We Witnessing The Demise Of Our Nation? This was an update as to the Obama policies that had already been passed or could possibly be passed in the near future. Now it’s December of 2010 and it’s time to update once again.

A quick review.

We now have ObamaCare as law and mandatory for all citizens, forcing many to buy a product they may not even want. MediCare has been cut by $500B dollars and certain end care services are no longer paid for, such as denial of final treatment for breast cancer patients. At present, several more eliminations for seniors are being considered by our White House Czar. And, you thought Sarah Palin’s mentioning of ‘death panels’ was over the top! Can you say rationing? Not to mention the whole damn program is now unfunded! Of course, each American citizen with a job will start paying for the program in 2011 and 220 companies (thus far) have exemptions to compliance ... most notably the AFL/CIO UAW workers who are exempt from paying taxes on their ‘cadillac’ plans for five years! That means you and I will most likely be instructed to pay more!

Education we already know about. We know that you can teach a course on Islam in California and several other states, but you can’t say Christian prayers, say under God in the Pledge of Allegiance, display the ten commandments, or in many cases display only the American flag. Just a couple of weeks ago an elementary school child was suspended from school for refusing to remove an American flag from behind the seat of a bicycle he rode to school! My blog on education at present will be posted (hopefully) next week. There are new developments you will want to know.

If you don’t know about the state of our broken judicial system by now, you’ve apparently been out of the country way too long.

Our industrial complex is virtually non-existent. Corporations are being blamed by the far left on a daily basis. Fact is, the unions of this country drove them out due to their excessive wages and benefit packages that they just refused to negotiate. The union employees are just as much at fault. Most of you were not adults during the 1960’s when America’s steel industry collapsed. But, in 1969, I accepted a new job with RCA Computer Systems in North Palm Beach, FL. My wife and our 7 month old child had to live in a small hotel near Riviera Beach while we waited for our rental home to be painted. She made friends with a man she saw every morning on the beach and he told her he was a steel worker from Pittsburgh. He had been there for over three months already waiting for his union to negotiate a new contract and call him back to work. He wasn’t in any hurry as he was being supplied with plenty of money from the state and the union. Guess what! Pittsburgh became a ghost town when users of raw steel products began buying their steel from either Japan or Mexico at a better price. It was the end of an era, and this man didn’t even see it coming. This should give you a good glimpse of the union mentality of those folks in Ohio and Pennsylvania who this very day are sitting around waiting for their union jobs to return instead of admitting it’s over and re-educating themselves for a new direction in life.

Financial systems are a given ... the government virtually controls them all! By the way, this is the first thing Cloward and Piven said must be collapsed first when attempting to destroy a nation and bring it to its knees and your way of thinking. Obama gets an A+ on this. He accepted their theory and fully implemented Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to pull it off!

What’s next? The ‘green movement’, energy, and communications.

The green movement is probably the most worrisome of all. I don’t want polluted water, stale air, or ruined agriculture any more than anyone else. But, this movement goes far beyond man’s ability to handle. It’s nothing more than a few rich men wanting to enhance their fortunes by controlling all earth’s inhabitants on their terms by charging us outrageous fees for carbon credits. Think about this. Our creator gave us dominion over all the earth and its inhabitants. But I doubt very seriously he told us to also control his ongoing creation. The green movement is man’s curious, futile and arrogant attempt to control warming, cooling, the atmosphere (the sky), and the oceans that are strictly in the hands of the Creator of all things.

Also, think about this. Since the carbon output of all the world’s factories and cars amounts to only a little under 5%, the other 95% is what we should be concentrating on. Do you agree? Then we better quickly find a way to plug all the domestic livestock, wild animals (and ourselves) and cement the bottom of all the world’s oceans and rivers! Sounds stupid doesn’t it? But, that’s the truth! Methane is 15 times more pollutant than carbon dioxide and the oceans of the world release most of it ... animals coming in second place (including us). How about a new attack on methane? Anyone for it? Maybe we should all become vegetarians. Yet the environmental whackos tell you differently. They tell you eliminating carbon dioxide is for the survival of animal life. Why do they want to save the animals if they pollute so much? Just a thought. The polar bear population they are so worried about has quintupled in the last two decades in Alaska (they don’t spout that out too often). And, to go even further, 95% of all animal life that has been proven to exist at one time on earth since the beginning of time is extinct. If the creator wanted to let the polar bears go extinct, I think He could pull it off without our hindrance or help!

In all seriousness, the melting of the polar ice caps is nothing more than a renewal of the creation. Look at it this way, from a personal point of view. Every once in a while you go to your ice maker to get some ice for a soft drink. You find out the ice is old and has melted together into one big clump with frost over the top. You take the tray out of your refrigerator, throw the old ‘clump’ of ice in your sink or outside to melt down, and put the tray back under the ice maker to form new ice. That’s all I believe the Creator is doing. This planet is a never ending work in progress.

Energy fits in quite nicely with the ‘go green movement’. They have already started to produce ‘green’ cars with the upcoming Volt ... a car nobody with any serious travelling to do will buy putting an even greater strain on our fragile auto industry. And, oil companies are even under greater pressure to change from gasoline to bio fuels or other alternatives. There has been quite serious talk in Congress of perhaps nationalizing the oil companies if they don’t get their act together. Representative Maxine Waters (D) of California in addressing the CEO’s of the major oil companies made a gaffe statement that “if it was up to this socialist, I would nationalize your companies if given the opportunity”. She later tried to back out of the ‘socialist’ remark. Hey, isn’t that the same lady who is facing charges of illegally funneling tens of thousands of dollars of scholarship funds to her grandchildren and their friends out of the House Black Caucus funds? I must be mistaken.?!

Still speaking of energy usage, Cap & Trade is still on the Congressional floor for approval. This bill would drastically affect each and every American company and family and produce much higher costs for every product we buy. For us, it would set a government standard on how much energy, based on housing size and size of the family, we would be permitted to use to heat and cool our homes. If we exceed those limits, we will be forced to pay a charge to the government for overuse. It would also add significant dollars to the amount of our grocery bills since all producers would be permitted to pass along their carbon energy fees for the production of our food. Keep an eye on this one.

And last but not least ... communications ... it’s been dubbed the fairness doctrine. Since the lame stream press is pretty much in the bag for the socialist agenda, Congress is now debating the idea that perhaps dissenters such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and others should be removed from radio. They are really after Fox News on cable. There isn’t a socialist or communist country on the face of this planet that does not control the news people hear or read in one form or another. In the remaining ‘free’ countries of the world such as Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S., the press still has freedom if they wish to use it. If we lose this we will become just as dumb, blind, and ill informed as the majority of the world’s population. We will need no thought of our own. Jesse Jackson a few months ago called for the dismissal of Fox News from the airwaves. Last week, Senator Jay Rockfeller (D) of West Virginia called for the FCC to consider pulling the broadcast licenses of Rush Limbaugh and the Fox News channel. And, just yesterday, Al Sharpton called for Rush Limbaugh’s license to broadcast be withdrawn by the FCC. Of course Sharpton has a radio program as well and his views are pure. Hypocrite! Hey Al, ever heard of First Amendment freedom of speech? (Hint: it’s in the Constitution).

Stay tuned. There is much more to come if we don’t ally and get our act together real soon. While we wait, here’s a little project for you far left libs out there. Share with us which one of the programs mentioned above, whether in law now or in the future, would our founders buy into and sign off on?
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