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Time Warp

The Race for our Enslavement Almost at full Throttle

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Bob Pritts is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

February 8, 2011 | 2,900 views | Post a comment

Now that we have more than enough evidence of this incremental process of socialism being sold by bits and pieces to the American people, I believe it’s time to review where we are at this point in time. We must first start with just the ‘minor, harmless’ moves being pulled off at the city and state levels in support of the eventual thrusts that are now partially coming to light in the federal government halls. The following are in no particular order of occurrence. However, they are very important if you truly care about the direction your nation is heading.

· New York City; bans trans-fat oils and salt for use in cooking in city restaurants. California; San Francisco passes a law banning McDonald’s from selling Happy Meals with toys inside unless the French fries are removed and replaced with fruit and a healthful vegetable. Federal Government; expands the school lunch program to three meals per day and bans potatoes from being served. According to the National Association representing potato growers, this amounts to a loss of over 90 million pounds of potatoes and will force some small growers out of business. Washington passes food safety law and the First Lady’s request for child obesity standards. This law also permits the government to mandate private food producers to change methods and ingredients they are allowed to use in production of their products. No funds are provided for the additional meal or costs so your school districts will be forced to come up with the money. Say goodbye to your child’s teacher(s).

· California; passes a law stating that children born in the U.S., by illegal parents, must receive in-state tuition in state colleges. Not bad for a state just about in bankruptcy! Federal Government; stops the building of the border fence between Mexico and the U.S.

· Many states in the U.S. have laws on their books making it unlawful to ride a motorcycle without a helmet ... some do not. Federal Government; proposing a federal mandate that all states have helmet laws passed for their citizens. If not, they will make it a federal crime if motorcycle riders nationwide are stopped by police for not wearing a helmet.

· Cities all over the country (including San Antonio); have laws and/or ordinances on their books providing for fines for using cell phones (and in some cases) texting while driving. California; the California Supreme Court recently ruled that police officers stopping any citizen for a legitimate driving offense (such as simply speeding) can confiscate the citizen’s cell phone and search through their phone calls, texting, and phone number calling lists. The reason cited for the court’s decision(?) ... cell phones are nothing more than additional clothing! Federal Government; a couple of months ago our Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood from Chicago, suggested a federal law be passed that mandates all phone companies implement and re-program their cell phones to ‘scramble’ any calls or text messages while driving an automobile! So, if you are having a heart attack on your way home from work, you better get out of your car, run at least 100 feet away, and call 911 or you’re just dead meat! Sounds reasonable to me, what do you think?

· There are currently proposals to unionize all Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) employees in our country’s airports or elsewhere. Ironically this move is exactly opposite what over half the states in our country are attempting to do at the present time. Many ‘bankrupt’ state governments are discussing reducing state employees’ wages to match those in the private sector doing the same jobs, abolishing their government pension funds and placing those funds in private 401K accounts just like every other private American, and ultimately de-unionizing the employees. Don’t forget the upcoming federal push for a card check system for unionizing employees simply by word of mouth!

· At this very moment a proposal has been set forth in Congress to mandate that human invitro fertilization (artificial insemination) be paid for by private insurers as well as become a paid for ‘right’ in any federal benefit under Obamacare. Again, insurance premium increases and additional increases in federal taxes for the 95% of Americans who do not use this procedure. That sounds harsh but the fact is those folks should take on that responsibility themselves if they truly want a child that badly or seek to adopt. After all this is not a personal life saving or life sustaining procedure.

One final comment. Eight years ago, in 2003, Star Parker wrote and published a book entitled ‘Uncle Sam’s Plantation’. It mostly related to black American’s who were still held down by government entitlement programs. The sub-title of the book is ‘How Big Government Enslaves America’s Poor and What We Can Do About It’. I firmly believe the essence of this literature now pertains to all Americans! It is human nature, unfortunately, that creates social entitlements to exist, thrive, and grow. Once any group of people begin righteously accepting entitlement funds or other ‘goodies’, they become totally reluctant to give them up. For example, people can now become unemployed and expect longevity in unemployment compensation benefits, they can sign up for food stamps to buy their food, they can stay in their homes without making mortgage payments, they can receive government subsidies to pay for their air conditioning and heating bills, and soon to arrive they will receive ‘free’ healthcare! Recently, surveys were conducted asking those participating in any or all of the above programs if they wanted the federal debt problem to be resolved and the majority of the answers were ‘yes’. Then when asked if they were willing to give up a portion or most of the funds or goodies they were now receiving, most responded either ‘not now’ or ‘no’! The highest percentage of those surveyed were from the majority population of our nation. Many were first time recipients and already becoming ‘hooked’. This is how socialism works. They will all eventually succumb to government enslavement with no chance to retreat. Not to mention that the ever dwindling number of actual tax payers will be inundated with ever higher tax rates and, at some point soon, will no longer be able to sustain the burden. Then socialism will be in full effect! Is that what we/you really want?

Let others know your thoughts in your responses ... in logical debate form, not in angry rhetoric.
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