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Tell It Like It Is

Poll-Sitters Lead American Politics

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Tell It Like It Is
March 31, 2011 | 1514 views | Post a comment

Harlingen, Texas, March 31, 2011: These days I am feeling shame at ever wasting my time with the study of American politics. To me it always seemed so simple.

Those who were in the business of running the country should be efficient and effective good stewards of the public purse. Because they were involved in the administration of the nation’s finances, they should be fiscally conservative and always seek the greatest value for each dollar spent. They should be frugal and never spend beyond their ability to pay for whatever goods or services were involved. They should also remain attuned to the social concerns of the country and reach out to those with the greatest need. It was my feeling that these were the views of most Americans. How wrong I was.

Today it appears to me that America has become a nation led by poll-sitters. We have learned so little about correct and efficient governance that we don’t even understand how to effectively conduct our nation running business. We have one body of the citizenry attempting to give the country a helping hand and get it moving again. We have another body of citizens who have spent their entire lives with a hand outstretched reaching for the government piggy bank to answer both their every need and greed. In the middle of these “no more” and “me more” congregations are the poll-setters.

Instead of educating themselves on the art of governance and placing competent officials in office to administer public affairs correctly and equally among their total constituency, Americans just watch the polls and act according to how they see the wind blowing. Unfortunately, that wind is blowing in every direction at the same time.

According to various polls taken over the past few years, 66% of the people believe that Congress is corrupt. Support of our assorted war making is all over the charts and 51% of Americans think we should cut our defense budget rather than reduce health or retirement benefits.

Two-thirds of the citizens believe the $787 billion in stimulus spending was no help in gaining the much-needed jobs America has lost. More than half of the country want to see Obamacare repealed, but nine out of ten people polled say that health care in America is in serious need of repair.

Fifty-two percent of Americans are in favor of congressional hearings to determine just how much radical Muslims are impacting our national security. At the same time 20% of the population still thinks Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Asking conservatives about religion in politics fields the answer that 44% of that group believes it has no place in that particular arena. Even more, 77% of liberals, believe religious leaders should be banned from addressing anything political.

So it can be seen we really don’t know what direction to move when it comes to anything and everything political. Why, we still have 17% of the population the feels our government should make it illegal for anyone to smoke. They would have a smoking prohibition equivalent to the alcohol prohibition of the Roaring Twenties.

Those who worship at the alter of Big Government strongly believe that Washington D. C. should direct every aspect of our lives. In raging defiance of this position are the constitutionalists who believe without reservation only in limited government and that if the United States Constitution does not address a topic, it is not a legal government action that should be pursued.

Because of these two major conflicting ideas of government, the tide is usually turned by the poll-setters. We know that can usually result in a leadership that is beyond compromise or even attuned to the national needs.

Many people strongly believe that unless we can find a way to move the poll-setters away from always placing a wet finger in the air to test the wind, we are doomed to live in a nation of garbage government.

Semper Fidelis
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