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Tell It Like It Is

Being Divisive — The New Justification for Attacks on God and America

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July 2, 2011 | 4,280 views | 11 comments

Harlingen, Texas, July 1, 2011: Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows that attacks on America are as common as taking a breath. It takes little searching to find an individual, an organization or even a country that regularly finds fault with the USA. This happens even during our times of national celebration.

For the past 235 years July 4 has been the signature date of America. It was the single day of the year when everyone in this land could celebrate the God given gift of living free. It was a day when the celebration of living in that land of the free and the home of the brave was a joyful 24 hours. It was a day to show patriotism. It was and remains a time of prayerful gratitude for those who cherish this land of plenty.

Now, in the age of angst and self indulgence many Americans seem to be questioning just how long this “One Nation Under God” should be allowed to keep on inspiring its citizenry. Across the United States individuals, groups and organizations are becoming more and more vocal about condemning any act of patriotism or religious expression. They label these undertakings as being divisive.

It is not a national voicing of protest against both God and nation, Instead it is isolated acts against traditional declarations of both worship and pride of country that are being amplified over and over again through multiple media sources which seem to delight in anything that belittles America.

In Orcutt, California a plan to create a monument on Department of Transportation held land was approved, but those constructing the tribute were told the monument could not contain the American Flag. Flying that symbol, according to the Department officials was “an impermissionable act of public expression.”

Most Americans have already expressed rage over the NBC television removal of the words “under God” from a filmed presentation of the Pledge of Allegiance. The Pledge has also been called divisive in a number of editorial comments across the United States. In Eugene, Oregon the Pledge has been limited to being used only four times a year n the opening ceremony of the City Council because it is found to be too divisive.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been receiving cries that his planned leadership of an August 7th Day of Prayer in Houston is a divisive act. This action seems to have been inspired and justified by those in authority who recall the cancelation of the White House Day of Prayer by President Obama last year. He justified that action by saying such an event would bring about divisiveness.

In New York the atheists are screaming out that they are insulted because the city leaders have decided to honor seven firefighters who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 by naming a street “Seven in Heaven Way”. It seems this too is a divisive act.

Currently in the news are stories about the veteran who is being sued by a homeowners association for flying the American Flag in his front yard. We are also hearing about the veteran’s cemetery where people have been told they cannot use words such as God or heaven at graveside services. All of these rejections of both religious and patriotic happenings are wrapped in a warm blanket of togetherness and a rejection of all things the offended bodies feel are divisive.

These ongoing demands that we reject the very things we hold dear to our hearts or remove those things that inspire hope and pride from the public arena are in reality stealth attacks on the Constitution, on Christianity and upon our country. If there is anything that is truly divisive, it is the continuing cry by those who hate both God and Country that we stop publicly expressing our loyalty to America and our faith in God.

Semper Fidelis
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Your Opinions and Comments

7th Generation La Vernian  
La Vernia  
December 2, 2014 2:56pm
WCN: I think your website has been hacked!!

Publius Valerius Publicola  
Rome, Tx.  
July 6, 2011 12:05pm
Religous freedom is guaranteed by our Constitution. Those opposed to the Christian religions aided by our judicial system have violated the freedom of Christians to openly practice their faith. It's a violation of "the ... More ›

4th Generation Texan  
Sutherland Springs  
July 6, 2011 9:34am
As I recall, the folk that thought the earth was round were also called buffoons. But, history has taught that many of the buffoons turned out to be correct and are the basis for many of todays sciences and philosophies. And, ... More ›

Alvin Charmaine  
July 5, 2011 8:02pm
4th i have found you to be a baffoon. You think im laughing at you because of your "respect for religion" Im glad that youre not like those damn atheists and you'll pray and post the comandments, and raise your ... More ›

4th Generation Texan  
Sutherland Springs  
July 5, 2011 7:16pm
Alvin, I have discovered that there is a huge volume of subjects, feelings, topics, and thoughts that are way way beyond your comprehension. And, I just accept that I can have respect for religion and it's values without being ... More ›

Alvin Charmaine  
July 5, 2011 3:03pm
Just noticing your comments and laughing at your absurdity.

4th Generation Texan  
Sutherland Springs  
July 5, 2011 1:49pm
Since when do you have to be religious to respect religion and the values it teaches?

Alvin Charmaine  
July 4, 2011 8:47pm
4th for clarifications sake, you have said numerous times you do not believe in god and jesus. Have you found jesus?

4th Generation Texan  
Sutherland Springs  
July 4, 2011 10:51am
You may write this down and store it in a safe place. 1) America was founded by Men of Faith. 2) Values that are important to many faiths are inherent in our country, our literature, our laws, our households, and our government. 3) ... More ›

Ms. S. V.  
July 3, 2011 10:05am
NO, we do not hate you. We simply disagree with you and are happy to live in a country where we are FREE to disagree. Disagreeing is not hate, nor is it racism which is the next thing that some people like to bring up. On ... More ›

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