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Found: Small female Dachshund in the area of CR 319 and CR 307, La Vernia. Call to identify, 210-323-9085.
Lost: Catahoula mix, 4-year-old male, answers to Ribbit, CR 232 and FM 537, Floresville area, friendly but shy, no collar. 

VideoFound: Black female dog with white spot on chest, in Poth, very friendly but has no collar. Call 830-484-2024
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Karnes/Wilson Juvenile Probation Department is seeking a Prevention Specialist for our JJAEP.  Position is full time and grant funded.  Employee will act as a drill instructor working with youth ages 10-17 while providing skills training and educating students on the effects of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Position requires military protocol knowledge which is the basis to the structure of the day program. Qualifications: Juvenile Supervision Officer Certification required. (Department will train and support certification process.) Prior military experience preferred; Minimum education level: high school diploma; Bachelor’s Degree preferred. Salary is commensurate with formal preparation, experience and agency’s funding status. To apply send resume to 337 Alternative Lane, Floresville, TX 78114, or email to For questions call 830-393-5368 ext. 31012. Position open until filled.
The Floresville Independent School District is accepting applications for Grounds Maintenance Worker. Terms of employment: 260 days, 5 days per week, 8-hour workday per year; hours may be modified based on changes in mission requirements. Primary purpose: To help maintain the physical school plant in a condition of operating excellence so that full educational use of it may be made at all times. Education/Certification: License requirements, Texas Motor Vehicle Operators License, Structural Pest Control Board Technician Pesticide License. Special Knowledge/Skills: 1. Good knowledge of the operation, trouble shooting, repair and maintenance of ground maintenance equipment. 2. Must demonstrate good mathematical calculation skills and reading comprehension skills. 3. Good knowledge of safety precautions to avoid injury to himself and other. Experience: Prior lawn care experience or grounds maintenance experience in an educational institution or environment. Interested applicants will need to apply online at
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Tell It Like It Is

Thoughts on the Degradation of America

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July 15, 2011 | 1,537 views | 1 comment

Harlingen, Texas, July 14, 2011: I know nothing about Ken Huber from Tawas City, Michigan. I do know a while back he wrote a letter to the editor of his local newspaper. That letter found its way to Japan. A friend living in that country scanned the copy and emailed it to me in Texas. Since I agree with everything Ken wrote, I will take the liberty of borrowing from his observations and pass them on to those who are of a similar mind.

Ken Huber can no longer see the America of his youth reflected in anything that is presented to the public. From his and many American’s observations a dark change has overtaken the country. “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” remain only as the words to a cherished old song. Today, the double standards of this country shine out like a condemning light for all to see.

In the America of today, the President of the United States, his entire administration and every member of Congress can repeatedly lie to the people...and even when confronted with those lies our elected and appointed leaders can pass off the charges with little to no concern and justify their actions by claiming they “misspoke”. Let any citizen, from a sports celebrity to the average man on the street “misspeak” to Congress and he or she face perjury charges.

We have become a country where millions of dollars are spent to rehabilitate criminals, but there is no money available to ease the pain those criminals inflict upon their victims.

We cannot place troops on our border to protect citizens from the drug gangs and guard our country from an illegal invasion by foreign nationals. At the same time we have placed thousands of American military personnel on the border between the two Koreas to stop any invasion from the north.

The redistribution of wealth is alive and well in America. Our government works around the clock to take money from those who labor to support themselves and their families. It passes that same money on to those who neither labor nor contribute monetarily to the well being of the nation.

Class warfare abounds. Anyone who is conservative, industrious and works diligently to build a family fortune is labeled as the “greedy rich”. At the same time billion dollar companies such as General Electric, who are friendly to the Administration, are not even required to pay taxes.

The double standards surface in a multitude of ways across the country. Some scream out that abortion is killing the unborn. At the same time they support the death penalty. They don’t burn books, but they have offending passages deleted from the texts. They teach homosexuality in public schools, but punish those who may utter the word “God”.

These same voices speak out to allow pornography on television and the Internet, but bring litigation against those who may place a Nativity scene in the public square. They believe the human embryo should be used to advance science, but they are enraged at the idea of using animals for research.

These are the same voices that cry out a person is a racist if he speaks negatively about the actions of any minority. At the same time, when those same “racist” charges are challenged they suddenly become free speech. Protests against any liberal organization or individual are immediately labeled as anti American. That same type of protest against a conservative is the individual’s right to free expression.

We have a nation that was built from nothing by strong and freedom loving patriots. Today, instead of having leaders to defend our nation, we have a body of individuals in Congress who are afraid to even reduce our debt or balance the budget.

Ken Huber is right to think the way he does. America today is no longer free.... and its leadership is a far cry from being brave.

Semper Fidelis
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Elaine K.  
July 15, 2011 10:51am
New column posted.

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