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Lost: Cell phone at La Vernia stock show. If found call JoAnn at 210-649-1571.
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Suffer The Little Children

Suffer The Little Children
READY FOR SCHOOL: Eight-year-old Nicholas hands his selection of school clothing to the Target cashier. He was one of the lucky disadvantaged children who were given a Target gift card to buy much needed school clothing.

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July 28, 2011

Harlingen, Texas, July 28, 2011: While our Washington politicians prance proudly around, bluster and blow hot air, the entire country suffers the consequences of their narrow-minded ineptness. A president totally lost in a maze of possible political fallout and a Congress where both sides the isle seek their own advantage have managed to turn the entire nation into a fiscal and mental basket case.

There are few locales in the country that have endured greater hardship than the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. While most of the Lone Star State has weathered the storm of recession and economic malaise quite well, the far tip of this huge state still feels the sting of a failed stimulus package, limited economic growth, job stagnation and due to its unflagging loyalty to the Democrat Party in a Republican dominated state...little help from Austin and the state legislature.

While the nation continues its months upon months of unemployment above 9% and Texas holds steady to an 8% unemployment figure, the Rio Grande Valley moves slowly back and forth at 12% to almost 14% of its population waiting patiently outside the offices of the state’s Workforce Solutions Offices for something positive to happen in the job market.

The reality of the situation is state and national governance does next to nothing when it comes to easing the plight of disadvantaged people. If it were not for the work of faith based organizations and understanding business supporters the plight of the poor would be far worse than is currently being reported. Of this population, none suffer more than the little children.

Loaves and Fishes of the Rio Grande Valley are a nationally recognized shelter and feeding program under the umbrella of 30 churches. Just this past month it has provided more than 11 thousand hot meals to the people in a city of just over 60,000 people. Many of those seeking food were family members unable to provide for themselves. Large numbers of children filled the chairs of the dining room.

The Vera Naumann Family Emergency program had triple the usual requests for food assistance during the month. There were 115 bags of food given to needy families. They also managed to pay a number of utility bills and rents.

In the shelter, 2155 bed nights have been provided to the homeless. These populations have shifted from the usual sheltering of single men. They now include significant numbers of women and children who come searching out a warm place to rest their heads.

As the time rapidly approaches for schools to reopen for the fall semester, we still have an army of government incompetents playing their one-upmanship games in Washington and the people of America desperately seeking real solutions to everyday concerns.

Companies such as Target Stores across the country are coming to the aid of families in need. Target has worked with the Salvation Army to provide hundreds of gift cards, which allow children to go shopping for much needed school clothing and supplies. In Harlingen the Salvation Army selected the children most in need of these gifts and escorted them to the store.

Eight-year-old Nicholas was one of those receiving a Target gift card. He had to make his own selections, but had been well schooled by his mother. Each item was carefully examined and every price was checked against several similar items. At the end of his free shopping hour he had jeans, shirts, socks, underwear and shoes. He did allow himself one special bit of clothing, not specifically for school. It was a Super Mario Brothers T-Shirt.

Nicholas will be well dressed for the start of school. But, for thousands upon thousands of children just like this little boy, the luck of the draw did not happen. They are not helped by government safety nets, they miss out on the benevolence of commercial enterprises and they somehow do not find their way into the comforting arms of faith-operated charities.

We, the voting public, are those who are primarily to blame for America turning into a mismanaged mess. We listen to the forked tongues of politicos with limited abilities and buy into their mountains of false promises. We allow them to run a nation in ways none of us would accept in our own households. We make everyone in America pay because we voted to accept these poisonous platitudes. Along with that blame we must also share the blame for these hurting children. In the words of the Pat Benatar song, “Suffer the little children at the hands of evil men, No baby dolls, no Teddy bears, no Lullabies for them.”
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The Marcelina Muse  
Dry Tank, TX  
July 29, 2011 10:52am
"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office".

Elaine K.  
July 28, 2011 2:58pm
New column posted.

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