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VideoLost 2 Dogs: One is Blk/White Australian Shepherd (Lilly), 2nd is yellow/orange Lab Mix with amber colored eyes (on skinny side -Whisky). Beloved Family Pets. Reward! Call 830-393-4660
Our beloved Gracie is missing since October, Dachshund/Lab mix, microchipped, about 30 pounds, black with little white. $1000 reward for safe return. Call with any information, 830-393-9999 or 419-250-9099.
Lost: Large black dog with long hair, name is Lucky, 1 blue eye, has rabies tag, last seen on CR 329, Floresville. Any information call 830-391-2438.
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Karnes/Wilson Juvenile Probation Department is seeking a Prevention Specialist for our JJAEP.  Position is full time and grant funded.  Employee will act as a drill instructor working with youth ages 10-17 while providing skills training and educating students on the effects of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Position requires military protocol knowledge which is the basis to the structure of the day program. Qualifications: Juvenile Supervision Officer Certification required. (Department will train and support certification process.) Prior military experience preferred; Minimum education level: high school diploma; Bachelor’s Degree preferred. Salary is commensurate with formal preparation, experience and agency’s funding status. To apply send resume to 337 Alternative Lane, Floresville, TX 78114, or email to For questions call 830-393-5368 ext. 31012. Position open until filled.
The Floresville Independent School District is accepting applications for Grounds Maintenance Worker. Terms of employment: 260 days, 5 days per week, 8-hour workday per year; hours may be modified based on changes in mission requirements. Primary purpose: To help maintain the physical school plant in a condition of operating excellence so that full educational use of it may be made at all times. Education/Certification: License requirements, Texas Motor Vehicle Operators License, Structural Pest Control Board Technician Pesticide License. Special Knowledge/Skills: 1. Good knowledge of the operation, trouble shooting, repair and maintenance of ground maintenance equipment. 2. Must demonstrate good mathematical calculation skills and reading comprehension skills. 3. Good knowledge of safety precautions to avoid injury to himself and other. Experience: Prior lawn care experience or grounds maintenance experience in an educational institution or environment. Interested applicants will need to apply online at
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Time Warp

The Ridiculous Farce of ‘One Size Fits All’

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Bob Pritts is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

September 7, 2011 | 1,833 views | 1 comment

This one size fits all mentality is perhaps the most dangerous of all items that has infected the psyche of most people, regardless of political persuasion. There are literally thousands of programs and wrong -headed ideas to which the American people, in general, have bought into over time. I invite you to travel with me through just a few of these, in no particular order, that are literally standing in the way of common sense solutions we so desperately need. Of course, these are in relationship to our national government, which by far are the greatest abusers.

The U.S. Department of Education is about as unconstitutional as we can get. Nowhere in the Constitution does the word ‘education’ even exist. The founders well understood that the states had to take on that responsibility in order to serve the particular, and unique, educational needs of their youth. They fully understood that, other than the core knowledge of reading, writing, and arithmetic, each state would eventually have unique products and services to offer to the remainder of the nation. They were absolutely brilliant! Even though only 13 colonies (eventual states) existed at the time, they managed to foresee that the unexplored and unknown western territories could and would produce far more ‘states’ at some time in the future. They intended for the states to remain free in educating their youth in the fields that would produce their best possibilities for future success.

As an interesting side note, President Rutherford B. Hayes, set up a cabinet position and wanted to name a Secretary of the Department of Education as a full-time position. This would have required the federal government to hire a full time bureaucracy to staff the department. The Supreme Court ruled that a department of education is unconstitutional and that only an ‘office of education’ could be set up to oversee the states’ education processes but not control them. One hundred years later, in 1979, President Jimmy Carter established the Department of Education and that court ruled it was Constitutional, over ruling the correct Supreme Court of 1879. So much for the founders’ worry about the fallibility of man’s ability to govern themselves. Once again, they were correct. Sometimes it seems we can’t. If the founders were alive today, they would abolish the Department of Education, place the responsibility on the individual states, where it was meant to be, and save the American people over $100 billion federal tax dollars!

What about the U.S. Department of Agriculture? Satisfied with any small sized check you might receive in a down year? Most of those who receive those checks have been nothing more than appeased. In the government’s own reports, over 75% of the tens of billions of dollars given out each year go to zip codes in Washington, D.C., and New York City. These funds are going to multi-billion dollar corporate ‘farmers’ such as Archer Daniels Midland and Cargill (huge farming corporate giants) along with many lawyers, congressmen, and lobbyists in D.C., who own significant amounts of land classified as AG, some of which they have never seen nor ever visited. In effect, they have appeased you with a check in one pocket while they are removing taxpayer dollars from your other pocket to pay the ‘big boys’. That’s exactly why government programs of one size fits all can never work. They need to eliminate the ‘phantom’ farmers and take care of the needs of only the family farmers and ranchers who live on and work their properties.

Folks, I could go on and on by including the Departments of Interior, Labor, Health & Human Services, Housing & Urban Development, Energy, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but I think by now you get the drift.
Allow me to finish this treatise by telling you what the founders felt were the only important duties of the federal government. The very first cabinet, under their own founding beliefs, consisted of the President, a Secretary of State, a Secretary of War (now known as Defense), an Attorney General, and a Secretary of the Treasury. That’s it folks. All other responsibilities under their ‘great experiment’ fell under the jurisdiction of the states and/or the people. How perfect can one get! That was the cabinet of George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson!

What’s the answer? We need to demand that our Congress go back to the founders’ intent in our founding documents. Now some might argue “we need to go forward, not back”. Well, let me ask you this. If you just were told that you had a terminal disease that you could have prevented if you had just stopped some type of destructive action on your part ... for example, smoking. Would you not desperately want to go back and try to correct all your misdeeds? I believe you would, even if that meant re-living some rather tough periods in your life but receiving a much better outcome.

I remember seeing a photo of an old soldier standing with his back to the camera. He was looking over a cemetery filled with white crosses. On the back of his jacket were the words ‘Freedom is not free ... somebody paid’. Going back to live under the founding documents will not be free either. It will require sacrifice on the part of every American which will not be a pleasant experience at times. But, in the end this generation will not believe all the guaranteed freedom and liberty they had missed in their past.
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September 7, 2011 3:46pm
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