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October blog: Reflecting on America

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Nannette Chopin-Cook is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

October 12, 2011 | 3,133 views | 3 comments

As I begin this journey into the Blog World it is exciting, yet one needs to have a tough skin to do this as there will be a myriad of comments - some good - some bad. But at least it will be sparking an interest in what I am writing. This is such an exciting, yet scary time for the American public as we have a President whose Ideology is so far to the Left and on the brink of Socialism that it is no wonder that the TEA Party rose from the ashes of conservatism like the Phoenix. The United States is no longer the most respected Nation that we once enjoyed. The administration has apologized for almost everything that we stand for. It is time for the public to educate themselves on current events. This includes those students who are preparing to graduate from high school and either going forward to college, or into a vocational career.

The TEA Party is what we of our generation used to call the “Silent Majority”... The people who just remained silent while changes have “ever so quietly” taken place politically in the last 20 years and are now coming to a Perfect Political Storm. The 1990’s brought a lot of wealth to individuals with the invention of the Internet, but quietly Congress was passing bills that would ultimately bring our Economy to its’ knees. Case in point - The 1999 Law that Congress passed that required banks to loan 40% of their loans to individuals who did not have any money to put down on a home. Individuals could borrow 20% for the downpayment as a second lien. Home buyers were no longer required to have 20% of the cost of the home in order to purchase a home. Then in 2000 a law was passed called the Commodity Exchange Act which allowed investors to bid on Oil Futures. Need I say anymore? These two laws have had a devasting impact on our Economy by causing the home ownership bubble and the high cost of fuel.

OK, so now there is the top level background of how we have arrived to the Perfect Political Storm. I believe that since 2008 that the American Public began to wake up, but they were so upset with President Bush that they decided to vote the “other” party in office. Now this had been done for many years by my generation. BUT this time the American public was fooled. They believed that the slick Community Organizer would take care of everyone! Well, we all know now that many Americans have “Voter’s Remorse”. And that is fine. At least the majority of the American public will be vetting ALL candidates closer than ever in the future, and that is a good thing. But it will take 5 to 7 years to reverse all the damage that has been done to the Economy, take all the freebies off the table to get people back to work.

In this Blog, I will make an attempt to compile the “Washington Political Soap Opera Stories” that happen during the week. Maybe I will be able to add some levity to all the wonderful issues (important and unimportant) to the American public. I will add an opinion, or maybe provide a prediction for an outcome of the issues. Here are 3 for the week in case someone has not become aware of the events:

Now there are a group of “Protestors?” in New York and Washington DC who are protesting what? Most of them do not have a clue as to why they are there, except an organization is paying them to be there. This movement (?) is now costing the city of New York over $2 million plus in security, plus the disruption of business in the areas. Today they are protesting in front of 6 millionaires who live in the New York area. How would you feel if a group of people were in front of your home with signs and yelling that you needed to be taxed more just because you had worked hard all your life and were successful.

How about the breaking news that Iran had paid 2 individuals (probably more) $1.5 million to come to the United States and assassinate the Ambassadors from Saudi Arabia and Israel to the US in Washington DC? This plot started in Mexico (surprise surprise) but the DEA were made aware of the plot in May 2011 and in late September the FBI arrested one of the individuals. One is a naturalized US citizen. This shows how fragile our Immigration Policy is and how porous our borders are and we do need “boots on the ground”. Do we need our President still wanting to be a friend to Iran? Is Iran a country that needs to get back on the Terror Watch List? What do you think. This story will be playing out the rest of the week.

Now for some positive news. Chris Christy has just joined the Mitt Romney campaign and has just endorsed him for the Republican Nominee for President. This speaks volumes. It means that the Republican Party will now throw its entire support for Governor Romney. Governor Perry has taken the wrong approach. He started personal attacks, and is very weak in his ability to hold his own in a debate. This was evident when he was running for re-election and tried to debate Debra Medina. She came out on top on that one, but the Governor was re-elected anyway. I have no issues with Governor Perry, he is just not Presidential material.
Herman Cain is a great businessman, smart, able to debate, provides short concise answers to all questions, but will not have the full support of the party. Newt Gingrich is one of the most qualified and brilliant individuals in the world of US politics. He would make a great President, but his private life will prevent this and it is a shame. I predict that his new Contract with America will become part of the Republican Platform at the Convention next year.
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Your Opinions and Comments

Senior Citizen  
Wilson County  
October 14, 2011 12:29pm
The PROTESTORS, that is, do not compare to the Tea Party!

Senior Citizen  
Wilson County  
October 13, 2011 2:17pm
Now this doesn't compare w/ the Tea Partiers at all. When did you ever hear of them leaving a big mess for someone else to clean up????

Rock'n chair Rambler  
Over Taxed, TX  
October 13, 2011 12:10pm
Protestors costing NYC millions to police them and clean up after them..... I say, serves them right. NYC voters are notoriously liberal and have fostered this kind of anarchy and blatant display of leftist ideology. NYU cranks... More ›

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