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Why Barack Obama is a Socialist

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December 1, 2011 | 4,055 views | 139 comments

By Joan R. Neubauer

On more than one occasion, Radio host Neal Boortz has labeled Barack Obama a Socialist and recently he articulated his reasons in “Obama’s Principles of Governance.” Boortz developed a list, but claims that it is by no means complete and promises to add to it as time goes on. I’d like to add a few comments to his list, so please bear with me.

American greatness comes from government. Wrong. American greatness comes from its people and a set of core beliefs unlike any the world had seen before. Our trust in the Creator and the honor we pay Him, have helped ensure our success.

The only credit I can give government for our greatness is the fact that in the past it has largely stayed out of our way. As regulations increased and as government interference increased, our power in the world has proportionately declined.
The economy is to be used as a political tool. Political objectives should be pursued through a command economy. Such a presumption assumes the government owns the economy, which it doesn’t. The economy belongs to the people, those who produce goods and services, i.e. wealth and as such, the government only has the power to use it as a political tool if the people allow it, and sadly we have allowed it far too much. Government produces nothing but bureaucrats and dependence.

In a free market economy people acquire wealth by exploiting and taking advantage of the weak. It is the government’s job to right these wrongs. Once again, Obama presumes too much. The Constitution gives no power to the government to involve itself in the free market for the protection of anyone. People produce wealth by producing goods and services with higher efficiency than before. Government produces nothing in the most inefficient manner.
The people, are the property of government. Therefore, wealth produced by the people belongs to the government and the political class shall determine the manner in which that wealth is distributed back to the people. The right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (property),” has been affirmed by the Declaration of the Independence and fulfilled by the Constitution.

Those rights of a free people come to us not from any government but from our Creator who has endowed us with “certain unalienable rights.” We are a free people and are the property of no one and no government entity. The government is our servant. We the People have the right to keep and enjoy the fruits of our labor without the government confiscating it because it thinks it can make better use of it.

Money spent by government will lead to economic growth. Money spent by the private sector leads to wealth and income inequality. There will always be income inequality no matter which economic or political system adopted by any government. If anything, socialism leads to far more inequality where only the ruling elite enjoy the fruits of the labor of the unwashed masses. Money spent by the private sector leads to wealth of far more people. The “Pursuit of Happiness” does not guarantee happiness, wealth, or equality of income, but rather guarantees equal opportunity to all, nonexistent in socialism.

There is a point, which point shall be determined by the political class, at which individuals have made enough money. In a free economy and a free society, the government has no place in determining when people have made enough money. When they try to do so through confiscatory taxes, they squash motivation to succeed and innovate. Once again, the political class is the servant of the people, a fact that they have forgotten decades ago.

Government dependence is to be encouraged in all matters. I can think of nothing further from what our Founding Fathers had in mind. They crafted the Constitution to provide for a limited government and maximum freedom for the people. However, these days, those in Washington feel they must be a part of every aspect of our life.

Thank you, Mr. Boortz for your observations and for giving me the opportunity to expand on them.

Washington needs to take a long hard look at the direction in which they’re taking this country. At the same time, We the People, must get far more involved in the political process. We must reclaim our liberty. We must insist on our rights. We must remind the political class that socialism has a track record of abject failure. If we wish to retain our freedom, we must elect people to Congress and to the Oval Office who honor the Constitution and the oath they took to “preserve, protect, and defend it.” And we must all think hard and long about who we will support in next year’s election.

Joan R. Neubauer is an author, public speaker, and works as the Public Liaison Officer for the Davis Mountains Trans-Pecos Heritage Association in Alpine, Texas. Invite Joan to speak at your next event. You may contact her at or call her at 432/837-3461. You can also weigh in on various issues at
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Your Opinions and Comments

Senior Citizen  
Wilson County  
December 19, 2011 11:28am

Rock'n chair Rambler  
Over Taxed, TX  
December 16, 2011 10:45am
"Bush is the only president in US history who lowered taxes while he fought a war (based on lies I might add)and that has created the problem." If you are a life long Republican, you should not repeat the real ... More ›

Rock'n chair Rambler  
Over Taxed, TX  
December 16, 2011 8:34am
whoops, accidentally hit return...... His defense of the socialist Freddy and Fannie, to justify WORKING FOR THEM put him in the position of having to praise the socialism of government controlling the housing loan market. ... More ›

Rock'n chair Rambler  
Over Taxed, TX  
December 16, 2011 8:30am
"Why else would we have the GOP considering Newt?" Well, the establishment GOP is actually very much against ol' Newt. It's the estabishment GOP that gave us the pandering open borders McCain. And, after ... More ›

4 th Generation Texan  
Sutherland Springs  
December 15, 2011 8:19pm
"Puzzled" YOU are a fu king liar! You are repeating Democrat talking points. Why would you believe Democrats if you are a loyal Republican? You wouldn't...Why the charade. What do you gain from lying about your ... More ›

AF Vet  
Wilson Co.  
December 15, 2011 8:15pm
I'm sure that I am not alone when I say, "What was America thinking!", when Mr. Obama was given the keys to the White House. I am not sure when we lost it, but was it not a prerequisite at one time, that to become ... More ›

Wilson Co.  
December 15, 2011 7:24pm
Rock'n Chair, yes I hate Bush and Chaney for what they did to the image of my GOP. Why else would we have the GOP considering Newt? Good grief, where is Reagan when we need him? I admit that you wrote a well thought out rebuttal ... More ›

Rock'n chair Rambler  
Over Taxed, TX  
December 15, 2011 1:10pm
....(sound of crickets)..... How about that? The NTSB comes out yesterday and calls for a national law against driving under the influence of technology, and now Alvin is afraid to respond while he's driving his Knob Hill ... More ›

Rock'n chair Rambler  
Over Taxed, TX  
December 15, 2011 10:43am
"from whence it came" So mote it be.

4 th Generation Texan  
Sutherland Springs  
December 15, 2011 9:05am
My test to determine if a group is a cult. Does it feel like a cult? And, my answer is the Mormons positively do not feel like a cult. They seem to be as religious as religious can get. I admire their beliefs and their apparent ... More ›

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