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Tell It Like It Is

Lets Start Talking About The Gorilla In The Room

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December 16, 2011 | 2,736 views | 2 comments

Harlingen, Texas, December 16, 2011: While Republican candidates spend their time attempting to destroy all opponents, the Democrats keep chanting their campaign mantras of “fairness” (read that more taxation) and the now boring line of “millionaires and billionaires” (read that class envy or warfare) to anyone who will pause to listen. Perhaps you have noticed that none of the above will even mention the 800-pound gorilla that is lingering in the corner of the room. Neither the Democrats, who own that gorilla, nor the Republicans who should be warning everyone how dangerous it is, are speaking about what starts happening right after the 2012 presidential election.

Starting in January 2013 the gorilla named Obamacare starts taking his swings at America. With the New Year an additional self-employment tax of .9% is levied on everyone making in excess of $200,000 a year. For married couples making $250,000 and additional tax of $3.8% will be collected in addition to the current tax, on all monies over that amount.

For senior citizens the Obamacare gorilla is even more aggressive. The $96.40 a month each person more than 65 years of age pays into Medicare, will be increased under Obamacare to $104.20 per person each month in 2012. In 2013 they will see that monthly payment jump to $120.20 per month and with the start of 2014 (long after the election) Medicare payments are increased again by more than 100% to a staggering $247 a month per person. For senior citizens on fixed incomes a fee of almost $500 a month per couple is almost an impossible amount for them to extract from their monthly income. These steep increases established by Obamacare are being purposely delayed so as not to “confuse” the general public during the 2012 election. This is just one of the gorilla punches aimed at senior citizens that Republicans should repeatedly warn about.

Another of the Medicare surprises Obamacare (or to be polite, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) has in store for the voting seniors of the country is the $500 billion dollars that has been cut from Medicare funding to pay for millions of new beneficiaries of Medicaid. To better understand that amount, it is the equivalent of the total funding for the Medicare program during a full year of current services. Obamacare is removing that amount from Medicare to pay for up to 30 million more Americans to be accepted for Medicaid coverage.

Using an analogy provided to me by my sister-in-law, this is the equivalent of having a short blanket that doesn’t quite cover you. To make it fit better, you cut about two feet of it off the top and sew that same piece to the bottom, then claim you have made the coverage larger. The coverage that blanket had provided didn’t really change, but it is now required to meet the needs of far more users.

Those who still don’t think the outcome of the 2012 election is important to their future should always be aware of one very significant fact. If Barrack Obama is reelected and the Democrats retain control of the Senate...all of the Obamacare gorilla actions will become a reality. In addition to those things already mentioned, Americans should also be prepared to pay a 40% excise tax on any private or company funded healthcare insurance in excess of $10,200 value. Insurance providers will be charged additional fees totaling $60 billion a year. These costs will assuredly be passed on to the consumer. You will see in increase in the cost of brand named drugs, because the manufacturers will have an additional annual fee by the government added to their costs. Medical devices from wheelchairs to heart valves could also cost more, for the government wants a piece of that action by imposing another 2.3% excise tax.

There is far more in this monster medical care bill to cut deep into the standard of living for every person in the United States. Those with healthcare provided by their employers will lose it in many cases, because it will be far easier for the employer to pay the $2,000 fine per person, instead of the steadily accelerating costs of medical insurance for workers.

In addition, with almost half of the country no longer paying income tax and the millions of unemployed workers seeking help, more and more people will be added to the Medicaid roles. Estimates are never accurate. But, we can expect those numbers to far exceed government estimates. What does that mean? For everyone still reaching into their pocketbooks to fund this nation, it means much, much higher taxes. In addition to the poor economy, the ever looming $15 Trillion debt, increased energy costs and unemployment woes...this is the 800-pound gorilla that nobody is even talking about on the campaign trail.

Semper Fidelis
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Ms. S. V.  
December 19, 2011 11:30am
I see a gorilla!

Elaine K.  
December 16, 2011 4:01pm
New blog posted.

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