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A New Year for USA

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January 4, 2012 | 1,844 views | Post a comment

I have always looked forward to New Years’ Eve each year as it provides a chance to bury the past and start over again. As time brought us closer to the end of 2011, I made up my mind that when I went to bed on New Years’ Eve that 2012 would be a brand new year and the past would be buried. I firmly believe that this year will be a great year - of course we will have to wait until November to fully realize it.

When our current resident in the White House was elected in 2008 I developed a feeling of both disbelief and depression when he was elected. I was very concerned as this person was not qualified to be the Leader of this great Nation. All I could do was to hope and pray that the country would survive. As time passed, my gut feeling about how he would destroy the America that I grew up in has become true.

During the last 3 years, many Americans have realized that the choice the American people made in 2008 was the WRONG ONE! In late December 2011, I began to feel that things were going to change for this great Nation in 2012. I have watched all the debates, listened to the different political views, studied all the candidates, and slowly kept coming back to my first choice - Mitt Romney.

I have been watching Gov. Romney since 2002 when he saved the USA Olympics and have always felt that one day he would become the President of the USA. I listened to Mr. Cain and assumed that he would implode and he did. I watched Speaker Gingrich and listened to his ideas very close, but I was very much aware of his “issues”, and after Gov. Huckabee’s Fox Forum I knew that he will NOT be the GOP nominee. The Speaker has made too many enemies in Washington DC and would bring disaster to the Presidency.

Gov. Perry became too negative and combative in the debates and will be better for Texas as our Governor. Ron Paul has some good ideas, but he is too far off the map on foreign policy. I also watched Rick Santorum closely in the debates. To me he appeared to be angry all the time. I realized that his anger was attributed to his inability to have financial support and limited exposure in the National news. I also feel that he was playing to the Christian Conservative voters in Iowa and did not place enough emphasis on the purpose of running in the 2012 election.

The main reason for anyone to run for President of the USA this year is to DEFEAT the current individual who occupies the White House. Mr Santorum has had 2 professions in his work life - a lawyer and a politician....... Hum.... Time will tell. Mr. Santorum has a past, and there are some areas of concern, but then again, those issues will surface and it will be up to the American people to make a decision on which candidate to support.

I have and will continue to watch all the debates, primaries, and day to day happenings in this election. I predicted that Gov. Romney would win and he did - even if I did have to stay up until 2AM for the final results, and EVEN though he won by 8 votes! It was a wonderful evening to watch politics in action in this great country. The one thing that I love about Gov. Romney is his calmness, proven leadership abilities, and so much a gentleman. I realize that his PACs are doing the dirty work for him, but I do feel that he exhibits sanity in this craziness. We need a Leader who understands the economy and can encourage businessmen to invest again in this Nation. I also predict that his VP selection will be one of two individuals - either Chris Christy, or Marco Rubio. Now there may be someone else out there that would be a good VP, but at this time I feel that either man would add a great deal to the GOP ticket.

January will be a month to be on top of politics. It will be brutal and dirty and I predict that Speaker Gingrich, who is now very angry, will lash out against Gov. Romney, and in his speech late last night it is apparent that he will end up supporting Rick Santorum in an effort to defeat Gov. Romney in the nomination process. He will NOT succeed. The dye has been cast, and watch the endorsements start coming out for the Governor. Rick Santorum will also turn negative, combative, and will not win in New Hampshire, South Carolina, or Florida.

For the good of the country, I am praying that the negative barbs will not be SO vicious that it splits the party. Now is the time for all of us to get behind the individual who has the machinery, money, and political support that can beat the current incumbent. We MUST NOT forget that we must be united and not forget that the goal is to WIN in November. I am praying also that Gov. Perry find it in his heart to throw his support to Gov. Romney.

In the end, we should all pull together and vote for the Republican Party Nominee - no mater who that is - in November 2012 and fire the incumbent. There are 6 debates this month and 3 more primaries - take the time to become involved in the process. This is a very important time for America!
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