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Time Warp

Time Warp: President Obama's 'Gift' to the Nation

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Bob Pritts is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

July 2, 2012 | 4,106 views | 6 comments

(Proudly Passed Along to South Texans by Henry Cuellar)

I believe now is the opportune time to better clarify just a few of the 'gifts' you are about to receive over the next two years. In 2008 during a campaign speech, then candidate Obama stood right there at the podium, looked you straight in the eye, and told you under his administration that no one making under $200,000/single or $250,000/family per year would see their taxes increase by one dime under his administration. He repeated this many times, both before and after he was elected to office.

This being said, you be the judge of whether or not your taxes will go up after the constitutional ruling from the Supreme Court declaring the law constitutional on June 28th. It authorizes the government to place the law in full force and effect, with only one exception under Medicaid. I read all 2,700 pages of the bill months ago and want to share with you all just a small portion of my notes, directly from the pages of the bill, that may or may not have been brought under public scrutiny.

·The federal government is authorized to hire, at minimum, 16,500 new IRS agents whose sole duties will be to collect penalties and or taxes from you and all manufacturing entities who fail to meet the rules in the law. How they will achieve this will be described in a later bullet.

·Twenty-three new government agencies are also authorized to be set up under the plan. This will amount to 1,000s of more federal jobs that you and I, the taxpayers, will have to pay for. In our case, the payment will be placed on the backs of our children and grandchildren. We are bankrupt as a nation ... news flash for the liberal socialists in our midst!

·There are 21 taxes listed throughout the bill. Some are increases to taxes that already exist while others are new taxes. Seven apply directly to individuals (you and your family) with the remaining 14 applying to medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and small businesses. With regard to small businesses, most will apply to all small businesses while smaller enterprises with under 50 employees will be exempt from at least 1 main penalty.

· Subtitle E - Governance, Section 141, provides for the establishment of a Health Choices Administration. This administration will be comprised of persons chosen solely by the president with no confirmation from the Senate as to the acceptability or qualifications of the candidates for the position(s). The position of chairman, the Health Choices Commissioner, will be chosen solely by the president as well. The commission's initial purpose is to determine the qualifying standards that will be acceptable under the government plan standards for health benefits. Each private and government insurer must comply to the commissions demands.

Under the Remedies (for non-compliance) Part (A) ... monetary penalties can be assessed on any insurer who changes insurance plans that fall outside the government's parameters for compliance. Part (B) ... authorizes the commission to suspend (cancel) enrollment of individuals into a private company insurance plans that continues to remain out of compliance with the requirements in the government plan! In other words, they have the authorization to cancel your employees' health insurance plans should they ever wish to pursue it. Just a slight intrusion into private enterprise companies, wouldn't you say?

In addition, any manufacturer of a medical device or medical drug is prohibited from advertising their product for a period of one year after falling out of compliance with a government standard for improperly reporting to the government on a timely basis. This is the famous "death panel" for which Sarah Palin was so ruthlessly criticized when she brought it to the light of day during the health care debate.

·Lastly, I'll get back to my first bullet regarding exactly how the IRS will determine any fine, penalty, or tax (whatever you wish to call it), for any personal non-compliance they suspect you may have committed. A new data base will be established whereby they can access your income level, both gross and net taxable income. But, the data base doesn't stop there. It will also include the amount you pay for insurance as well as the plan benefits themselves. If you pay for no insurance, and are not exempted from participation in the program, they will use those two net numbers to determine the amount you must pay in penalty or tax for con-compliance. It will be calculated at 2% of your taxable income.

This may be as little as a few hundred dollars or as much as a top limit of $2,100. How will they make you pay? If you generally receive a refund each year from your federal income tax filing return, they will simply deduct as much as you owe in penalty, and if that doesn't cover the total due, they will bill you for the remainder. If you don't have a refund, they will simply bill you for the full amount of the penalty/tax, in addition to the tax you paid. This does not kick in until January of 2014. However, if you are a union employee of a company that was exempted by waiver, you will not join the club until 2016.

Also waived are all employees in hundreds of companies, most of which are owned or controlled by Obama supporters through monetary donations to his campaign. Of course the largest group of 'waivered' employees are federal workers, including members of the three branches. The very president, Supreme Court, and especially the Congress Representative and Senators, who gave us this legislation, don't have to abide by it. So we'll continue to pay their exorbitant medical and pension costs for now until what looks like time immemorial!

In conclusion, we must once and for all recognize and understand that "We The People" own this nation. On November 6, 2012, it is solely up to all Americans to decide if we give away our Republic to 535 folks in congress, our current president, and the Supreme Court, or if we retain the intent the founders made perfectly clear in our founding documents ... The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of The United States.

Do we want to return to being free individuals with freedom and liberty, prospering through our own work ethic and efforts in a capitalistic, free-market society, or would we rather surrender our very persons to full government dependence. Our decision is no more complicated than that! If you choose the former, you must get up off your butts, go to the polls, and vote! You can bet that those already on the government dole will vote to retain what they already have and try hard to enslave themselves even further by voting for Obama and what they perceive as 'free' healthcare. It is now time to fully grasp the importance of two quotes on the subject made by Benjamin Franklin right after our official founding. When asked by a lady in the street, right outside Independence Hall, "so, what kind of government have you given us, sir", he turned to her and replied, "a Republic madam. I hope you can keep it".

Later on he stated one of his true concerns by saying, "When the people find out they can vote themselves money, that will herald the beginning of the end of the Republic"! Take those quotes to heart when you cast your vote this November! And, keep in mind that just as capitalism does, so will socialism affect each and every citizen. This is a non-partisan issue. So. for certain, cast your vote! Our votes simply have to outnumber those in support of Obamacare.
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Your Opinions and Comments

July 18, 2012 12:23pm
Good read.

Elaine K.  
July 18, 2012 10:12am
This column is worth reading. It is well researched and comprehensive, but most people would rather talk about the latest movie. This is a problem.

Beji Amhoudi  
La Vernia  
July 3, 2012 7:44am
The willful ignorance of the left, who continue to tell us how good this is, is astounding. May their chains rest lightly upon them.

July 3, 2012 7:21am
Thank you Bob for bringing some clarity to the insanity that is going on with this fiasco. I wish our elected lawmakers would take the time to read the bill before they passed such a monstrosity that would handcuff America. I... More ›

Patriots needed  
La Vernia  
July 2, 2012 4:55pm
It is simply very sad that the people that concocted this witchbrew of an "answer" to our health care concerns will not even participate in the program!! Not much else has to be said about how great the program is.... More ›

July 2, 2012 12:46pm
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