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VideoFound Puppy - long haired dachshund found on Old Corpus Christi Rd several weeks ago. I have posted his picture everywhere, to no avail. Please help! 210-355-1594 call or text!
FOUND - Heifer on East Lupon Rd in St. Hedwig. Must Identify. Contact (210) 296-1988 - 10/22/14
Found: Calico cat, female, white, orange, and black, on CR 352, La Vernia. 210-667-1052.
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The 81st & 218th Judicial District Community Supervision and Corrections Department (Adult Probation) is currently seeking a qualified applicant for the position of Supervision Officer for ATASCOSA COUNTY. Requirements: A Bachelor’s degree recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board in Criminology, Corrections, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement/Police Science, Counseling, Pre-Law, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Human Services Development, Public Administration, or a related field that has been approved by the Community Justice Assistance Division (CJAD), or one year of graduate study in one of the above mentioned fields, or one year experience in full-time casework, counseling, or community or group work that has been approved by CJAD.  This position requires some evening and/or weekend work. Salary: Negotiable, plus Regular State benefits. Closing Date: Resumes will be taken until November 4, 2014. Procedure: Applicants should submit a typed resume and copy of college transcript to: Mario Bazan, Director, 914 Main Street, Ste #120, Jourdanton, TX  78026 The 81st & 218th Judicial District Community Supervision and Corrections Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 
Watershed Foreman wanted. The San Antonio River Authority is looking for a dynamic and highly qualified Watershed & Park Operations Foreman. This position provides day-to-day supervision of the operation and maintenance activities of the San Antonio River Watershed. Minimum Requirements: HS/GED 5 yrs of progressive experience in general landscaping/or agricultural-type vegetative maintenance, assigning, and supervising. We offer an outstanding benefits package which includes fully paid employee health, vision, dental, & life insurance, paid vacation, generous retirement benefits, etc. Visit for more information!
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Good News About Aging

Good News About Aging

Good News: Create Your Own Blue Zone

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September 6, 2012 | 926 views | 3 comments

If you’ve ever wondered what people who live to be 100 have in common, science may have some answers. When you read stories about groups of people living fit and healthy beyond a hundred years, you can’t help but wonder, what are they doing? Now, science is unlocking clues that may help us understand the mysteries behind longevity. New research is centered on areas called Blue Zones, geographical areas in the world where many residents consistently live to be 100 or more. Sardinia, Italy is one such area where many centenarians can be found. So is it just good luck that people to live to be 100? Here are some starting points to consider in your own journey to long life.

Is this Shangri-La? The chances of finding long living, healthy adults in the world’s Blue Zones are 20 times greater than in other places. They also have lower rates of cancer, heart disease and dementia. It turns out where people live the longest on earth, they share something in common. Their secret to a long life is no secret at all. Residents in Blue Zone communities have a consistent regimen of good eating, interests and activities, constant learning, daily exercise, and social interaction.

I want to live in a Blue Zone! Here are a few simple steps you and your family can take to improve the chances of living a long life. The key ingredient for maximizing your success is consistency. That means everyday you need to be active and eat a healthy diet--not just on weekdays. The only element you can’t change is your genetics. Since we can’t ask for do-over in this category, let’s move on to things we can control and help improve our chances of living to 100.

Follow these steps toward creating a Blue Zone in your house: Work it--often!

All centenarians in the Blue Zones of the world are active participants in the world around them. The phrase “use it or lose it” can be life changing and life saving, particularly when it comes to exercise. The key is to find an activity that you enjoy such as running, biking or swimming and you’ll be much more likely to incorporate it into a regular activity.

Maintain social networks

Avoid being isolated. Keep a circle of close, good friends. The Australia Longitudinal Study on Aging, a study that has followed nearly 1,500 people over 70 years old for 10 years, says friends may be more important than you think. The study found that social networks like strong friendships can prolong your life. If you have good friends who you share inner secrets with, and you chat with them often, this close-knit interaction impacts you in a healthy way.

Mom Was Right, Eat Your Veggies

Many communities identified within the Blue Zones have a mostly plant-based diet. They eat veggies every day, many times a day. In Japan, fish is the main meat consumed at home. Omega fatty acids are good for the brain and body, and fish and legumes have all the nutrients you need to put you on your path to become a centenarian. Eating the right foods can also help to combat the adverse affects of oxidation and damage of brain cells.

East Less, Eat Right

There is a concept in Okinawa that is the opposite of ‘supersizing’ the meal. They are known for a practice called, Hara hachi bu (腹八分, which translates roughly to “80% belly”. Eat just a little bit less than whatever full is for you. You will get the nutrients you need while lowering your caloric intake. Moderation here may keep your metabolism in top shape.

Learn to relax

It’s also important to try to relax more often and allow the toxic effects of stress to dissipate. Blue Zone communities share an understanding of the importance for rest and relaxation. Centenarians have found effective ways to de-stress and keep their minds active. Start building a Blue Zone in your house today. If you live right, eat right, exercise, laugh often and continue the joys of learning, you’re on your way to reaping the rewards of a richly filled, long life.
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The Marcelina Muse  
Dry Tank, TX  
September 7, 2012 10:07am
Risque' Muse, risque'.
The Marcelina Muse  
Dry Tank, TX  
September 7, 2012 9:40am
Dry Tank is a Blue Zone. Well, it is. They have been filming Blue Movies here for years. That's why we especially like the "use it or lose it" part of this article. ... Read More Read More
Elaine K.  
September 6, 2012 2:29pm
New post.

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