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Reb's Race Report

Port-A-Cool, US National Dirt Track Championships @ Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track, Sept. 13-15, 20

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September 18, 2012 | 2,375 views | Post a comment

Fort Worth, TX.,(Sept. 14th, 2012) For the 3rd straight year the 4/10 mile, semi-banked, dirt track at Texas Motor Speedway hosted the US National Dirt Track Championships. The event draws cars and drivers from across the mid-south and Midwest with over 230 Modified and Limited Modifieds signing in from 6 states. This year along with the two Modified class, the Lucas Oil ASCS National tour was added bringing in many of the best in the Sprint Car racing business.

Friday night was qualifying night for the Modifieds and Limited Modifieds with 8 drivers from each class locked into Saturday night’s championship races. Heats, D, C and B-qualifiers and an A-qualifier in eachclass would fill tonight’s racing card. Sprint Cars would have a hot lap session to get ready for Saturday’s full show.

With the days earlier rain the track was extremely heavy taking its toll on equipment during the Limited Modified heat races. The Modified heat ran on a better track with the track changing throughout the night, developing dry slick spots come the final qualifiers.

Tomlinson Tops in Modifieds
Waco’s Eric Tomlinson rose to the top of his game holding off some of the best in the business as he scored the checkers in the 15-lap Modified A-qualifier. Tomlinson jumped into the lead early, but gave to Corey Babbitt. Babbitt would have problems in his ride at halfway and roll to a stop handing the lead back to Tomlinson. Tomlinson would then have to fend off Kansas invader, John Allen to take the win.

Chris Huckeba, Chris Henigan, John Whittington, Tristan Dycus, Shane Hebert and William Gould scoring the other transfer spots.

Twenty-four cars took the green for the Modified A-qualifier with Tomlinson getting the point coming off turn 4 trailed by Babbitt, Allen, Huckeba and Whittington. It was almost three wide for the lead on lap 3 with Babbitt getting the advantage coming to the line. In the pack, Chad Wheeler, Gould, Hebert and Chris Brown were battling it out for the final transfer spot.

Babbitt’s run out front ended on lap 7 with mechanical failure giving the top spot back to Tomlinson for the restart on lap 8. Allen gave Tomlinson a challenge using the top side, but Tomlinson held him off running the bottom. Tristan Dycus made his way into the mix running side byside with Gould for eighth, then getting the spot.

Dycus then went three wide with Brown and Wheeler grabbing the sixth position. This left Brown, Wheeler and Hebert three abreast for seventh. Hebert snagged the spot with Gould moving in on Wheeler for that last qualifying position which he got on lap 13. Back up front it was Tomlinson with slight edge over Allen and Huckeba grabbing the checkers.

Modifieds(Top 8 locked in for Saturday)
45t Eric Tomlinson, Waco, 98 John Allen, Chanute, Kan., 2c Chris Huckeba, Midlothian, 16 Chris Henigan, Marshall, 5w John Whittington,Vidor, 14t Tristan Dycus, Waxahacie, 9h Shane Hebert, Lafayette, La., 60 William Gould, Calera, Okla., 21b Chris Brown, Cleveland, 188 Chad Wheeler,Muskogee, Okla., J41 Monte Bolton, Lubbock, 5t Randy Timms, Wheatland, Okla., 12 Jason Ingalls, Hallsville, 15 Dennie Gieber, Jacksonville, 88xxx Clyde Dunn jr., Sunnyville, 56 Troy Taylor, Ft. Worth, 17p Travis Penrod, Davis, Okla., 24 Sean Jones, Mansfield, 8t Dustin Hyde, Texarkana, 1 Colby Smith, Greenville, 34n CA Nix, Lawton, Okla., 707 PJ Egbert, Copperas Cove, 12x Corey Babbitt, Channelview, 14 David Ashley, Zachary, La.

Modified B-qualifiers(Top 4 to A-qualifier)
B #1
24 Sean Jones, 5t Randy Timms, 56 Troy Taylor, 14t Tristan Dycus, 303 Chase Jupe, 121e Bobby Ruffin, 2w Paul White, 1s Ronnie Sigman, 6x Rob Litton, X12 Johnny Bone jr, L1 Larry Clevenger, 51xx Micah Thompson, 21c Chris Cole, 781 Trevor Egbert, 85 Thomas Tillison jr, 36 Bryan Mewborn, C3 Rick Duke, 33x Brad Pannell, 74j Jasen Hammond, 32 Doug Byrns, 6* Dillon Pike, 81b Cody Simpson, 4m Bobby Malchus, j17 Jacob Gallardo

B #2
14 David Ashley, 1 Colby Smith, 707 PJ Egbert, 88xxx Clyde Dunn jr, 21f Kyle Sweeney, 49 Chadd Howell, 14x Josh Landers, D11 David Hennan, 410 Brad Doherty, 66x Mike Dillard, 87 Justin McCoy, 11 Jeff Allgayer, 7m Greg Moran, 55h Buddy Honaker, 121 Scooter Bates, 33a Chris Armstrong, 07 Jason Hilliard, 11x Wesley Veal, 18x Tim Clonch, 03 Dillon Smith, 89 Steve Whiteaker jr, 44 Fred Wojtek, 18j Dustin Johnson, 27 Allen Juelch

Modified C-qualifiers(Top 4 to B-qualifier)
C #1
X12 Johnny Bone jr, 4m Bobby Malchus, C3 Rick Duke, J17 Jacob Gallardo, 2x Gene Weaver, 18m Wayne Melton, 57k Kelly King, 90 Tommy Fain, 68 Brandon Watson, 7p Greg Penny, 2 Brandon Stewart, 5x Danny Veal, 02 GaryCorbin, 129 Bryan Vollmer, 17m Shawn Brassfield, 18c Corey Bird, 18e Tommy Evans, C22 Chase Del Rio

C #2
89 Steve Whiteaker jr, 49 Chadd Howell, 11 Jeff Allgayer, 14x Josh Landers, 52d Chad Davis, 111 Shelby Williams, 25d Donnie Shipp, 15b Thomas Blackwell, 10x Jeremy Ishmael, 8 Steve Miller, 88x David Wright, 7g Kelly Gorham, 6 Chris Theodore, G17 Fito Gallardo, 71 Philip Houston, 9a Kirk Acord, 22 Ronald Pilkington, 77 Shawn Greenlee, 21j Tim Jones, 26 Richard Walp, 17jr Tyler Wood, 18 Britton Heger, 85t Andrew Tillison

Modified heats(Top 16 in passing points)
Heat 1
45t Eric Tomlinson, 14t Tristan Dycus, 56 Troy Taylor, 34n C Nix, 6* Dillon Pike, 07 Jason Hilliard, 11 Jeff Allgayer, 10x Jeremy Ishmael, E18 Tommy Evans, 68 Brandon Watson, 2x Gene Weaver, 15b Thomas Blackwell

Heat 2
188 Chad Wheeler, J41 Monte Bolton, 707 PJ Egbert, 03 Dillon Smith, 88xxx Clyde Dunn jr, 55h Buddy Honaker, C3 Rick Duke, 129 Bryan Vollmer, 88w David Wright, 26 Richard Walp, 111 Shelby Williams, 4m Bobby Malchus

Heat 3
21c Chris Brown, 98 John Allen, 121e Bobby Ruffin, 1s Ronnie Sigman, 51xx Micah Thompson, 85 Thomas Tillison jr, 17m Shawn Brassfield, 57k Kelly King, 90 Tommy Fain, J17 Jacob Gallardo, 2 Brandon Stewart, 88 Shawn Gammage

Heat 4
G17 Fito Gallardo, 12 Jason Ingalls, 9h Shane Hebert, 410 Brad Doherty, 87 Justin McCoy, 6x Rob Litton, 49 Chadd Howell, 89c Steve Whiteaker jr, 17p Travis Penrod, 71 Phillip Houston, 52d Chad Davis

Heat 5
15 Dennie Gieber, 5t Randy Timms, 1 Colby Smith, 14 David Ashley jr, L1 Larry Clevenger, 66x Mike Dillard, 18c Corey Bird, 6 Chris Theodore, C22 Chase Del Rio, X12 Johnny Bone jr, 010 Jeremy Willis

Heat 6
2c Chris Huckeba, 60 William Gould, 781 Trevor Egbert, 32 Doug Byrns, 21c Chris Cole, 121 Scooter Bates, 18m Wayne Melton, 25d DonnieShipp, 8 Steve Miller, 17jr Tyler Wood, 85t Andrew Tillison---DNS

Heat 7
24 Sean Jones, 5w John Whittington, 303 Chase Jupe, 2w Paul White, 18j Dustin Johnson, 74j Jason Hammond, 33x Brad Pannell, 21j Tin Jones, 51x Danny Florence, 41m Steve McMackin, 7 Vince Ogle

Heat 8
16 Chris Henigan, 8 Dustin Hyde, 18x Tim Clonch, 33a Chris Armstrong, 81b Cody Simpson, 36 Bryan Mewborn, 5x Danny Veal, 02 GaryCorbin, 77 Shawn Greenlee, 9a Kirk Acord, 18 Britton Weger

Heat 9
12x Corey Babbitt, D11 David Hennan, 11x Wesley Veal, 21f Kyle Sweeney, 44 Fred Wojtek, 7m Steve Maughan, 27 Alan Juelch, 22 Ronald Pilkington, 78 Billy Jack Brutchin, 14x Josh Landers, 7p Greg Penny

Tucker Tallies Limited Modified Triumph
Gabe Tucker(Carbon) came out on top of the Limited Modified A-qualifier after falling back at the start. Tucker dropped back to fifth early, then rallied back throughout the 15-lapper to get the lead from early point man, JJ Jennings. Tucker then turned away a late charge by Derick Grigsby to score the victory.

Jennings, Robert Elliot, JC Howell, Steve Whiteaker jr., RJ Stroman and Doug Easterling claimed the other positions locked in to Saturday night’s main event.

Jennings powered off turn 2 to get the early lead in the 24-car Limited Modified A-qualifier chased by Roy Petty jr., Elliot and Tucker. Former TMS Modified winner, Whiteaker got past Tucker on lap 1 for fourth, back saw Tucker retake it after a side by side battle on lap 3. Tucker then began to pick his way to the front, getting third from Elliot on lap 5.

Tucker continued his march forward grabbing third for Elliott, while Grigsby snagged fifth from Whiteaker. Tucker snatched second for Petty and Jennings soon had Tucker on his bumper and went wheel to wheel on lap 8 with Tucker securing the lead on lap 9. In the meantime, Grigsby was moving forward going by Elliot for fourth.

Petty got crossed up in the corner giving up positions to Whiteaker, Elliot and Howell, eventually falling out of the top 10. Grigsby put Jennings back to second with three to go and tried to reel in Tucker. Whiteaker and Elliot began a side by side fight for fourth, giving Howell a chance tosneak past Whiteaker. Out front, Tucker was running his own race while Grigsby tried to run him down only to run out of laps, as Tucker took the win.

Limited Modifieds(Top 8 locked in for Saturday)

128 Gabe Tucker, Carbon, 69 Derick Grigsby, Marshall, 26g JJ Jennings, Corpus Christi, 1F Robert Elliot, Clinton, Okla., 103 JC Howell, Gun Barrell City, 89 Steve Whiteaker jr., Corpus Christi, 88x RJ Stroman, New Boston, 88 Doug Easterling, Rule, 711 Michael Daniels, Caddo Mills, 38 Matt Mueller, Stamford, 25x Roy Petty jr., Princeton, 24 Jake Upchurch, N. Richland Hills, 77x Garrett Gregory, Tomball, 5w John Whittington, Vidor, 5t Randy Timms, Wheatland, Okla., 77 Tyler Fain, Tuscola, 63 Shane Hoefling, Meyerville, 17 Jesse McNorton, Cleveland, 39x Jimmy Staats, Edgewood, 02x Dustin Mooney, Italy, 24w David Welch, Blair, Okla., 41 Jacob Pirkle, Venus, 5s Kevin Simpson, Bullard, 15w Dennie Gieber, Jacksonville

Limited Modified B-qualifiers(Top 4 to A-qualifier)
B #1
711 Michael Daniels, 63 Shane Hoefling, 77x Garrett Gregory, 02x Dustin Mooney, 41g Curtis Allen, 83 Monty Nichols III, 10g Mike Goodson, 9h Shane Hebert, 84 Tom Lorenz, 75 Kyle Nelson, 47 Andy Wojtaszczyk, 0 Fran Collins, 23m Jimmy Day, 47x Gary Stuckey, 1j Josh Ferguson, 12 TJ Steele, 39 Chad Cambron, 2 Brian Short, 4 Bo Day, C14 Kenneth Chamberlain, 44c Bobby Smith jr, 28j Justin Nabors, 37 Chris Balthrop, 90 Dustin Butcher

B #2
88x RJ Stroman, 39x Jimmy Staats, 77 Tyler Fain, 5t Randy Timms, 84x Tom Lorenz, 53 Edward Oakes, 22t Darrell Thompson, 20 Ronnie Welborn, B75 Waylon Ball, 4r Kevin Rowland, 101 Tanner Whitmire, 7d Austin Thiess, 76 Jeff Rowland, 13b Clint Bates, 22 Dakota Moore, 02 Dillon Burks, 87 Johnny Brazell, 95 Steve Hayes, 11s Creed Sherley, 1* Jason Troutman, 00 Tory Yant, 72x Jay Coone , 56 Troy Taylor, 43 Robby Edwards

Limited Modified C-qualifiers(Top 4 to B-qualifier)
C #1
83 Monty Nichols III, 84 Tom Lorenz, 12 TJ Steele, 47x Gary Stuckey, 139 Dusty Lout, 116x Randy Kirkland, 2w Paul White, 23n Steven Nabors, 31 Ty North, 113b Jesse Manning, 23p Caine Pylant, 116 Tim Mooman, 5m Ron Morris, 45x Jeff Reynolds, 111 Alex Overstreet, B1x Jason Tiner, 21c EJGilpin, 22x Johnny Jarrell jr, 19 Phillip Bagley, 1t Nacole Torrez, 30 Billy Jack Brutchin, 21b Gene Bryce, 822 Chris Webb, 6 Matt Wester

C #2
1* Jason Troutman, 7d Austin Thiess, 4r Kevin Rowland, 13b Clint Bates, 23x Justin White, 81b Cody Simpson, 86 Paul Vines, 54 CodyShoemaker, 25 Michael Guenat, 99f Luke Fritchen, 70m Henry Munson, d25 David Tanner, 51 Rodney Walker, 6k Ray Brown, 26x Dean Abbey, 120 Todd Short, 4x Rowdy Day, 05 Aaron Anderson, 89 Jeff Sexton, 94 Gary Fritchen, 123 Chris Jewell, 33t Tony Marsh, 1*x Adam Penn, 18r Robby Sanders

Limited Modified D-qualifiers(Top 4 to C-qualifier)
D #1
21 EJ Gilpin, 2 Paul White, 47x Gary Stuckey, 113b Jesse Manning, 601 Chris Cogburn, 23g Glen Gordy, 47x Gary Stuckey, 01 Clint Pelzel, , 15k Kale Westover, , 55c Jimmy Curtsinger, 9 Ryan Watkins, 21x Jimmie Helona, 72 Zach Tesch, 46 Jason Bolden, 45 Jason Hood, 75x Wally Beaty, , 34s John Smith, 4s Jason Ingalls, 55 Ricky Burk, 118 Robby Crabtree, 14 Tracy Bear

D #2
26 Dean Abbey, 81b Cody Simpson, 4r Kevin Rowland, 18r Robby Sanders, 518 Stephen Davis, 99 Kristi Byrd, 19j Jeff Welborn, 1c Ken Hobbs, 26 Braydon Dodson, 1 Tim Linares, 5h Chris Holt, 105 Jay McClanahan, 8 Rick Murray, 1p Rob McCutcheon, 3 George White, 23 Justin Broome, 7 Greg Moran, V8 Robert Vetter, 4 Trevor Foley

Limited Modified heats(Top 16 in passing points)
Heat 1
128 Gabe Tucker, 28j Justin Nabors, 17 Jesse McNorton, 2 Brian Short, 77x Garrett Gregory, 13b Clint Bates, 123 Chris Jewell, 25 Michael Guenat, 51 Rodney Walker, 21c EJ Gilpin, 4s Jason Ingalls, 99 Kristi Byrd, 15x Kale Westover

Heat 2
24 Jake Upchurch, 0 Fran Collins, 77 Tyler Fain, 72x Jay Coone, 02 Dillon Burks, 1* Jason Troutman, 54 Cody Shoemaker, 4x Rowdy Day, 23 n Steve Nabors, 1p Robert McCutcheon, 5h Chris Holt, 55 Rickey Burk, 4F Trevor Foley

Heat 3
88x RJ Stroman, B75 Waylon Ball, 88 Doug Easterling, 84x Tim Clonch, 43 Robbie Edwards, 116x Randy Kirkland, B21 Gene Bryce, 139 Dusty Lout,5m Ron Morris, 34s John South, 55c Jimmy Curtsinger, 1 Tim Linares

Heat 4
41 Jacob Pirkle, 39x Jimmy Staats, 02x Dustin Mooney, 53 Edward Oakes, 41g Curtis Allen, 11s Creed Sherley, 12 TJ Steele, 70m Henry Munson, 33t Tony Marsh, 1c Ken Hobbs, 26 Braydon Dodson, 46 Jason Bolden

Heat 5
25x Roy Petty jr, 90 Dustin Butcher, 56 Troy Taylor, 22t Darrell Thompson, 1j Josh Ferguson, 120 Todd Short, 19 Phillip Bagley, 89 Jeff Sexton, 30 Billy Joe Brutchin, 72 Zach Tesch, 01 Clint Pelzel, 105 Jay McClanahan

Heat 6
5s Kevin Simpson, 1f Robert Elliott, 44c Bobby Smith jr, 22 Dakota Moore, 31 Ty North, 22x Johnny Jarrel jr., 45x Jeff Reynolds, 822 Chris Webb, 1x Adam Penn, 81b Cody Simpson, 118 Robby Crabtree, 19j Jeff Welborn--DNS

Heat 7
89c Steven Whiteaker jr, 5w John Whittington, 24w David Welch, 39 Chad Cambron, 23x Justin White, 37 Chris Balthrop, 111 Alexander Overstreet, 6 Matt Wester, 1t Nacole Torrez, 21x Jimmie Helona, 45 Jason Hood, 3 GeorgeWhite

Heat 8
69 Derick Grigsby, 20 Ronnie Welborn, 5t Randy Timms, 9h Shane Hebert, 00 Tory Yant, 83 Monty Nichols III, 23p Caine Pylant, 05 Aaron Anderson, 2w Paul White, 18r Robby Sanders, 14 Tracy Bear, 23 Justin Broome

Heat 9
26g JJ Jennings, 15w Dennie Gieber, 4 Bo Day, 95 Steve Hayes, 87 Johnny Brazell, C14 Kenneth Chamberlain, D25 David Tanner, B1x Jason Tiner, 6k Ray Brown, 75x Wally Beaty, 23g Glen Gordy, V8 Robert Vetter---DNS

Heat 10
103 JC Howell jr, 47 Andy Wojtaszczyk, 76 Jeff Rowland, 10g Mike Goodson, 101 Tanner Whitmire, 99f Luke Fritchen, 7d Austin Thiess, 86 Paul Vines, 518 Stephen Davis, 8 Rick Murray, 7 Greg Moran, 601 Chris Cogburn

Heat 11
63 Shane Hoefling, 711 Michael Daniels, 38 Matt Mueller, 75 Kyle Nelson, 23m Jimmy Day, 84 Tom Lorenz, 116 Tim Mooman, 94 Gary Fritchen, 9 Ryan Watkins, 26x Dean Abbey, 47x Gary Stuckey, 4r Kevin Rowland---DQ(tech)
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