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Time Warp

Obama taking care of his friends and donors with your money!

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Bob Pritts is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

October 29, 2012 | 4,245 views | 35 comments

A couple of years ago, Obama announced a $2B 'investment' in Petrobras, a part Brazilian government/ part private investor owned energy drilling and exploration company. The company was drilling in the deep waters off the coast of Brazil and announced the discovery of possibly the largest oil find in South America. They needed funds to proceed. They are listed on the stock market for investment by private individuals worldwide. George Soros bought almost $900M dollars worth of their stock. The stock was declining in value after his purchase. Obama decided to give Petrobras $2B of your taxpayer dollars to help boost the stock price per share and hopefully bail out his number one supporter. The timing was just a coincidence?

The government has lost $130M dollars from investments in Evergreen Solar, Inc., of Marlborough, MA. That's on top of the tens of millions invested and lost by the state of Massachusetts itself. It's so bad that one of the top reporters for the Boston Globe, a daily liberal rag newspaper, wrote an article a couple of months ago entitled 'Government is a lousy investment capitalist'!

Christian Gronet founded Solyndra Solar, Inc., of Fremont, CA. He, along with several of his executives, were huge investors in Obama,s election campaign of 2008. Obama invested (again your taxpayer dollars) some $535M dollars on Solyndra. Solyndra went bankrupt with no possibility of recouping any of the government money since it had already been spent ... gone! To make matters worse, the Obama administration decided to give each of Solyndra's 1,100 employees, who lost their jobs, a severance payment of $13,000 each ... that $14.3M was additional taxpayer dollars on top of the $535M we had already lost! I'm sure if you just recently lost your job, your employer was just as generous to you!

Fisker Automotive, that manufactured its hybrid and total electric cars at Valmet Automotive in Finland, was conditionally offered a $528M loan by the current administration to entice them to build them in the states. This was after V.P. Biden suggested that the 'Fisker Karma' be produced at a closed GM plant in Wilmington, DE, his home state. The state of Delaware ponied up $21M in state funds on its own. Fisker drew down $193M from federal monies as its first and only draw. Since they didn't meet the conditional outline of the loan parameters, the remaining $335M dollars were put on hold until the conditions were met. They have not been met. The net result ... federal taxpayers have lost another $193M and the state of Delaware is out its funds!

Just last week 123 Systems of Michigan went belly up with no chance of our recovering any portion of the taxpayer funds our government gave to them.

Last but not least for this blog is the ' Obamaphone' fiasco. This program began back in the Reagan era to supply those less fortunate with a 'land line' to make and receive phone calls only from and to possible employers and employee search firms. It was designed to give those citizens a 'hand up' if they could not afford to go to an interview or search for a job due to their poor financial circumstances. This administration has expanded it to include our current cell phone options .... not only phones but data as well. They can use these phones to send emails, texts, photos, check on GPS, check the markets, play video games, and any of the thousands of other current applications. Why? Carlos Slim, a multi-billionaire and Mexico's wealthiest citizen owns Telmex which controls all of the country's phone systems. He also is the owner of a company called TracLine, which supplies all the phones for the ObamaPhone system. But he's not really the 'pay-off' guy, although I'm sure he loves the additional business and profits. The pay-off company I refer to is a company called LifeLine, which makes enormous profits from the sales and control of the data plans and minute usages. It's CEO is a man by the name of F.J. Pollack, a large Obama donor. My, my ... just another coincidence? Amazing how things work out, isn't it? How many of those phones do you think are used to search for new jobs?

The above are but a few of the causes of our current $16B+ loss on our administration's 'investments'. There is currently somewhere between $80-90B dollars supposedly available and at work on green energy research and development specifically. Of course we are bankrupt so much of those funds have not been borrowed or printed yet!

I, and many other conservatives I know, would love nothing more than to have ''green energy' as part of our energy package at some time in the future. Now I want you to use the brain our Creator gave each of us and combine it with common sense. Private investors do not exist to place any risk money on a total unknown. But, if that unknown innovator should come along, prove the value of his idea(s), demonstrate to private investors there is a market to be had, at a reasonable user price everyone could afford, and there were large profits to be made, you would have to beat off private investors and large investment firms with a stick. That's called free-market capitalism! And, Bain Capital wouldn't look so bad in your eyes after all. But, for right now, we have to drill baby drill.

A final thought we all need to recognize. This is the only election in the history of our country when we will not choose between a Democratic or Republican candidate and the platform they supposedly represent. This is the first election where we must choose between turning to a Socialist style of governance or remain with the Capitalist form of government that the founders established in our founding documents. Capitalism has brought us to the greatness we have achieved over the first 235 years of our existence. Socialism has never worked in any nation where it has been tried ... it's a system of government dependence. Americans simply are not 'built' to be dependent minded. We are built to be free and individualistic with very little government control or interference. That's why our unique form of government is known as 'the grand experiment'.

If you vote for Socialism, just be aware of what our country will look like in the future. It will look similar to Greece, Spain, France, Italy and others where we witness riots in the street each and every day. None of the pundits, from either side, ever seem to tell you the truth about what you're seeing. It's quite simple, really. The people have become so dependent on the government supplied 'goodies' that when told they have to give most of them up or the country will go bankrupt, they panic. They understand that what the government is saying is the truth but it scares them to death. They have lived in Socialism for so long that they no longer know how to survive and thrive on their own. They don't have a clue where to begin.

So, think about this hard before you vote next week. Socialism is irrevocable once it's established. If you have voted all your life because 'that was the way I was raised', but this time you feel in your heart that you should vote for the other party candidate, then follow your heart of hearts. Either way, make sure you vote!
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Your Opinions and Comments

Rock'n chair Rambler  
Over Taxed, TX  
November 1, 2012 6:48am
"neww numbers released yesterday show every state had a large drop in unemployent. " What lunatic website did you get that from? The jobs report doesn't get released until tomorrow, Friday. And... More ›

November 1, 2012 5:22am
Alvin.....I have already voted for Romney..I guess after you vote, it will be a tie. In the case of a tie, the republican house (not yet a reality but a very good possibility) will have to choose. Any inkling on whom they... More ›

Alvin Charmaine  
November 1, 2012 2:40am
Whats funny is everything Romney supports is socialist. When he went to israel he praised their healthcare system because they only spend 8% of their GDP, on it, which is funded by a 48% tax on those with income over 125k. Romney... More ›

October 31, 2012 6:13pm
Be Careful.....Somewhere along the way, people forgot the communal experiment at Jamestown and its dismal result before that system was changed to individual production and property. I wonder if they still teach that story in... More ›

Be Careful  
Floresville, TX  
October 31, 2012 3:43pm
Agreed, Prairie Grouch . Much has been done over the past 150 years to make government more than it was intended. However, continuing down the path and re-electing Obama again will expedite the collapse like in Greece. While... More ›

Senior Citizen  
Wilson County  
October 31, 2012 2:29pm
Puzzled. I'm puzzled. Have you stated what it is that you think has been distorted? Please explain your disagreement.

Wilson Co.  
October 31, 2012 2:17pm
Pritts, you are a typical Tea Partier. You write what you want to and twist the facts to fit your objective. I totally support your right to do so. However, when I call your article trash, you don't support my right to disagree... More ›

October 31, 2012 11:35am
Turbo.....My grandparent were both born in the 1840s and my father was born in 1874. I don't think they even had a inkling of what has come to pass.

Wilson County  
October 31, 2012 10:26am
Everything your Grandfather said, has come to pass, just like he said it would. Everything your Father said, is happening now, just like he said it would. And everything you are thinking now, will be coming soon to a paycheck... More ›

October 31, 2012 10:14am
I don't think that this election is about a choice between socialism and capitalism. We already have a form of socialism and it's called a democratic welfare state. FDR started this type of state with Social Security. LBJ... More ›

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