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VideoGerman Shepherd lost in the BlueCreek/Warncke/Church Rd area. Last seen Tues 6/23. Very Friendly, purple collar. If found, please call or text 210-792-7875.

VideoLost Dog:She is a 14 yr old female blue healer/corgi mix. Last seen on 4th st near Eagle Wrecker. If seen please call 8172435617

VideoFound on Longhorn Rd, neutered male Australian Shepherd mix, Call 210-305-2772 to claim.
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Live at no charge in upscale apartment as companion for man with autism and intellectual disability, south/downtown San Antonio, foster care through Medicaid Waiver Program, couples may apply, IRS okays wages, nontaxable, background check required. Send resume to or text for more information 210-382-6369.
Landscapers needed - fast growing local landscaping company seeking landscape install and maintenance laborers. Install plants, mulch, rock, trim trees, mowing, weed-eating, and much more. We need reliable hard working workers looking to grow with the company. Experience preferred and must be able to provide transportation to and from work. Call 210-267-7005 or 210-215-6476.
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November 21, 2012 | 1,211 views | Post a comment

Varsity Girls

Falls City

Port Aransas def. Falls City, 54-35 (Port Aransas Tournament -- championship).

Beaverettes: Points: Tiffany Dziuk-17, Haleigh Blocker-11, Alexis Sekula-2, Hannah Lyssy-2, Alyssa Dziuk-2, Kaelan Cheatham-1. Overall Record: 5-2.

Note: Haleigh Blocker and Shaw Moy were named to the all-tournament team.

Falls City def. Taft, 53-48 (Port Aransas Tournament).

Beaverettes: Points: Kaelan Cheatham-12, Haleigh Blocker-11, Alyssa Dziuk-7, Hannah Lyssy-7, Tiffany Dziuk-6, Shaw Moy-5, Kayla Kotara-4, Quincey Olenick-1. Overall Record: 5-1.

Falls City def. Hempstead, 39-31 (Port Aransas Tournament).

Beaverettes: Points: Haleigh Blocker-9, Shaw Moy-9, Kayla Kotara-7, Tiffany Dziuk-5, Kaelan Cheatham-3, Kelsey Labus-2, Alyssa Dziuk-2, Kayla Purcell-1, Hannah Lyssy-1. Overall Record: 4-1.

Falls City def. Moulton, 48-26 (Port Aransas Tournament).

Beaverettes: Points: Shaw Moy-9, Kayla Kotara-8, Hannah Lyssy-6, Haleigh Blocker-5, Kaelan Cheatham-5, Kelsey Labus-4, Kayla Purcell-4, Tiffany Dziuk-3, Alyssa Dziuk-2, Alexis Sekula-2. Overall Record: 3-1.

Poth def. Falls City, 85-72.

Beaverettes: Points: Kayla Kotara-20, Shaw Moy-17, Haleigh Blocker-15, Tiffany Dziuk-7, Kayla Purcell-6, Hannah Lyssy-4, Kaelan Cheatham-3. Overall Record: 2-1.

Falls City def. Nixon-Smiley, 70-60.

Beaverettes: Points: Haleigh Blocker-18, Kayla Purcell-11, Kayla Kotara-9, Shaw Moy-9, Hannah Lyssy-6, Quincey Olenick-6, Alexis Sekula-4, Tiffany Dziuk-4, Katie Johnson-2, Kaelan Cheatham-1. Overall Record: 2-0.

Falls City def. Pleasanton, 84-12.

Beaverettes: Points: Kayla Purcell-17, Kaelan Cheatham-17, Haleigh Blocker-10, Kayla Kotara-9, Alyssa Dziuk-9, Quincey Olenick-8, Tiffany Dziuk-8, Shaw Moy-3, Alexis Sekula-3, Hannah Lyssy-2. Overall Record: 1-0.


Poth def. Falls City, 85-72.

Pirettes: Points: Quintanilla-18, Kolodziej-15, Ashley Fuller-15, Kruse-12, DeHoyas-8, Micah Weaver-6, Felux-4, Eckel-4, Wauters-2, A. Kruse-1. Overall Record: 1-0.


Nixon-Smiley def. Natalia, 66-37.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Savannah Martinez-24, Kelby Henderson-10, Alena Alvarez-8, Hailey Boatright-5, Abby Scarbrough-4, Megan Guerra-4, Nancy Hernandez-4, Tyhana Mejia-3, Treca DeLeon-2, Natalie Trammell-2. Overall Record: 3-1.

Nixon-Smiley def. Marion, 67-60.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Alena Alvarez-19, Savannah Martinez-18, Jennifer Flores-10, Abigail Scarbrough-6, Hailey Boatright-6, Megan Guerra-5, Kelby Henderson-2, Tyhana Mejia-1. Overall Record: 2-1.

Falls City def. Nixon-Smiley, 70-60.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Alena Alvarez-17, Savannah Martinez-13, Megan Guerra-10, Kelby Henderson-9, Jennifer Flores-6, Abigail Scarbrough-2, Treca DeLeon-2, Hailey Boatright-1. Overall Record: 1-1.

Nixon-Smiley def. Gonzales, 55-26.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Jennifer Flores-15, Savannah Martinez-15, Abigail Scarbrough-10, Megan Guerra-7, Alena Alvarez-6, Tyhana Mejia-1, Natalie Trammell-1. Overall Record: 1-0.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Cole, 43-34 (Cole Tournament Championship).

Lady Bears: Points: Brooke Martinez-13, Taylor Penshorn-9, Madison Towns-7, Mackenzie Ford-7, Autumn Light-5, Kelsee Penshorn-2. Assists: Light-3, Cat Reed-1, T. Penshorn-1. Rebounds: Towns-11, T. Penshorn-5, K. Penshorn-4, Jennifer Skrzycki-3, Martinez-2, Ford-1, Shelby Ellis-1. Steals: T. Penshorn-5, Light-5, Towns-3. Overall Record: 6-0.

Note: Kelsee Penshorn named tournament MVP. Brooke Martinez named to all-tournament team. Cat Reed won 3-point contest.

La Vernia def. Comfort, 49-39 (Cole Tournament).

Lady Bears: Points: Kelsee Penshorn-19, Mackenzie Ford-12, Autumn Light-9, Taylor Penshorn-5, Alizen Saenz-2, Brooke Martinez-2. Assists: T. Penshorn-1, Light-1, K. Penshorn-1. Rebounds: K. Penshorn-10, Madison Towns-9, T. Penshorn-5, Light-4, Ford-3, Shelby Ellis-2, Martinez-2, Jennifer Skrzycki-1, Saenz-1. Steals: T. Penshorn-5, Ford-5, K. Penshorn-4, Cat Reed-3, Towns-2, Light-2, Saenz-1, Martinez-1. Blocks: Light-1, K. Penshorn-1. Overall Record: 5-0.

La Vernia def. Crystal City, 51-21 (Cole Tournament).

Lady Bears: Points: Taylor Penshorn-9, Kelsee Penshorn-9, Cat Reed-8, Jennifer Skrzycki-7, Madison Towns-6, Mackenzie Ford-5, Autumn Light-4, Brooke Martinez-3, Shelby Ellis-2. Overall Record: 4-0.

La Vernia def. Randolph, 63-19 (Cole Tournament).

Lady Bears: Points: Kelsee Penshorn-13, Jennifer Skrzycki-8, Shelby Ellis-8, Taylor Penshorn-7, Mackenzie Ford-7, Autumn Light-6, Madison Towns-4, Alizen Saenz-4, Brooke Martinez-4, Cat Reed-2. Assists: T. Penshorn-5, Saenz-3, Ford-3, Skrzycki-2, Light-2, Martinez-2, Reed-1, K. Penshorn-1. Rebounds: K. Penshorn-10, T. Penshorn-8, Martinez-8, Skrzycki-6, Ellis-5, Reed-4, Ford-4, Light-2, Towns-1, Saenz-1. Steals: T. Penshorn-4, Skrzycki-4, Light-3, Reed-2, Saenz-2, Ford-2, Ellis-2, Martinez-2, Towns-1, K. Penshorn-1. Blocks: K. Penshorn-2, Reed-1. Overall Record: 3-0.

La Vernia def. Lytle, 48-43.

Lady Bears: Points: Autumn Light-17, Brooke Martinez-11, Taylor Penshorn-4, Mackenzie Ford-4, Shelby Ellis-4, Kelsee Penshorn-3, Catherine Reed-2, Madison Towns-2, Jennifer Skrzycki-1. Assists: T. Penshorn-4, Alizen Saenz-2, Ford-2, Martinez-2, Skrzycki-1. Rebounds: T. Penshorn-10, Towns-4, Light-4, Martinez-4, Skrzycki-3, Ellis-3, K. Penshorn-3, Reed-2, Ford-2, Saenz-1. Steals: T. Penshorn-3, Ford-3, Light-2, Ellis-1, Martinez-1. Blocks: Martinez-2, Towns-1. Overall Record: 2-0.

La Vernia def. Devine, 63-23.

Lady Bears: Points: Autumn Light-15, Cat Reed-14, Mackenzie Ford-8, Brooke Martinez-7, Madison Towns-6, Taylor Penshorn-3, Alizen Saenz-3, Shelby Ellis-3, Jennifer Skrzycki-2, Kelsee Penshorn-2. Assists: Skrzycki-3, Martinez-2, Reed-1, T. Penshorn-1, Saenz-1, Light-1. Rebounds: Towns-8, T. Penshorn-7, K. Penshorn-5, Ford-4, Reed-3, Skrzycki-2, Saenz-2, Light-2, Ellis-2, Martinez-1. Steals: Reed-3, Ford-3, Light-3, Martinez-3, T. Penshorn-2, Saenz-2, Ellis-2, Towns-1, Skrzycki-1. Blocks: K. Penshorn-2, Ellis-1, Martinez-1. Overall Record: 1-0.


Floresville def. Fredericksburg, 59-47.

Jaguars: Points: Payton Cannon-16, DeHavalan Watts-12, Shelby Leinneweber-9, Ashlyn Laskowski-8, Ashley Hoelscher-5, Liesel Raabe-3, Jordan Felan-2, Amber Wasicek-2.

Floresville def. Westlake, 73-62.

Jaguars: Points: Payton Cannon-15, DeHavalan Watts-15, Shelby Leinneweber-13, Liesel Raabe-10, Ashley Hoelscher-10, Lauren Trevino-4, Jordan Felan-4.

Brackenridge def. Floresville, 75-49.

Jaguars: Points: Shelby Leinneweber-14, DeHavalan Watts-9, Liesel Raabe-7, Payton Cannon-7, Ashley Hoelscher-5, Amber Wasicek-4, Jordan Felan-3.

Subvarsity Girls

Falls City

Falls City JV def. Nixon-Smiley JV, 57-19.

Beaverettes: Points: Kelsey Labus-16, Chloe Wilson-14, Grace Dziuk-9, Taylor Moy-8, Abby Lubbock-4, Madison Hartmann-4, Amy Horton-2.

Falls City JV def. Pleasanton, 58-31.

Beaverettes: Points: Chloe Wilson-18, Grace Dziuk-9, Kelsey Labus-8, Taylor Moy-6, Taylor Dziuk-6, Jennifer Pruski-6, Madison Hartmann-5.

Falls City freshmen def. Pleasanton, 33-24.

Beaverettes: Points: Sydney Elkins-13, Abby Lubbock-11, Sara Moore-6, Taylor Mabe-2, Brittany Lyssy-1.

La Vernia

La Vernia JV def. Crystal City JV, 49-15.

La Vernia JV def. Pearsall JV, 36-14.

La Vernia JV def. Cole JV, 48-27.


Floresville JV def. Brackenridge JV, 57-36.

Jaguars: Points: M. Pawelek-22, K. Coldewey-15, V. Mayorga-8.

Floresville freshmen def. Brackenridge, 74-29.

Jaguars: Points: M. Stuart-18, C. Haag-14, S. Shodrock-13.

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