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VideoLost: German mix, male, tip of one ear missing, micro chipped, last seen with blue collar and blue bone tag with name and house number. Call if found, 830-779-2512.
Looking for lost dog in Eagle Creek. Name LUKA, although his tag says Amigo. He's a black Labrador retriever. Aprx 1 1/2yrs old. Missing since May 24th
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Help Wanted

RN/LVN/Charge nurse, full-time position at St. Francis Nursing Home in San Antonio, morning and night shifts. We offer medical, dental, vision, 403B, and paid vacation. Compensation based on experience. Call Greg, 210-736-3177.
Floresville ISD is accepting applications at www.fisd.us for the position of custodian, 260 days, 5 days per week, 8 hour workday.
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Area Basketball Scores-Boys

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December 12, 2012 | 979 views | Post a comment

Varsity Boys

S.A. TMI def. Poth, 52-49 (Pearsall Tourney).

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-19, Seth Barrow-12, Seth Dunn-8, Dillon Zaointz-7, Jerrek Hosek-3. Overall Record: 6-1.

Poth def. Medina Valley, 50-45 (Pearsall Tourney).

Pirates: Points: Spencer Flieller-13, Kyler Felux-12, Seth Dunn-6, Dillon Zaiontz-5, Brock Nelson-5, Jerrek Hosek-4, Dylan Sefcik-3, Seth Barrow-2. Overall Record: 6-0.

Poth def. Laredo Cigarroa, 56-40 (Pearsall Tourney).

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-20, Dillon Zaiontz-15, Seth Barrow-8, Spencer Flieller-6, Seth Dunn-6, Brett Kotara-1. Overall Record: 5-0.

Poth def. Eagle Pass JV, 61-45 (Pearsall Tourney).

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-14, Seth Dunn-13, Dylan Sefcik-10, Seth Barrow-8, Dillon Zaiontz-6, Jerrek Hosek-6, Brock Nelson-4. Overall Record: 4-0.

Poth def. Medina, 47-39 (Pearsall Tourney).

Pirates: Points: Seth Barrow-16, Dillon Zaiontz-11, Dylan Sefcik-6, Kyler Felux-4, Seth Dunn-3, Brock Nelson-3, Spencer Flieller-2, Brett Kotara-2. Overall Record: 3-0.

Poth def. La Vernia, 39-37.

Pirates: Points: Brock Nelson-14, Zach Barrow-8, Dylan Sefcik-6, Spencer Flieller-4, Seth Dunn-3, Kyler Felux-3, Dillon Zaiontz-1. Overall Record: 2-0.


Stockdale def. Jourdanton, 76-36 (Poteet Tourney).

Brahmas: Points: Josh Vela-25, Tristan Marquez-12, Zach Pfeil-10, Taylor Deason-8, Matt Valadez-8, Perry Bone-5, Wyatt Gabrysch-4, Gage Haley-4. Overall Record: 8-4.

S.A. St. Gerard def. Stockdale, 59-47 (Poteet Tourney).

Brahmas: Points: Josh Vela-13, Robert Bischak-8, Wyatt Gabrysch-7, Gage Haley-7, Matt Valadez-3, Tanner Maxwell-3, Zach Pfeil-2. Overall Record: 7-4.

Lytle def. Stockdale, 56-49 (Poteet Tourney).

Brahmas: Points: Robert Bischak-26, Josh Vela-9, Taylor Deason-4, Gage Haley-4, Tristan Marquez-3, Tanner Maxwell-2. Overall Record: 7-3.

Stockdale def. S.A. Hawkins, 65-55.

Brahmas: Points: Robert Bischak-23, Gage Haley-12, Josh Vela-11, Matt Valadez-7, Taylor Deason-6, Tristan Marquez-3, Perry Bone-2, Tanner Maxwell-1. Overall Record: 7-2.


S.A. St. Gerard def. Nixon-Smiley, 47-28 (Poteet Tourney).

Mustangs: Points: Samuel Moore-8, Garrett Earlywine-6, Tristan Newman-6, Matt Finch-5, Jared Van Auken-2, Nick Pena-1. Overall Record: 1-6.

Eagle Pass Winn def. Nixon-Smiley, 55-52 (Poteet Tourney).

Mustangs: Points: Matt Finch-14, Garrett Earlywine-11, Samuel Moore-9, Jared Van Auken-8, Nick Pena-5, Devon Warzecha-5. Overall Record: 1-5.

Nixon-Smiley def. Jourdanton, 43-38 (Poteet Tourney).

Mustangs: Points: Samuel Moore-16, Matt Finch-7, Nick Pena-7, Garrett Earlywine-6, Devon Warzecha-5, Victor Evans-2. Overall Record: 1-4.

Pleasanton def. Nixon-Smiley, 72-41.

Mustangs: Points: Garrett Earlywine-14, Devon Warzecha-8, Tristan Newman-6, Samuel Moore-6, Jared Van Auken-4, Victor Evans-2, Nick Pena-2. Overall Record: 0-4.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Bandera, 62-56 (Hondo Tourney).

Bears: Points: Colby Sims-16, Austin Pickens-14, Josh Campos-10, Dillon Pickens-9, Jose Sahagun-7, Forrest Jagge-4, Matt Olson-2. Overall Record: 4-6.

Floresville def. La Vernia, 61-47 (Hondo Tourney).

Bears: Points: Dillon Pickens-13, Colby Sims-8, Forrest Jagge-7, Jose Sahagun-5, Josh Campos-5, Matt Olson-5, Austin Pickens-4. Overall Record: 3-6.

La Vernia def. Uvalde, 51-36 (Hondo Tourney).

Bears: Points: Colby Sims-17, Dillon Pickens-8, Austin Pickens-6, Brian Escamilla-6, Forrest Jagge-5, Jose Sahagun-3, Josh Campos-2, Bryan Klar-2, Trevor Finch-2. Overall Record: 3-5.

Hondo def. La Vernia, 54-41 (Hondo Tourney).

Bears: Points: Colby Sims-14, Austin Pickens-10, Dillon Pickens-9, Dalton Dennehy-6, Bryan Klar-2. Overall Record: 2-5.

Poth def. La Vernia, 39-37

Bears: Points: Forrest Jagge-12, Austin Pickens-11, Colby Sims-5, Dillon Pickens-4, Josh Campos-3, Jose Sahagun-2. Overall Record: 2-4.


Floresville def. Hondo, 53-41 (Hondo Tourney).

Tigers: Points: Charlie Albert-15, Jaron Medina-13, Chris Albert-11, Estevan Mendiola-6, Andres Morales-4, Mason Ray-2, Darren Orth-2. Assists: Medina-6, Orth-3, Ray-2, Charlie Albert-1, Chris Albert-1, Mendiola-1. Rebounds: Charlie Albert-10, Ray-4, Morales-4, Chris Albert-3, Mendiola-3, Orth-3, Medina-2. Steals: Morales-3, Charlie Albert-2, Medina-2, Ray-1, Orth-1. Blocks: Charlie Albert-1, Chris Albert-1, Orth-1, Morales-1. Overall Record: 9-4.

Floresville def. La Vernia, 61-47 (Hondo Tourney).

Tigers: Points: Charlie Albert-19, Estevan Mendiola-14, Chris Albert-8, Mason Ray-6, Darren Orth-6, Jaron Medina-5, Andres Morales-2, Robert Barrera-1. Assists: Ray-3, Medina-3, Charlie Albert-2, Chris Albert-2, Mendiola-2, Orth-1. Rebounds: Morales-8, Charlie Albert-6, Chris Albert-4, Ray-4, Orth-4, Barrera-3, Mendiola-2. Steals: Ray-3, Chris Albert-2, Medina-2, Orth-2, Charlie Albert-1, Morales-1. Blocks: Charlie Albert-3, Chris Albert-1. Overall Record: 8-4.

Floresville def. Bandera, 76-44 (Hondo Tourney).

Tigers: Points: Estevan Mendiola-18, Mason Ray-13, Jaron Medina-13, Andres Morales-9, Charlie Albert-7, Chris Albert-7, Curtis Quillan-4, Robert Barrera-3, Darren Orth-2. Assists: Ray-7, Medina-6, Chris Albert-3, Charlie Albert-1, Mendiola-1, Orth-1, Morales-1, Quillan-1. Rebounds: Ray-11, Medina-6, Charlie Albert-5, Morales-4, Orth-3, Barrera-3, Chris Albert-2, Mendiola-2, Derek Moczygemba-1, Quillan-1. Steals: Chris Albert-2, Medina-2, Morales-2, Moczygemba-2, Charlie Albert-1, Mendiola-1, Ray-1, Barrera-1. Blocks: Charlie Albert-1, Morales-1. Overall Record: 7-4.

Floresville def. FEAST, 71-38 (Hondo Tourney).

Tigers: Points: Mason Ray-16, Jaron Medina-12, Charlie Albert-11, Estevan Mendiola-10, Chris Albert-8, Andres Morales-4, Derek Moczygemba-4, Darren Orth-2, Robert Barrera-2, Curtis Quillan-2. Assists: Medina-8, Charlie Albert-3, Ray-3, Mendiola-2, Moczygemba-2, Quillan-1. Rebounds: Charlie Albert-7, Orth-6, Morales-5, Ray-4, Barrera-4, Chris Albert-3, Quillan-3, Mendiola-2, Medina-2, Moczygemba-2. Steals: Chris Albert-4, Charlie Albert-1, Mendiola-1, Medina-1, Orth-1, Barrera-1, Moczygemba-1. Blocks: Chris Albert-2, Charlie Albert-1. Overall Record: 6-4.

Floresville def. Burbank, 68-48.

Tigers: Points: Estevan Mendiola-15, Charlie Albert-13, Jaron Medina-12, Mason Ray-8, Darren Orth-5, Derek Moczygemba-5, Andres Morales-4, Jared Kotzur-2, Chris Albert-2, Robert Berrera-2. Assists: Charlie Albert-4, Medina-4, Mendiola-3, Ray-3, Orth-2, Chris Albert-1, Moczygemba-1. Rebounds: Ray-6, Moczygemba-5, Charlie Albert-4, Mendiola-3, Orth-3, Chris Albert-2, Barrera-1, Curtis Quillan-1. Steals: Orth-3, Chris Albert-2, Barrera-2, Moczygemba-2, Charlie Albert-1, Mendiola-1. Blocks: Morales-3. Overall Record: 5-4.

East Central

Katy Seven Lakes def. East Central, 79-73 (SAISD Tourney).

Hornets: Points: Jalen Bowen-16, Ceddrick Ali-14, Brandon McClure-14, Christan Jones-13, Charles Chase-11, Jermaine Dotson-5. Overall Record: 10-7.

East Central def. Brackenridge, 87-59 (SAISD Tourney).

Hornets: Points: Brandon McClure-24, Ceddrick Ali-21, Jeremy Jones-10, Charles Chase-8, Albert Jimenez-8, Jermaine Dotson-6, Jalen Bowen-5, Wanya Ward-3, Christian Jones-2. Overall Record: 10-6.

East Central def. C.C. Moody, 87-55 (SAISD Tourney).

Hornets: Points: Jermaine Dotson-14, Brandon McClure-12, Willie Covington-10, Charles Chase-9, Armand Francois-6, Jeremy Jones-6, Jalen Bowen-5, Albert Jimenez-5, Ceddrick Ali-4, Christian Jones-4, Johnathan Jackson-4, Eric Ray-4, Wanya Ward-2, Marcus White-2. Overall Record: 9-6.

MacArthur def. East Central, 65-61 (SAISD Tourney).

Hornets: Points: Brandon McClure-16, Ceddrick Ali-10, Albert Jimenez-9, Armand Francois-7, Jermaine Dotson-6, Marcus White-6, Jeremy Jones-5, Willie Covington-2. Overall Record: 8-6.

East Central def. Marshall, 92-66

Hornets: Points: Ceddrick Ali-16, Marcus White-14, Brandon McClure-11, Albert Jimenez-9, Jermaine Dotson-8, Charles Chase-8, Jeremy Jones-7, Jalen Bowen-7, Willie Covington-4, Christian Jones-3. Overall Record: 8-5.

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