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Lost: White Maltese dog, 12 pounds, answers to Brookley, on Sun., July 19, 10 miles north of Floresville on Hwy. 181, $100 reward! Tom and Jean Harris, 830-393-0814. 
Found: Charm with picture of couple, at Pecan Park, July 17. Call to identify and pick up, 830-393-6785.
Lost/dognapped: Black Lab/Pyrenees male puppy, about 30 pounds, vaccination tag on collar, last seen on Wood Valley Dr., Wood Valley Acres, Adkins, Sat., July 18 around noon. 210-827-9533.
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Kolodziej’s Food Service & Fundraising is currently looking for candidates for our growing company, full-time positions are available in the following areas: General Warehouse and Driver, qualified candidates must possess excellent customer service skills, clean driving record, and be able to work independently as well as in a team environment; working knowledge of basic computer systems, cash handling, and 10-key a plus. We offer a competitive salary package. Interested parties should email resume to Kathy@kolodziejs.com or drop off in person at 101B Dilworth Plaza, Poth, TX 78147.
Be skeptical of ads that say you can make lots of money working from the comfort of your home. If this were true, wouldn’t we all be working at home?
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Area Basketball Scores-Boys

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December 12, 2012 | 891 views | Post a comment

Varsity Boys

S.A. TMI def. Poth, 52-49 (Pearsall Tourney).

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-19, Seth Barrow-12, Seth Dunn-8, Dillon Zaointz-7, Jerrek Hosek-3. Overall Record: 6-1.

Poth def. Medina Valley, 50-45 (Pearsall Tourney).

Pirates: Points: Spencer Flieller-13, Kyler Felux-12, Seth Dunn-6, Dillon Zaiontz-5, Brock Nelson-5, Jerrek Hosek-4, Dylan Sefcik-3, Seth Barrow-2. Overall Record: 6-0.

Poth def. Laredo Cigarroa, 56-40 (Pearsall Tourney).

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-20, Dillon Zaiontz-15, Seth Barrow-8, Spencer Flieller-6, Seth Dunn-6, Brett Kotara-1. Overall Record: 5-0.

Poth def. Eagle Pass JV, 61-45 (Pearsall Tourney).

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-14, Seth Dunn-13, Dylan Sefcik-10, Seth Barrow-8, Dillon Zaiontz-6, Jerrek Hosek-6, Brock Nelson-4. Overall Record: 4-0.

Poth def. Medina, 47-39 (Pearsall Tourney).

Pirates: Points: Seth Barrow-16, Dillon Zaiontz-11, Dylan Sefcik-6, Kyler Felux-4, Seth Dunn-3, Brock Nelson-3, Spencer Flieller-2, Brett Kotara-2. Overall Record: 3-0.

Poth def. La Vernia, 39-37.

Pirates: Points: Brock Nelson-14, Zach Barrow-8, Dylan Sefcik-6, Spencer Flieller-4, Seth Dunn-3, Kyler Felux-3, Dillon Zaiontz-1. Overall Record: 2-0.


Stockdale def. Jourdanton, 76-36 (Poteet Tourney).

Brahmas: Points: Josh Vela-25, Tristan Marquez-12, Zach Pfeil-10, Taylor Deason-8, Matt Valadez-8, Perry Bone-5, Wyatt Gabrysch-4, Gage Haley-4. Overall Record: 8-4.

S.A. St. Gerard def. Stockdale, 59-47 (Poteet Tourney).

Brahmas: Points: Josh Vela-13, Robert Bischak-8, Wyatt Gabrysch-7, Gage Haley-7, Matt Valadez-3, Tanner Maxwell-3, Zach Pfeil-2. Overall Record: 7-4.

Lytle def. Stockdale, 56-49 (Poteet Tourney).

Brahmas: Points: Robert Bischak-26, Josh Vela-9, Taylor Deason-4, Gage Haley-4, Tristan Marquez-3, Tanner Maxwell-2. Overall Record: 7-3.

Stockdale def. S.A. Hawkins, 65-55.

Brahmas: Points: Robert Bischak-23, Gage Haley-12, Josh Vela-11, Matt Valadez-7, Taylor Deason-6, Tristan Marquez-3, Perry Bone-2, Tanner Maxwell-1. Overall Record: 7-2.


S.A. St. Gerard def. Nixon-Smiley, 47-28 (Poteet Tourney).

Mustangs: Points: Samuel Moore-8, Garrett Earlywine-6, Tristan Newman-6, Matt Finch-5, Jared Van Auken-2, Nick Pena-1. Overall Record: 1-6.

Eagle Pass Winn def. Nixon-Smiley, 55-52 (Poteet Tourney).

Mustangs: Points: Matt Finch-14, Garrett Earlywine-11, Samuel Moore-9, Jared Van Auken-8, Nick Pena-5, Devon Warzecha-5. Overall Record: 1-5.

Nixon-Smiley def. Jourdanton, 43-38 (Poteet Tourney).

Mustangs: Points: Samuel Moore-16, Matt Finch-7, Nick Pena-7, Garrett Earlywine-6, Devon Warzecha-5, Victor Evans-2. Overall Record: 1-4.

Pleasanton def. Nixon-Smiley, 72-41.

Mustangs: Points: Garrett Earlywine-14, Devon Warzecha-8, Tristan Newman-6, Samuel Moore-6, Jared Van Auken-4, Victor Evans-2, Nick Pena-2. Overall Record: 0-4.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Bandera, 62-56 (Hondo Tourney).

Bears: Points: Colby Sims-16, Austin Pickens-14, Josh Campos-10, Dillon Pickens-9, Jose Sahagun-7, Forrest Jagge-4, Matt Olson-2. Overall Record: 4-6.

Floresville def. La Vernia, 61-47 (Hondo Tourney).

Bears: Points: Dillon Pickens-13, Colby Sims-8, Forrest Jagge-7, Jose Sahagun-5, Josh Campos-5, Matt Olson-5, Austin Pickens-4. Overall Record: 3-6.

La Vernia def. Uvalde, 51-36 (Hondo Tourney).

Bears: Points: Colby Sims-17, Dillon Pickens-8, Austin Pickens-6, Brian Escamilla-6, Forrest Jagge-5, Jose Sahagun-3, Josh Campos-2, Bryan Klar-2, Trevor Finch-2. Overall Record: 3-5.

Hondo def. La Vernia, 54-41 (Hondo Tourney).

Bears: Points: Colby Sims-14, Austin Pickens-10, Dillon Pickens-9, Dalton Dennehy-6, Bryan Klar-2. Overall Record: 2-5.

Poth def. La Vernia, 39-37

Bears: Points: Forrest Jagge-12, Austin Pickens-11, Colby Sims-5, Dillon Pickens-4, Josh Campos-3, Jose Sahagun-2. Overall Record: 2-4.


Floresville def. Hondo, 53-41 (Hondo Tourney).

Tigers: Points: Charlie Albert-15, Jaron Medina-13, Chris Albert-11, Estevan Mendiola-6, Andres Morales-4, Mason Ray-2, Darren Orth-2. Assists: Medina-6, Orth-3, Ray-2, Charlie Albert-1, Chris Albert-1, Mendiola-1. Rebounds: Charlie Albert-10, Ray-4, Morales-4, Chris Albert-3, Mendiola-3, Orth-3, Medina-2. Steals: Morales-3, Charlie Albert-2, Medina-2, Ray-1, Orth-1. Blocks: Charlie Albert-1, Chris Albert-1, Orth-1, Morales-1. Overall Record: 9-4.

Floresville def. La Vernia, 61-47 (Hondo Tourney).

Tigers: Points: Charlie Albert-19, Estevan Mendiola-14, Chris Albert-8, Mason Ray-6, Darren Orth-6, Jaron Medina-5, Andres Morales-2, Robert Barrera-1. Assists: Ray-3, Medina-3, Charlie Albert-2, Chris Albert-2, Mendiola-2, Orth-1. Rebounds: Morales-8, Charlie Albert-6, Chris Albert-4, Ray-4, Orth-4, Barrera-3, Mendiola-2. Steals: Ray-3, Chris Albert-2, Medina-2, Orth-2, Charlie Albert-1, Morales-1. Blocks: Charlie Albert-3, Chris Albert-1. Overall Record: 8-4.

Floresville def. Bandera, 76-44 (Hondo Tourney).

Tigers: Points: Estevan Mendiola-18, Mason Ray-13, Jaron Medina-13, Andres Morales-9, Charlie Albert-7, Chris Albert-7, Curtis Quillan-4, Robert Barrera-3, Darren Orth-2. Assists: Ray-7, Medina-6, Chris Albert-3, Charlie Albert-1, Mendiola-1, Orth-1, Morales-1, Quillan-1. Rebounds: Ray-11, Medina-6, Charlie Albert-5, Morales-4, Orth-3, Barrera-3, Chris Albert-2, Mendiola-2, Derek Moczygemba-1, Quillan-1. Steals: Chris Albert-2, Medina-2, Morales-2, Moczygemba-2, Charlie Albert-1, Mendiola-1, Ray-1, Barrera-1. Blocks: Charlie Albert-1, Morales-1. Overall Record: 7-4.

Floresville def. FEAST, 71-38 (Hondo Tourney).

Tigers: Points: Mason Ray-16, Jaron Medina-12, Charlie Albert-11, Estevan Mendiola-10, Chris Albert-8, Andres Morales-4, Derek Moczygemba-4, Darren Orth-2, Robert Barrera-2, Curtis Quillan-2. Assists: Medina-8, Charlie Albert-3, Ray-3, Mendiola-2, Moczygemba-2, Quillan-1. Rebounds: Charlie Albert-7, Orth-6, Morales-5, Ray-4, Barrera-4, Chris Albert-3, Quillan-3, Mendiola-2, Medina-2, Moczygemba-2. Steals: Chris Albert-4, Charlie Albert-1, Mendiola-1, Medina-1, Orth-1, Barrera-1, Moczygemba-1. Blocks: Chris Albert-2, Charlie Albert-1. Overall Record: 6-4.

Floresville def. Burbank, 68-48.

Tigers: Points: Estevan Mendiola-15, Charlie Albert-13, Jaron Medina-12, Mason Ray-8, Darren Orth-5, Derek Moczygemba-5, Andres Morales-4, Jared Kotzur-2, Chris Albert-2, Robert Berrera-2. Assists: Charlie Albert-4, Medina-4, Mendiola-3, Ray-3, Orth-2, Chris Albert-1, Moczygemba-1. Rebounds: Ray-6, Moczygemba-5, Charlie Albert-4, Mendiola-3, Orth-3, Chris Albert-2, Barrera-1, Curtis Quillan-1. Steals: Orth-3, Chris Albert-2, Barrera-2, Moczygemba-2, Charlie Albert-1, Mendiola-1. Blocks: Morales-3. Overall Record: 5-4.

East Central

Katy Seven Lakes def. East Central, 79-73 (SAISD Tourney).

Hornets: Points: Jalen Bowen-16, Ceddrick Ali-14, Brandon McClure-14, Christan Jones-13, Charles Chase-11, Jermaine Dotson-5. Overall Record: 10-7.

East Central def. Brackenridge, 87-59 (SAISD Tourney).

Hornets: Points: Brandon McClure-24, Ceddrick Ali-21, Jeremy Jones-10, Charles Chase-8, Albert Jimenez-8, Jermaine Dotson-6, Jalen Bowen-5, Wanya Ward-3, Christian Jones-2. Overall Record: 10-6.

East Central def. C.C. Moody, 87-55 (SAISD Tourney).

Hornets: Points: Jermaine Dotson-14, Brandon McClure-12, Willie Covington-10, Charles Chase-9, Armand Francois-6, Jeremy Jones-6, Jalen Bowen-5, Albert Jimenez-5, Ceddrick Ali-4, Christian Jones-4, Johnathan Jackson-4, Eric Ray-4, Wanya Ward-2, Marcus White-2. Overall Record: 9-6.

MacArthur def. East Central, 65-61 (SAISD Tourney).

Hornets: Points: Brandon McClure-16, Ceddrick Ali-10, Albert Jimenez-9, Armand Francois-7, Jermaine Dotson-6, Marcus White-6, Jeremy Jones-5, Willie Covington-2. Overall Record: 8-6.

East Central def. Marshall, 92-66

Hornets: Points: Ceddrick Ali-16, Marcus White-14, Brandon McClure-11, Albert Jimenez-9, Jermaine Dotson-8, Charles Chase-8, Jeremy Jones-7, Jalen Bowen-7, Willie Covington-4, Christian Jones-3. Overall Record: 8-5.

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