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Lost & Found

VideoMissing: Male Boxer, since evening of Jan. 4, Hwy. 97 West, rear of Promised Land Creamery, $500 REWARD. Call 830-391-2240 with information.
Lost: Female German Shepherd, about 2 years old, pink collar, lost from Hickory Hill/Great Oaks Subdivisions off FM 539, La Vernia, on Thurs., Feb. 4. Reward! 830-947-3465.
Found: Basset Hound, Hwy. 97 W./Hospital Blvd., Floresville. Call 830-391-2153 between 9 a.m.-11:30 p.m.
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Help Wanted

Seeking individual to work in a local child-care center, paid holidays, etc., must be high school grad or GED. Apply in person at Cubs Country Childcare, 212 FM 1346 in La Vernia.
Giggles and Smiles Learning Center now hiring teachers, must have high school diploma or GED, on job training, morning and afternoon shifts available. Inquire at 2000 10th St., Floresville, 830-393-3814.
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Area Basketball Scores

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January 16, 2013 | 1,969 views | Post a comment

Varsity Girls

Falls City

Falls City def. Yorktown, 87-40.

Beaverettes: Points: Kayla Kotara-16, Kayla Purcell-15, Haleigh Blocker-11, Hannah Lyssy-11, Kelsey Labus-9, Tiffany Dziuk-7, Kaelan Cheatham-6, Shaw Moy-5, Alyssa Dziuk-4, Alexis Sekula-2, Katie Johnson-1. District Record: 3-0. Overall Record: 21-4.

Falls City def. Three Rivers, 70-18.

Beaverettes: Points: Haleigh Blocker-17, Kaelan Cheatham-14, Kayla Kotara-9, Tiffany Dziuk-7, Quincey Olenick-5, Kelsey Labus-5, Alexis Sekula-4, Alyssa Dziuk-3, Shaw Moy-2, Kayla Purcell-2, Hannah Lyssy-2. District Record: 2-0. Overall Record: 20-4.


Poth def. Luling, 72-33.

Pirettes: Points: Ashley Fuller-17, Annika Eckel-11, Dominique DeHoyos-9, Micah Weaver-8, Justine Quintanilla-7, Kelli Kolodziej-6, Devon Dylla-6, Maha-4, Amanda Wauters-2, Danielle Felux-1, Madison Caloss-1. District Record: 6-0. Overall Record: 18-4.

Poth def. Stockdale, 77-32.

Pirettes: Points: Ashley Fuller-25, Micah Weaver-16, Devon Dylla-12, Kelli Kolodziej-7, Alyssa Kruse-6, Amanda Wauters-5, Dominique DeHoyos-4. District Record: 5-0. Overall Record: 17-4.


Stockdale v Schulenburg.

Lady Brahmas: No results or stats reported.

Poth def. Stockdale, 77-32.

Lady Brahmas: Points: Makaley Perez-9, Sarah Holguin-8, Kat Wehmeyer-6, Lashay Castro-5, Lauren Coston, Kristen Moore-2.


Hallettsville def. Nixon-Smiley, 57-54.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Alena Alvarez-15, Hailey Boatright-14, Savannah Martinez-8, Jennifer Flores-7, Abby Scarbrough-6, Megan Guerra-4. District Record: 3-3. Overall Record: 16-6.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Pleasanton, 59-21.

Lady Bears: Points: Brooke Martinez-11, Madison Towns-10, Taylor Penshorn-9, Kelsee Penshorn-8, Mackenzie Ford-7, Alisen Saenz-5, Autumn Light-4, Jennifer Skrzycki-3, Cat Reed-2. Assists: T. Penshorn-3, Ford-3, Light-1, K. Penshorn-1, Martinez-1. Rebounds: Towns-13, K. Penshorn-8, T. Penshorn-7, Shelby Ellis-4, Reed-2, Skrzycki-2, Saenz-2, Ford-1, Light-1, Martinez-1. Steals: T. Penshorn-4, Ford-4, K. Penshorn-4, Martinez-2, Reed-1, Towns-1, Ellis-1. Blocks: Light-2, Martinez-2, Ellis-1. District Record: 1-2. Overall Record: 15-9.

Somerset def. La Vernia, 50-49.

Lady Bears: Points: Mackenzie Ford-12, Autumn Light-12, Taylor Penshorn-7, Brooke Martinez-7, Madison Towns-6, Kelsee Penshorn-4. Assists: Light-2, T. Penshorn-1, Martinez-1. Rebounds: Towns-16, T. Penshorn-14, K. Penshorn-3, Martinez-2, Jennifer Skrzycki-1. Steals: Light-5, Towns-3, Ford-2, K. Penshorn-2, Martinez-2, T. Penshorn-1. Blocks: Light-1. District Record: 0-2. Overall Record: 14-9.


Floresville def. Medina Valley, 65-47.

Jaguars: Points: Liesel Raabe-18, Payton Cannon-16, Shelby Leinneweber-15, De Havalan Watts-10, Lauren Trevino-5, Amber Wasicek-2. Assists: Trevino-3, Raabe-3, Cannon-2, Wasicek-1, Watts-1. Rebounds: Leinneweber-8, Cannon-7, Kristyn Coldewey-6, Raabe-6, Ashley Hoelscher-3, Trevino-2, Wasicek-2. Steals: Leinneweber-4, Cannon-3, Wasicek-2, Trevino-1, Watts-1.

Floresville def. Uvalde, 63-29.

Jaguars: Points: De Havalan Watts-16, Liesel Raabe-14, Shelby Leinneweber-10, Payton Cannon-8, Kristyn Coldewey-8, Ashley Hoelscher-4, Lauren Trevino-2, Ashlyn Laskowski-1. Assists: Trevino-1, Cannon-1, Leinneweber-1. Rebounds: Leinneweber-8, Coldewey-7, Hoelscher-6, Watts-5, Laskowski-3, Jordan Felan-3, Cannon-3, Trevino-2, Raabe-2, Amber Wasicek-1. Steals: Watts-4, Cannon-3, Raabe-3, Hoelscher-3, Trevino-1, Felan-1, Coldewey-1, Wasicek-1. Blocks: Coldewey-1, Leinneweber-1.

East Central

C.C. Carroll def. East Central, 95-51.

Lady Hornets: Points: Briana Sanders-Easley-10, Laura Silva-8, Claudia Flores-8, Azaria Nave-7, Na’Kia Reid-6, Ariel Allen-5, Janik Alexander-Smith-5, Rebecca Olvera-2. Assists: Sanders-Easley-2, Reid-2, Nave-1, Olvera-1. Rebounds: Sanders-Easley-5, Nave-4, Silva-4, Alexander-Smith-3, Reid-2, Olvera-1. Steals: Reid-4, Olvera-3, Alexander-Smith-3, Sanders-Easley-2. District Record: 1-2. Overall Record: 10-14.

C.C. King def. East Central, 50-31.

Lady Hornets: Points: Azaria Nave-12, Brandi Campos-4, Laura Silva-4, Briana Sanders-Easley-3, Na’Kia Reid-3, Janik Alexander-Smith-3, Monique Thomas-1. District Record: 1-1. Overall Record: 10-13.

Varsity Boys

Falls City

Yorktown def. Falls City, 60-59.

Beavers: Points: Stephen Harlos-15, Zach Jimerson-12, Dylan Cheatham-7, Gabe Jimerson-6, Dean Gaskamp-5, Cody Houdmann-5, Luke Jimerson-4, Royce Leonhardt-2, William Stolle-2, Eric Wiatrek-1. Assists: Phillip Lyssy-3, Z. Jimerson-2, G. Jimerson-2, Cheatham-1, Harlos-1, L. Jimerson-1, Houdmann-1. Rebounds: Harlos-10, Cheatham-8, G. Jimerson-7, Gaskamp-6, L. Jimerson-6, Stolle-5, Leonhardt-4, Lyssy-3, Wiatrek-3, Houdmann-2, Z. Jimerson-1. Steals: Lyssy-4, L. Jimerson-3, Gaskamp-2, Z. Jimerson-1, Wiatrek-1, Stolle-1, G. Jimerson-1. Blocks: Cheatham-1, Gaskamp-1, Houdmann-1. District Record: 0-1. Overall Record: 2-4.

D’Hanis def. Falls City, 57-44.

Beavers: Points: Dylan Cheatham-10, Stephen Harlos-7, Luke Jimerson-6, Zach Jimerson-5, Eric Wiatrek-5, Dean Gaskamp-4, Cody Houdmann-4, Phillip Lyssy-2, Royce Leonhardt-1. Assists: Houdmann-3, Wiatrek-2, Lyssy-1, Leonhardt-1, L. Jimerson-1, Tyler Moore-1, Z. Jimerson-1. Rebounds: Cheatham-14, Gaskamp-4, L. Jimerson-4, Lyssy-3, Leonhardt-3, Z. Jimerson-3, Houdmann-3, Wiatrek-2, Harlos-1. Steals: L. Jimerson-4, Lyssy-3, Wiatrek-2, Moore-1, Z. Jimerson-1, Houdmann-1. Blocks: Cheatham-1, Wiatrek-1. Overall Record: 2-3.


Poth def. Luling, 65-46.

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-31, Seth Dunn-12, Brett Kotara-10, Dillon Zaiontz-5, Dylan Sefcik-5, Spencer Flieller-2.

Stockdale def. Poth, 51-47.

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-14, Dylan Sefcik-8, Jerrek Hosek-7, Dillon Zaiontz-6, Seth Dunn-6, Brett Kotara-4, Marcos Guevara-2.


Stockdale v. Schulenburg.

Brahmas: No score or stats reported.

Stockdale def. Poth, 51-47.

Brahmas: Points: Josh Vela-20, Robert Bischak-14, Tristan Marquez-7, Tanner Maxwell-5, Taylor Deason-4, Matt Valadez-1.


Hallettsville def. Nixon-Smiley, 44-43.

Mustangs: Points: Samuel Moore-13, Garrett Earlywine-10, Tristan Newman-5, Nick Pena-5, Jared Van Auken-4, Matt Finch-4, Victor Evans-2.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Pleasanton, 47-26.

Bears: No stats reported.

Devine def. La Vernia, 51-46.

Bears: Points: Colby Sims-16, Austin Pickens-12, Dillon Pickens-8, Josh Campos-3, Forrest Jagge-3, Brian Escamilla-2, Bryan Klar-2.


Floresville def. Medina Valley, 59-33.

Tigers: Points: Charlie Albert-13, Estevan Mendiola-10, Mason Ray-9, Jaron Medina-9, Vernon Marsh-8, Derek Moczygemba-4, Darren Orth-2, Austin Villanueva-2, Curtis Quillan-2. Assists: Orth-2, Moczygemba-2, Albert-1, Medina-1, Villanueva-1. Rebounds: Albert-9, Ray-8, Mendiola-6, Andres Morales-4, Orth-3, Moczygemba-3, Marsh-2, Robert Berrera-2, Medina-1, Quillan-1. Steals: Medina-3, Orth-3, Moczygemba-3, Mendiola-2, Ray-2, Albert-1, Marsh-1, Villanueva-1. Blocks: Albert-4, Morales-1. District Record: 4-1. Overall Record: 16-8.

Floresville def. Uvalde, 72-53.

Tigers: Points: Estevan Mendiola-17, Charlie Albert-14, Jaron Medina-13, Vernon Marsh-10, Darren Orth-6, Ray Mason-6, Andres Morales-3, Derek Moczygemba-3. Assists: Albert-3, Ray-2, Orth-2, Moczygemba-2, Mendiola-1 Medina-1. Rebounds: Albert-7, Mendiola-3, Ray-2, Marsh-2, Orth-2, Robert Berrera-2, Morales-2, Medina-1, Moczygemba-1, Austin Villanueva-1. Steals: Moczygemba-5, Albert-3, Mendiola-2, Ray-2, Orth-2, Morales-1, Villanueva-1. Blocks: Albert-1, Orth-1, Morales-1. District Record: 3-1. Overall Record: 15-8.

East Central

C.C. Carroll def. East Central, 73-62.

Hornets: Points: Jermaine Dotson-25, Ceddrick Ali-16, Brandon McClure-5, Albert Jimenez-5, Charles Chase-4, Jalen Bowman-3, Jeremy Jones-2, Willie Covington-2. District Record: 0-1. Overall Record: 14-10.


Falls City -- girls

Falls City JV def. Yorktown JV, 49-7.

Beaverettes: Points: Taylor Moy-11, Grace Dzuik-11, Chloe Wilson-6, Taylor Dziuk-4, Sara Moore-3, Taylor Mabe-3, Sydney Elkins-3, Madison Hartmann-2, Jennifer Pruski-2, Tessa Jendrusch-2, Abby Lubbock-2.

Falls City JV def. Three Rivers JV, 41-22.

Beaverettes: Points: Madison Hartmann-15, Grace Dzuik-11, Chloe Wilson-5, Taylor Moy-3, Jennifer Pruski-3, Abby Lubbock-2.

Floresville - girls

Floresville JV def. Medina Valley JV, 54-47.

Floresville freshmen def. Medina Valley freshmen, 53-39.

Floresville JV def. Uvalde JV, 51-13.

Floresville Freshmen def. Uvalde Freshmen, 54-3.

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