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Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014
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On the Road to Forever: Which side is up?

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On the Road to Forever
January 30, 2013 | 2230 views | Post a comment

I think the world has flipped its lid and it’s getting harder every day to keep from thinking and acting like the world. Newspapers are nearly void of believable, comprehensive information, and television news is full of people who could be in trouble for their alleged actions in this or that. The truth about anything is generally buried in so much political correctness it takes a Ph.D. to unravel the nomenclature. My selection of two dozen, out of 200, television channels, seems to be narrowing as the “idiot box” becomes more like a carnival sideshow every new season. Paul Harvey warned that we are becoming a nation of people well-educated beyond our intelligence. I say if we keep homogenizing everything there’ll be no cream of the crop to float to the top anymore. Non-monetary goals and moral responsibilities are fading with our once-bright youth who have their brains swimming in an electronic fantasy. . . .

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