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Lost & Found

Found: Basset Hound, Hwy. 97 W./Hospital Blvd., Floresville. Call 830-391-2153 between 9 a.m.-11:30 p.m.
Lost: Female German Shepherd, about 2 years old, pink collar, lost from Hickory Hill/Great Oaks Subdivisions off FM 539, La Vernia, on Thurs., Feb. 4. Reward! 830-947-3465.
Bear, please come home! Missing since October 22, 2014, black Manx cat (no tail), shy. Reward! Help him find his way home. 210-635-7560.
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Help Wanted

Cattle secretary needed for pre-conditioning yard, experience preferred but not required. Fax resume to 830-393-9510.
Experienced Heavy Equipment CDL driver, Class A with air brake endorsements, $18+ depending on experience, must have a clean driving record and must pass background and drug/alcohol test. Email resume to
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March 13, 2013 | 2,163 views | Post a comment


Falls City

No scores or stats reported


Schulenburg def. Poth, 13-9.

Blanco def. Poth, 21-0. Stockdale

No scores or stats reported


Kenedy def. Nixon-Smiley (George West Tourney), 20-3.

Karnes City def. Nixon-Smiley (George West Tourney), 21-6.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Yoakum, 10-7.

Lady Bears: Runs: Kenzie Conner-2, Sage Martinez-2, Johnna Sturm-2, Kara Myrick-2, Rebecka Rios-1, Alisen Saenz-1. RBIs: Martinez-3, Rios-1, Sturm-1, Saenz-1. Hits: Martinez-2, Rios-2, Sturm-2 (2 doubles), Myrick-2 (1 double), Morgan Mikes-1, Saenz-1. Stolen bases: Conner-1, Martinez-1, Sturm-1. Pitching: Mikes-4 strikeouts, 2 earned runs; Rene Cummings-2 strikeouts, 2 walks; Mackinley Zimmerie(Win)-1 strikeout.


Floresville def. Southside, 16-4.

Jaguars: No stats reported.

Floresville def. Kennedy, 10-0.

Jaguars: Runs: Kaitlin Montoya-3, Krysta Ortiz-2, Mandy Gusme-1, Tracy Ramos-1, Kasey Tieken-1, Kayla Garza-1, Mercedes Uriegas-1. RBIs: Montoya-2, Ramos-2, Garza-2, Ortiz-2, Uriegas-2, Gusme-1. Hits: Montoya-3 (1 double), Ortiz-3, Ramos-2, Garza-2, Brieanna Pizana-2, Uriegas-2 (2 doubles), Gusme-1, Tieken-1. Pitching: Montoya(Win)-5 strikeouts.

Floresville def. Devine, 5-1.

Jaguars: Runs: Kayla Garza-2, Kaitlin Montoya-1, Kasey Tieken-1, Brieanna Pizana-1. RBIs: Mandy Gusme-1, Tieken-1, Garza-1, Pizana-1. Hits: Garza-3 (1 double), Montoya-2, Gusme-2 (1 double), Mercedes Uriegas-2, Tieken-1, Pizana-1 (double). Pitching: Montoya (Win)-8 strikeouts, 2 walks, 1 earned run.

Clemens def. Floresville, 4-1.

Jaguars: Runs: Kasey Tieken-2. RBIs: Kaitlin Montoya-1. Hits: Tieken-2 (1 double), Montoya-1 (double), Brieanna Pizana-1, Krysta Ortiz-1.Pitching: Mercedes Uriegas (Loss)-2 strikeouts, 1 walk, 4 earned runs.

Lehman def. Floresville, 6-5.

Jaguars: Runs: Kaitlin Montoya-1, Mandy Gusme-1, Kasey Tieken-1, Miranda Castro-1, Mercedes Uriegas-1. RBIs: Gusme-1, Kayla Garza-1. Hits: Montoya-4 (1 double), Garza-3, Gusme-2, Tracy Ramos-2, Tieken-2 (1 double), Kayla Rizten-1 (double), Uriegas-1. Pitching: Uriegas (Loss)-2 strikeouts, 2 walks, 5 earned runs.

Floresville def. Highlands, 12-2.

Jaguars: Runs: Mandy Gusme-3, Raven Gomez-2, Tracy Ramos-2, Kasey Tieken-1, Kayla Rizten-1, Kayla Garza-1, Mercedes Castro-1, Mercedes Uriegas-1. RBIs: Kaitlin Montoya-3, Rizten-3, Gomez-2, Tieken-1. Hits: Ramos-3, Montoya-2 (1 double), Gomez-2 (1 double), Gusme-2, Tieken-2, Rizten-2, Garza-1, Uriegas-1. Pitching: Montoya (Win)-4 strikeouts, 2 walks, 2 earned runs.

Floresville def. Poteet, 11-1.

Jaguars: Runs: Kasey Tieken-2, Brieanna Pizana-2, Krysta Ortiz-2, Kaitlin Montoya-1, Mandy Gusme-1, Tracy Ramos-1, Kayla Garza-1, Miranda Castro-1. RBIs: Carla Ross-2, Ramos-1, Garza-1, Castro-1, Pizana-1, Ortiz-1. Hits: Oritz-2, Montoya-1 (double), Ross-1 (double), Tieken-1 (double), Castro-1 (double), Pizana-1 (double). Pitching: Montoya (Win)-9 strikeouts, 1 earned run.

East Central

East Central def. Brackenridge, 14-2.


Falls City

Kenedy def. Falls City, 20-1.

Woodsboro def. Falls City, 10-2.


No scores or stats reported.


Stockdale def. Flatonia, 16-8.

Brahmas: Runs: Miguel Marquez-4, Mike Opela-3, Tristan Marquez-2, Travis Lansford-2, Bandy Larison-2, Josh Vela-1, Taylor Deason-1, Matt Hartman-1. RBIs: Gage Haley-3, Vela-1, M. Marquez-1. Hits: M. Marquez-3 (1 triple, 1 double), Deason-3 (1 double), Vela-2, Opela-2, Lansford-2, Haley-2 (1 double), Larison-2, T. Marquez-1, Jesse Opela-1. Stolen bases: Dusty Mosier-1. Pitching: Haley (Win)-2 strikeouts, 2 walks, 3 earned runs; J. Opela-1 strikeout, 2 earned runs; Larison-1 earned run.

East Bernard def. Stockdale, 19-2.

Brahmas: Runs: Miguel Marquez-1, Gage Haley-1. Hits: M. Marquez-1, Tristan Marquez-1, Haley-1 (triple). Pitching: Jesse Opela-4 strikeouts, 6 earned runs. T. Marquez (Loss)-3 walks, 6 earned runs.

Stockdale def. Fayetteville, 13-2.

Brahmas: Runs: Dusty Mosier-2, Tristan Marquez-2, Travis Lansford-2, Jesse Opela-2, Gage Haley-2, Josh Vela-1, Mike Opela-1, Miguez Marquez-1, Taylor Deason-1. RBIs: M. Marquez-3, M. Opela-2, Haley-2, Deason-1, J. Opela-1, Bandy Larison-1. Hits: M. Marquez-3 (1 double), Haley-3, Deason-2 (1 double), Vela-2, M. Opela-2, Lansford-2, Larison-2. Stolen bases: Mosier-4, Haley-4, M. Opela-2, Vela-1, Lansford-1. Pitching: Larison (Win)-8 strikeouts, 3 walks. T. Marquez-2 strikeouts.

Sacred Heart def. Stockdale, 10-9.

Brahmas: Runs: Gage Haley-4, Mike Opela-3, Miguel Marquez-2. RBIs: Taylor Deason-2, Haley-2, Josh Vela-1, Bandy Larison-1. Hits: M. Opela-3 (1 triple), Haley-3 (1 triple), M. Marquez-1, Deason-1, Travis Lansford-1, Larison-1. Stolen bases: Haley-3, M. Opela-2, Dusty Mosier-1. Pitching: M. Opela-5 strikeouts, 2 walks, 3 earned runs; Tristan Marquez (Loss)-2 strikeouts, 3 walks, 3 earned runs.

Shiner def. Stockdale, 2-1.

Brahmas: Runs: Mike Opela-1. Hits: Miguel Marquez-2. Stolen bases: M. Marquez-1. Pitching: Tristan Marquez (Loss)-5 strikeouts, 2 walks.

Stockdale def. Skidmore-Tynan, 15-2.

Brahmas: Runs: Dusty Mosier-2, Josh Vela-1, Miguel Marquez-1, Taylor Deason-1, Gage Haley-1, Bandy Larison-1, Matt Hartman-1, Aaron Wallace-1. RBIs: Vela-1, M. Marquez-1, Deason-1, Tristan Marquez-1, Larison-1. Hits: Haley-3 (1 triple, 1 double), Mike Opela-2, M. Marquez-2 (1 triple), Deason-2, T. Marquez-2, Travis Lansford-1, Jesse Opela-1, Larison-1, Vela-1. Stolen bases: T. Marquez-2, Hartman-2, Vela-1, M. Marquez-1, Mosier-1, Lansford-1, Haley-1, Wallace-1. Pitching: M. Opela (Win)-12 strikeouts, 2 walks, 2 earned runs.

Stockdale def. Yorktown, 17-3.

Brahmas: Runs: Josh Vela-2, Dusty Mosier-2, Tristan Marquez-2, Travis Lansford-2, Levi Scriven-2, Gage Haley-2, Bandy Larison-2, Miguel Marquez-1, Taylor Deason-1, Aaron Wallace-1. RBIs: Haley-3, M. Marquez-2, Lansford-2, Larison-2, Vela-1, T. Marquez-1, Jesse Opela-1. Hits: Lansford-3, Haley-3, Larison-3, J. Opela-2, Scriven-2, T. Marquez-2, Vela-1, M. Marquez-1, Deason-1. Stolen bases: Mosier-2, M. Marquez-1, Lansford-1, Scriven-1, Haley-1. Pitching: J. Opela-4 strikeouts, 1 earned run; Haley (Win)-3 strikeouts, 1 earned run; Hartman-5 strikeouts, 1 walk, 1 earned run.

Stockdale def. Home School, 7-2.

Brahmas: Runs: Miguel Marquez-2, Taylor Deason-1, Levi Scriven-1, Gage Haley-1, Aaron Wallace-1, Curtis George-1. RBIs: Jesse Opela-2, Haley-2, Bandy Larison-2, Deason-1. Hits: Larison-3, Deason-2, J. Opela-2, M. Marquez-1, Haley-1 (double). Stolen bases: M. Marquez-2. Pitching: Larison (Win)-8 strikeouts, 2 walks, 2 earned runs.


Karnes City def. Nixon-Smiley, 16-4.

Mustangs: Runs: Jacob Perez-1, Nick Pena-1, Tom Palacio-1, Oscar Torres-1. RBIs: Jared Van Auken-1, Darren Kaluza-1, Raul Tovar-1. Hits: Van Auken-1, Pena-1, Palacio-1. Torres-1. Stolen bases: Van Auken-1, Palacio-1. Pitching: Pena-1 strikeout, 3 walks, 1 earned run; Tovar (Loss)-1 strikeout, 1 walk, 9 earned runs.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Devine, 8-2.

La Vernia def. Poteet, 11-0.

Bears: Runs: Rudy Mendoza-2, Justin Trevino-2, Justus Parker-2, Colby Sims-1, Drake Bruner-1, Dylan Tuten-1, Christian Bruce-1. RBIs: Anthony Sherrard-2, Parker-2, Colby Skelton-1, Cody Cook-1, Dylan Tuten-1. Hits: Parker-2, Sherrard-1, Skelton-1, Tuten-1. Stolen bases: Mendoza-1, Trevino-1, Skelton-1, Parker-1, Bruce-1. Pitching: Austin Preiss (Win)-5 strikeouts, 2 walks; Sherrard-1 strikeout.

La Vernia def. Southside, 10-0.

Bears: Runs: Rudy Mendoza-2, Colby Skelton-2, Justus Parker-2, Drake Bruner-1, Cody Cook-1, Dylan Tuten-1, Christian Bruce-1. RBIs: Anthony Sherrard-3, Mendoza-1, Bruner-1, Justin Trevino-1, Skelton-1, Tuten-1, Bruce-1. Hits: Colton Parrish-2 (1 triple, 1 double), Mendonza-1 (double), Sherrard-1, Bruner-1, Skelton-1 (double), Tuten-1, Bruce-1. Stolen bases: Mendoza-1, Bruner-1. Pitching: Troy Lyssy (Win)-3 strikeouts, 1 walk.

Cuero def. La Vernia, 13-7.

Bears: Runs: Colby Sims-2, Justin Trevino-1, Cody Cook-1, Justus Parker-1, Dylan Tuten-1. RBIs: Parker-5, Colby Skelton-1, Tuten-1. Hits: Parker-3 (1 home run, 1 double), Sims-2 (1 double), Skelton-2, Parrish-1 (double), Tuten-1. Stolen bases: Trevino-1, Parker-1. Pitching: Skelton (Loss)-3 strikeouts, 5 walks, 5 earned runs; Parker-1 strikeout, 2 walks, 4 earned runs.


Lytle def. Floresville, 7-6.

Tigers: Runs: Neil Frucht-2, Aaron Laskowski-1, Jared Kotzur-1, Luke Smith-1, Matt Pollok-1. RBIs: Roby Pennartz-1, Carlos Arredondo-1, Nick Sifuentes-1. Hits: Pennartz-1, Frucht-1, Sifuentes-1. Stolen bases: Laskowski-1, Frucht-1. Pitching: Smith (Loss)-3 strikeouts, 4 walks, 1 earned run.

Floresville def. Natalia, 6-2.

Tigers: Runs: Kyle Bippert-2, Roby Pennartz-1, Daniel Ramirez-1, Luke Smith-1, Brandon Whiteside-1. RBIs: Pennartz-1, Aaron Laskowski-1, Matt Pollok-1. Hits: Smith-3, Pennartz-1, Bippert-1, Laskowski-1, Pollok-1. Stolen bases: Pennartz-1, Bippert-1, Ramirez-1, Neil Frucht-1, Pollok-1. Pitching: Pennartz (Win)-8 strikeouts, 3 walks, 2 earned runs.

Marion def. Floresville, 6-1.

Tigers: Runs: Neil Frucht-1. Hits: Carlos Arredondo-2, Kyle Bippert-1, Daniel Ramirez-1, Frucht-1. Pitching: Nick Sifuentes (Loss)-3 strikeouts, 4 walks, 2 earned runs.

Floresville def. St. Anthony, 8-1.

Tigers: Runs: Mark Livesay-2, Neil Frucht-2, Luke Smith-2, Carlos Arredondo-1, Daniel Ramirez-1. RBIs: Kyle Bippert-2, Arredondo-2, Frucht-1, Matt Pollok-1. Hits: Bippert-3, Arredondo-2, Ramirez-2 (2 doubles), Livesay-2, Frucht-2, Smith-1, Pollok-1. Stolen bases: Smith-2, Bippert-1, Arredondo-1, Livesay-1. Pitching: Frucht (Win)-9 strikeouts, 1 walk.

East Central

East Central tie Alamo Heights, 6-6.

East Central tie Clemens, 7-7.

Roosevelt def. East Central, 8-5.

East Central def. Jefferson, 4-1.

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