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Lost: Pit Bull, red/white female, off 319 and Hidden Deer in La Vernia, no collar, sores on front legs from allergies. 210-310-4458.
Lost: Black manx cat (no tail), neutered male, medium build, shy, answers to Bear. Reward! 210-635-7560.
If you are missing a pet in Floresville, be sure to check the Floresville holding facility. Animals are only kept for 3 days. Contact Las Lomas K-9 Rescue, 830-581-8041.
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Floresville area, looking for delivery drivers, stockers, etc.; must have good driving record, no CDL required, must be able to back up trailers using side mirrors only, able to lift and carry 40 lbs., must have dependable transportation and cell phone, sometimes willing to work 10 or more hours, two days off per week, but willing to work if asked. Call 210-723-6939.
Hiring electrician helper, no experience needed. Apply in person, Mon.-Fri. from 8:30-4, 14275 IH-10 E., Schertz, TX 78154.
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On The Road To Forever

Get on the ball

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On the Road to Forever
March 20, 2013 | 1,698 views | Post a comment

A golfer’s ball landed on an extremely large anthill. Instead of moving the ball, he decided to hit it where it lay. After a mighty swing, with dirt and ants flying through the air, the golf ball lay exactly in the same place. He swung three more times with the same results. Two ants had survived the onslaught. One dazed ant asked the other, “What are we going to do?” His fellow ant replied, “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to get on the ball!” Getting on the ball can express escape from several things, but we most probably relate it to the unwanted wrath of a supervisor or boss. It has its own chat-speak acronym, GOTB, which also covers “Get On The Bus,” meaning get on board or you might get left behind. Anyway, according to the Urban Dictionary, to get “on the ball” is to improve one’s present performance. “Tom is too lazy. He needs to get on the ball.” “Whoa! This job is scheduled to be finished by noon tomorrow. I better get on the ball!” As a side note, it’s NASCAR season, the only sport still true to itself, and where one still gets paid for one’s personal performance. I think it was Junior Johnson, NASCAR driver, car owner, and crew chief, who once told driver Darrell Waltrip, “Boy! You best get up on that wheel ...,” meaning he didn’t think Waltrip was using the full potential of the car. He needed to go beyond what he was doing and squeeze every ounce of performance out of the car and himself.

I think Americans have lost the will to “get’er done” so to speak. We’re waking up victims of the day before and looking for someone to blame for our own incompetence. And if we can’t find someone to blame, alcohol, drugs, and violence have become a perfectly reasonable substitute. If, as a country, we don’t get on the ball and lift ourselves out of the selfish, irresponsible cesspool we’re in, we’ll not only lose what’s left of the family, we’ll also lose what’s left of God and country. It’s time to GOTB.

An old evangelist was discussing life with another man and how he might improve his lifestyle. “You know,” answered the wayward fellow, “for a long time now I’ve been aiming to do that.” “Well,” said the preacher, “quit aiming and start shooting.”

[Jeremiah 8:4-22] No matter how hard some of us might try, we can never get through this life alone. We not only need one another for physical support, we need our Creator for spiritual support. No one knows me like me, and I don’t want you to know everything about me, because you won’t understand. And no one knows me like God knows me, and He understands. Most birds sleep perched on a limb and do not fall. When I sleep there is no rhyme or reason as I move around on the bed occupying several positions throughout the night. Birds don’t fall from their perch because of the unique way God made them. The tendons in a bird’s legs are so constructed that when the leg is bent at the knee, the claws grip like a steel trap. The claws will not let go until the knee is unbent. How can we become the person God intended us to be? With a bended knee that will not let go of God. How will we escape the perverse generation in which we live? On bended knee. When the winds of temptation, trial, and tribulation blow, when the storms of heartache and illness threaten, bend your knee and grip the grace of God. As we look at the age we are living in, (v.20) “The harvest has past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved.” It’s time to get on the ball, to be responsible for our own actions. It’s time to bend our knees and ask God for guidance and wisdom.

Thomas W. Bonham is an associate minister with the Floresville Church of Christ. Email him at Find his column on his blog at
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