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Reb's Race Report

ASCS Gulf South Sprint Cars/ 7th Annual Steve Tomlinson Memorial, presented by Apollo Towing @ South

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May 30, 2013 | 2,517 views | Post a comment

Corpus Christi, TX.,(May 26th, 2013) After losing their regular Saturday night racing program to Mother Nature, South Texas Speedway crews worked to get the Sunday portion of their Memorial Dayweekend show in. They were up to the task getting the track, pits and parking areas ready for the ASCS Gulf South Sprint Car Series, as well as the SteveTomlinson Memorial for Limited Modifieds.

As has been the tradition for the past seven years, South Texas Speedway honors not only all our military that have passed, but southTexas racer, Steve Tomlinson who tragically lost his life at the speedway. It was a packed house as all the cars made a parade lap with our flag flying high. During intermission the ASCS drivers went through the crowd passing the helmet to help the Gastineau and Schnackenburg families who lost everything in theMoore, Okla. tornados.

Besides the ASCS Sprint Cars and Limited Modifieds, the Limited Late Models, Econo-Mods, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Sport Compacts were in action on the 1Ž4 mile, banked track just outside Corpus Christi.

Right Place for Reutzel to Grab Win
Former Gulf South champ, Aaron Reutzel(Clute) was in the right place to capitalize on the misfortune of Channin Tankersley. After three times at a start, Tankersley grabbed the early lead and quickly caught lapped traffic. Tankersley had to split the spinning cars of Roger Oakes and TylerEdwards, but ended up with suspension damage.

This handed the lead to Reutzel on the ensuing restart. Reutzel was tailed by multi-time Gulf South champion, Ray Allen Kulhanek. Kulhanek mounted a couple challenges, but traffic and pressure from BrandonBerryman left Reutzel to cruise to the victory.

It wasn’t easy getting the 25-lap, 19-car feature underway when the initial start was called off due to a jump start that outBeau Smith back a row. On the second try it got worse when Ryan Beechler jumped a tire in the pack, turned sideways and collected several cars in the melee. The third time was a charm with Tankersley grabbing the point chased by Reutzel, Kulhanek, Smith and Tommy Bryant.

Tankersley had just start to ease away when he tried to avoid spinning cars and suffered damage that ended his night. Soon after the green waved, Bryant slapped the front stretch wall and ricocheted back across the field collecting Jimmy Brooks who went for a tumble to bring out a red.Both drivers were alright after being checked out by EMS crews.

Finally back under green, Reutzel and Kulhanek broke away from the back while Berryman, who went to the back after getting caught up in the starting crash, got past Klint Angelette for fourth. Kulhanek got held up by lappers losing contact with Reutzel and allowing Smith to run him down.

Just past halfway Reutzel was briefly slowed by heavy traffic, but Kulhanek couldn’t close ground, and Berryman reeled in Smith. Blake Hahn brought out a final yellow when he had problems and stopped, erasing Reutzel’s big lead. With a lapped car as a buffer, Reutzel got ahead on Kulhanek quickly.

Berryman used the restart to pick off third from Smith and wasted little time tracking down Kulhanek for second. With two laps to go Reutzel had rebuilt a margin over the second place fight. Reutzel went unchallenged to the checkers in his Wren Motorsports, Jones & Hadley Body Shop, Frakey’s Cleaners, Bledsoe Motorsports, TJ’s Lube Shop, Triple X Chassis.

ASCS Gulf South Sprint Cars
87 Aaron Reutzel, 21t Ray Allen Kulhanek, 31 Brandon Berryman, 51 Beau Smith, 19 Klint Angelette, 69 Larry Howery, 66 JJ Simmons, 24 Brandie Jass, 0 Tyler Edwards, 17t Bruce Griffith, 7w Dustin Welch, 17 Blake Hahn, 52 Roger Oakes, 28 Tommy Bryant, 5 Jimmy Brooks, 71 Channin Tankersley, 6 Ryan Beechler, 15t Travis Elliott, 15 Andy VanBlarcum, 02 Harry Yerrington---DNS

ASCS heats(top 14 in passing points transfer)
Heat 1; 87 Aaron Reutzel, 21t Ray Allen Kulhanek, 71 Channin Tankersley, 66 JJ Simmons, 15 Andy VanBlarcum, 17 Blake Hahn, 12m Kolt Walker, 0 Tyler Edwards---DNS

Heat 2; 28 Tommy Bryant, 6 Ryan Beechler, 31 Brandon Berryman, 24 Brandi Jass, 69 Larry Howery, 15t Travis Elliott, 52 Roger Oakes, 92 Tony Russell

Heat 3; 51 Beau Smith, 19 Klint Angelette, 7w Dustin Welch, 17t Bruce Griffith, 02 Harry Yerrington, 5B Trevor Barr, 5 Jimmy Brooks

ASCS B-main(top 6 transfer)
17 Blake Hahn, 15 Andy VanBlarcum, 52 Roger Oakes, 5 Jimmy Brooks, 0 Tyler Edwards, 02 Harry Yerrington, 5b Trevor Barr, 12m Kolt Walker, 92 Tony Russell---DNS

Maiden Voyage for Mikulencak Takes Limited Modified Cash
Some people debuting a new chassis can take days, weeks, months to get a handle on the set up. It took Corpus Christi veteran, Lawrence Mikulencak no time what-so-ever. Mikulencak, in his brand new BMF Chassis by John Heil, grabbed the lead on lap 2 from Eddy Ross.

Mikulencak, running the bottom, got pressure from Mickey Helms up top just as caution waved. Mikulencak changed his line after the restart to hold Helms at bay. Helms and Kris Rye were able to close in the final laps as Mikulencak battled slower cars and a hot motor, but it was Mikulencak holding on for the win.

It was a 26-car field that took the green for the 7th Annual Steve Tomlinson Memorial with Ross leading into turn 1. Helms was trying on the outside, with Mikulencak, Bobby Maupin and K. Rye hugging the bottom. Helms was still up top occupying Ross when Mikulencak dove low going three wide to snag the top spot on lap 2.

On a restart, with Mikulencak inching ahead, Ross, Helms and Maupin were three wide for second. By lap 10 Mikulencak had built a half straight lead over Ross who held a gap back to Helms, Maupin and K. Rye whograbbed fourth in traffic. A multi-car tangle in turn 2 involving James Droddy, Robby Minten, James Lee and Hector Aguirre slowed the action and took away Mikulencak’s lead.

Maupin broke on the restart while Helms took second from Ross and K. Rye battled with Chuck Perry for fourth. Helms ran down Mikulencak for the lead and was taking a look on the high side when Ray Schaalman spun to bring out a caution. Back under green, Mikulencak moved up a lane as he, Helms and K. Rye put distance on Perry, Ross, Brian Rye and Dale Flanagan.

In the final five laps Mikulencak had to battle lapped cars and a hot motor. This gave Helms and K. Rye the opportunity to close the gap. With two to go both were within striking distance as the top three diced through traffic. At the checkers it was Mikulencak, in the Ace Transmissions, Young’s Auto Repair, BMF Shocks & Chassis, hanging on. Helms just nipped K. Rye at the line to hold on to second.

“It worked out real well,” said Mikulencak. “The new car worked real good. It’s been good since we put it on the track. I’ve raced these cars long enough that I knew when I looked at it that it would be right, and it was built right and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t win. We know what we’ve been running with springs and shocks. I worked better than I expected right off the bat.”

“I build my own motors. I build a $4,500 motor that you’re supposed to run in these cars. I don’t know why anyone needs a $9,500 motor. I don’t know how you can spend that much for these cars.”

“Mickey(Helms) let me know the high side was better, before he got all the way around me. I’m just lucky I didn’t get passed before I moved up there. It was way better up on top.”

“I don’t know if I’m more nervous out leading a race, or watching my son race. I’ll have to think about that. Really I don’t get nervous and as long as he doesn’t hurt out there racing I’m good with it. Of course I cheer for him and its enjoyable watching him race. He and I won together a few weeks ago.”

Steve Tomlinson Memorial
Lone Star Welding Limited Modifieds
87 Lawrence Mikulencak, 74 Mickey Helms, 4$ Kris Rye, 115 Chuck Perry, 184 Brian Rye, 57 Dale Flanagan, 33 Eddy Ross, 83 JJ Jennings, 38 David Schurry, 1d James Droddy, 58 Hunter Flanagan, 30k Jensen Prey, 6/27 Hector Aguirre, 24 Robby Minten, 63 Shane Hoefling, 563 James Lee, 44h Gene Hyde, 00s Jerry Majek, 1c Ken Hobbs, 2r Ray Schaalman, 95 Larry Lewis, 72 Manny Trevino, 47 James Myers, 0 Justin Jackson, 89c Bobby Maupin, 51 Greg Rohmer

Limited Modified heats(top 2 redraw)
Heat 1; 4$ Kris Rye, 74 Mickey Helms, 115 Chuck Perry, 38 David Schurry, 1c Ken Hobbs, 30k Jensen Prey, 58 Hunter Flanagan

Heat 2; 83 JJ Jennings, 89c Bobby Maupin, 563 James Lee, 63 Shane Hoefling, 44h Gene Hyde, 47 James Myers, 51 Greg Rohmer

Heat 3; 87 Lawrence Mikulencak, 2r Ray Schaalman, 57 Dale Flanagan, 24 Robby Minten, 0 Justin Jackson, 95 Larry Lewis

Heat 4; 33 Eddy Ross, 184 Brian Rye, 1d James Droddy, 27/6 Hector Aguirre, 00s Jerry Majek, 72 Manny Trevino

Torres Tops in Limited Late Models
San Antonio’s Johnny Torres made it two in a row driving the MK Wallace Limited Late Model. Had it not been for a flat tire while leading, the tally could be three. Torres, from the front row, grabbed the early lead and never looked back as he was able to build nearly a full straightaway margin over Andrew Hesler, who worked his way up to second in the waning circuits.

Torres beat Bobby Jack in turn 1 as the 20-lap, 15-car feature took the green flag. Jack fell in line second with Wade Jones, Barry Major and Ziggy Reusser in pursuit. Jack then gave up spots to Jones, Major and Reusser as Torres pulled away to a big lead just before halfway.

Jones brought out the yellow on lap 10 when he cut a tire down and couldn’t find an opening to get off the track. Torres got away clean on the restart ahead of Major, Reusser, Jack and Hesler who got past Gary Hunter for fifth.

Once past Hunter, Hesler began picking off cars one by one as he marched forward. When Hesler finally cleared Major for second he was far behind Torres in the Pro Image Signs, Center Motorsports, 24/7 Towing sponsored car, who ran unchallenged to the checkers.

“We’ve been doing pretty good down here in this car,” said Torres. “If it hadn’t been for a right rear flat, we’d have three in a row. MK Wallace called me and asked if I wanted to drive his car. I figured it would be fun. Starting on the pole makes a big difference. If you win your heat, you start up front down here. Although I do like starting farther back with the fast cars and working my way up.”

“There’s some guys down I don’t know, but I’ve seen them race a couple times. The others I know from Pleasanton. I was just trying to hit my marks. I figured if I stayed perfect, no one could get around me. The middle to the top was a little better for me. I tried the bottom, then the middle slicked off. I think the track changed with Sprint Cars running out there.”

Limited Late Models
48 Johnny Torres, 1x Andrew Hesler, 33 Barry Major, 5 Ziggy Reusser, 88 Bobby Jack, 14 Gary Hunter, 15 John Owen, 47 Anthony Malhorin, 7 Richard Bartosh, 12 Richard Wells, 50 Jerry Neal, 71 Paul Stastney, 4d1 Wade Jones, 13 Howie Marcx, 23 Kevin Schelling---DNTG, Z71 Robert Schelling---DNS, 77 Landon Farquar---DNS, 42 Ron Sprayue---DNS

Limited Late Model heat winners; 88 Bobby Jack, 48 Johnny Torres, 23 Kevin Schelling

Econo-Mod Main to Mikulencak
Like father, like son. Young Marcus Mikulencak haslearned well from his dad grabbing his second victory in only ten tries in the Econo-Mod class. Mikulencak, who moved up from Pure Stocks, went wire to wire holding off a charge by Jerry Walters. Despite his age, and limited experience, Mikulencak held his line and his ground, without a mistake, to take home the trophy.

It took three tries to get the 16-car Econo-Mod under way with Mikulencak getting out front trailed by Walters, Travis Penny, CrystalCantu and Tyler Box. In a race dotted by several cautions through the mid-stages, Mikulencak held steady on the restart keeping Walters in wake.

As Mikulencak and Walters eased away, Cantu was able to get around Penny for third as the laps wound down. As the white flag waved,Mikulencak in the Ace Transmissions, Mike Mosley’s Welding, Les Cole, Engine Oilfield Equipment, Econo-Mod held a car length over Walters which he maintained to the finish line.

“My dad teaches me about racing these cars all the time,” commented Mikulencak. “He tells me what to do on the way here, then tells me what I did wrong on the way back. This is my second win in about ten tries. He’s got a lot of experience on this track. I’ve got some big shoes to fill.”

“I wasn’t expecting this much success this soon. I surprise myself sometimes. About 99.9% of my success is due to what my dad does to help me.”

“I didn’t know the 127(Walters) was on my tail. I couldn’t feel him back there. Everyone told me later that he was there. I was just trying to hold on to the car and find my line. “

9m Marcus Mikulencak, 127 Jerry Walters, Co2 Crystal Cantu , 10 Travis Penny, 25 Tyler Box, 4 Dennis Cox, 56 Broc Bowen, Jp3 James Parks III, 71 Sam Wilcox, 25x Jordan Glass, 5 Kimsey Davis, 25sr Gary Box, 15 Jamie Sullivan, 22 Zach Calhoun, 69 Jordan Sandoval, 30m Randall Rydl, 7m Ziggy Reusser---DNS

Econo-Mod heat winners; 9m Marcus Mikulencak, 127 Jerry Walters, 10 Travis Penny

Blankenship Bests Jones in a Thriller
It looked like Wade Jones was going to take yet another win in his championship winning Street Stock, but Tony Blankenship had other ideas. Jones grabbed the early lead ahead of Blankenship, William Stephens, Joe Boop and Jarrett Barber. Jones put some distance on Blankenship, while Stephens broke, and Barber, Boop and Kevin Sullivan III battled for third.

Jones had a near miss as he was forced to avoid the lapped car of John Bonneau, who had slowed dramatically. After a late restart, Blankenship kept the heat on Jones in a fight to the finish. With the white in the air Blankenship got the nose inside Jones off turn 2. The duo ran door to door down the back stretch and into turn 3. Blankenship, with the momentum off turn 4 edged out Jones at the line by a couple feet for the win.

Street Stocks
35 Tony Blankenship, 41 Wade Jones,19 Jarrett Barber, 8 Kevin Sullivan III, 49 Paul Vogt, 90 Jesse Vega, 355 Joe Boop, 12 Richard Wells, 71 John Bonneau, 13 William Stephens, 133/39 Miguel Mendoza, 41 John Heinaman---DNS

Street Stock heat winners; D41 Wade Jones, 35 Tony Blankenship

Hernandez Hustles to Pure Stock Pay Day
The 29-car Pure Stock feature was, as you would expect, a rock ‘em, sock ‘em affair but when the dust settled it would be Jeremy Hernandez(San Antonio) leading every lap for the victory. Hernandez got outfront on green pursued by Mereda Major, Raymond Dibrell, Daniel Waer and Tommy Miller. While Hernandez held a comfortable lead, Miller, Cody Hamm and KyleJackson were three wide for fifth.

Waer was able to get past Major past halfway to take over second. Major was battling with Dibrell for third getting tapped in turn 1, she corrected, but then spun on her own in turn 2 and was charged with the caution. Once back to green, Hernandez was able to hold back Waer to take the wire to wire win.

Pure Stocks
6p Jeremy Hernandez, 32w Daniel Waer, 8r Raymond Dibrell , 21jr Cody Hamm, 9m John Mikulencak, 15d James Dear, 84 Alaina Smith, 54 Tommy Miller, 00L Lucas Cowan, 74 Zylar Bryant, 00 Mark Lawing, 7 Jesse Sandoval, 133 David Routen jr., 33r Randy Morris, 58 Cheyloh Flanagan, #9 James Garner, 33 Mereda Major, 52 Tom Thrower, 46 Larry Roberts, 7m John Ramirez, 22 Cody Bradshaw, 5 Kyle Jackson, 9 Brian Morris, 97 Chris Berryman, 97.5 Joe Sierra, 25 Shane Turner , 84A Nathan Sturtz, 66r Rick Snyder, 17 Crystal Smith

Pure Stock heat winners; 6p Jeremy Hernandez, 33 Mereda Major, 32w Daniel Waer,

Gaither Grabs Sport Compact Cash
Brandon Gaither(Floresville), driving the championship car driven by his brother Dillon, scored a hard earned win the Sport Compact feature. Gaither got out front on green followed by Colin Carroll, Jeremy Witt and GB Carter. Gaither gave up the top spot to Witt on lap 3, but retook the point on lap 6. Gaither was then challenged by veteran Carter until his Rabbit died. From there Gaither, in the Rohmer Racing, Tiburon was able to hold off Witt and Carroll.

Sport Compacts
5 Brandon Gaither, 21 Colin Carroll, 4 Jeremy Witt, 41 Jon Howerton, 24t Alan Trotter, 80 Ashley Avalos, 88 Victor Polanco, 77 GB Carter, 113 Hailee Marcx, 97 Katie Duncker, 17 Kurstin Blevins, 68 Kevin Ebers

Sport Compact heat winner; 5 Brandon Gaither

8r Ryan Carlucci, 5 Sierra Smith, 7m Michael Mathisen, 4m Montgomery Mathisen

00 Jayden Edmond, 84 Skylar Sturtz, 88 Haley Jencks
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