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Remembering the day JFK was assassinated

Remembering the day JFK was assassinated

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November 20, 2013
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We asked readers to share their thoughts and remembrances of that fateful day in history, Nov. 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas. As the country focuses on the death of an American president by an assassin's bullet, we reflect on what it means to us. Perhaps because John F. Kennedy was killed on Texas soil one day after many of us had seen him in San Antonio, it strikes closer to home. Perhaps because our own Floresville native, Texas Gov. John B. Connally, was severely wounded by the same shooter, it means more to us.

Wilson County News Facebook fans share their memories

Alexis Clare Myers, Floresville.
I remember asking my mom, Pam Adamick Knobeloch, this question. She said that she remembers that day very clearly. She was at school - she was in third grade at the time. An announcement came over the intercom announcing that JFK had been shot and had died. She said that many of her classmates, my mom included, started crying.

Jimmy Trevino, La Vernia
I was in the 5th grade at Collins Garden School when our principal came into our room and told my teacher, Mrs. Miller, that JFK had been shot. They brought in a TV so we could see the news.

Elaine Kolodziej, Floresville.
I was a junior in high school in Mrs. Carter's English class and I honestly don't remember kids crying or anything. Maybe I was just oblivious, but I do recall Mrs. Carter being solemn.

Mary Martinez Garcia, La Vernia.
I was three years old and my mom woke me up; she was crying. She told me President Kennedy had been shot and killed in Dallas. Yes, at three it left a great impression on me. I can remember kneeling on the end of the bed holding the footboard listening to my mama.

Dorene Willis, Tampa, Florida.
I was eighteen and sitting in a little snack bar and couldn't believe what I was hearing. Very bad day.

Camille Ingram, Floresville.
I was sitting in my sixth-grade class in Floresville. The teachers were all very sad, but I seem to recall that we students just sat quietly, as if in shock.

Gerri Voss Ward
I was watching “Days of our Lives” when they interrupted the show with the bulletin that JFK had been shot in Dallas. I couldn’t believe it! May he rest in peace!

Leslie Hediger Stockton
I was in Mr. Trumbo’s algebra class in ninth grade at Harlandale Jr. High.

Linda Downs
I was in school at St. John Berchman’s Catholic School. We immediately held a Mass to pray for the president and others who were injured.

Dusty Duty
Me’Cong Delta Vietnam Task Force 116

Mary Wiley Smithey
I was 13 yrs. old. Sitting in class at Rogers Jr. High in San Antonio, Texas.

James Carroll Wheeler
I had just returned from the base exchange at the Philadelphia Naval Base, after buying a carton of cigarettes. The office staff was in a state of shock and I quickly found out why. Just couldn’t believe it had happened, let alone in Dallas.

Kay Nagel
Mrs Dunnaway’s health class, Floresville Junior High.

Robbie Shortner
Sitting and playing under my grandmother’s cutting table. She was sewing and listening to Days of Our Lives.

Marylou Barrera Torres
I remember like it was today!!! I was in the first grade with Ms. Rose Toscano and we were getting ready to nap when the announcement came in through the intercom!!! I remember she was crying and we all started crying. What a sad memory. News I’ve never forgotten.

Ricci Angel
In a foxhole at Ft. Polk, La. during basic training. Grown men cried.

Robin Erickson
In class in junior high. It was announced over the loudspeakers.

Sandra Swierc, Poth.
I was in Mr. F.C. Balser’s classroom in Falls City when he went to the door to get the message. We were all very sad and I felt very anxious and afraid that day. Very sad.

Joanna Ontiveros
I remember I was at my aunt’s house visiting, and all I heard my aunt and Grandma screaming and crying. I was 5 1/2 years old. I was so sad. My cousins and I sat there and prayed.

Julie Dahlberg, La Vernia.
I wasn’t born yet, but it occurred on my birthday, so it has always had special attention from me. I know little about his politics, or what kind of president he was, but I see the event as a time in our history that brought about the notion of questioning the truthfulness of the government and the insult of the story the administration expected the people to believe.

Esther Jaramillo Benitez
I was very young but only remember because my older sister was in the parade as a twirler for Floresville HS.*

William J Gibbs Jr., Poth.
I was slightly less than -14 years old.*

Benny Padalecki
He waved at us the day before, when he was in San Antonio. I was working at the old Handy Andy on Broadway, when his caravan went out Broadway back to the airport. All of us were out on the sidewalk and that’s when he saw us and waved to us.*

Pamela Sparkman McGuire
My mother took me out of school at Whittier Elementary School the day before he was killed. We walked to Roosevelt Street and stood on some of the little islands to the left of the old library. The procession came by and President Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy waved at us. I really felt like they saw us. The next day, the day he was assassinated, we were taken out of our class and we gathered in a circle around the flag at half-mast and we prayed together. School was let out early and I ran home screaming, “Mama, the president is dead!” over and over. She met me at the corner and told me to “Shhhhh” and to be quiet. I watched the events all weekend and actually saw on TV when Oswald was killed. It’s a haunting memory for me but I’m glad I saw history in the making all that weekend.*

Marianne Waugh
I remember...came home from school when I heard it, sat down and cried.*

Natalie Robertson
I wasn’t born yet.*

Kathy Alford
I was in the gym at Calhoun High School when Miss Schmidt our teacher, came in and announced that the president was killed. Very sad day!!!!*

Patricia Bray Rempel
I was only 4 but remember it well. My Dad was in the Air Force and we were living in Washington, D.C. Lots of our family flew up and stayed with us. We attended the public services and his grave. I was too young to fully understand what happened but I remember how hard my mom cried watching the plane land that was carrying his body. Sadness and heartache everywhere.*

Pamela Hay Robarts
In middle school in gym. We all broke out in tears. We had a long, cold weekend glued to the TV.*

Sherry A. Taylor
I was in the 5th grade...those Catholic nuns had us PRAYING again!*

*Shared on the La Vernia News Facebook page

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