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Found: Pony. Call to describe, 830-391-0074.
Found: Male MinPin?, about 2 years old, not fixed, sweet, very smart, on Sept. 25 inside Floresville Walmart, healthy, no fleas, clean teeth, manicured nails, will keep if owner not found. 830-542-0280.

VideoLost: Basset hound mix puppy, goes by the name "Darla," 15272 U.S. Hwy. 87 W, La Vernia. Call Kaitlynn at 210-758-2495.
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Office help needed: Must be organized, knowledgeable with Microsoft and Quickbooks, must pass background and drug test prior to employment. Apply by email or apply in person at 952 FM 99 Whitsett, TX 78075.
Office help needed, MUST HAVE QuickBook experience, some experience in bookkeeping, answering calls, filing, organization, and advertising for the company; starting pay $12, hours are 11:30-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, may become full-time. Must have recommendation letter. Only serious applicants willing to grow with the company need apply. Send resume to
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November 27, 2013 | 1,617 views | Post a comment

Varsity Girls

East Central

East Central def. Lanier, 43-33.

Hornets: Points: Ariel Allen-12, Janik Alexander-Smith-11, Vivian Seward-7, Claudia Flores-6, Taylor Lewis-4, Savannah Avila-3. Overall Record: 2-1.

Roosevelt def. East Central, 48-24.

Hornets: Points: Janik Alexander-Smith-9, Ariel Allen-6, Taylor Lewis-5, Na’Kia Reid-4. Overall Record: 2-2.

East Central def. Edison, 52-39.

Hornets: Points: Vivian Seward-17, Janik Anderson-Smith-11, Taylor Lewis-6, Claudia Flores-6, Na’Kia Reid-5, Ariel Allen-4, Savannah Avila-3. Overall Record: 3-2.

Brackenridge def. East Central, 54-36.

Hornets: Points: Claudia Flores-12, Ariel Allen-7, Taylor Lewis-6, Janik Alexander-Smith-5, Savannah Avila-4, Na’Kia Reid-2, Vivian Seward-2. Overall Record: 3-3.

Clark def. East Central, 61-23.

Hornets: Points: Taylor Lewis-7, Vivian Seward-5, Ariel Allen-4, Janik Alexander-Smith-3, Savannah Avila-3, Na’Kia Reid-1. Overall Record: 3-4.Floresville

Floresville def. Brackenridge, 80-78.

Jaguars: Points: De Havalan Watts-36, Payton Cannon-17, Cora Mikolajczyk-15, Amber Wasicek-8, Ashley Hoelscher-2, McClaine Pawelek-2. Assists: Watts-5, Pawelek-2, Ashlyn Laskowski-1, Hoelscher-1. Rebounds: Laskowski-9, Pawelek-7, Wasicek-6, Watts-4, Mikolajczyk-4, Hoelscher-3, Cannon-1. Steals: Watts-3, Cannon-2, Laskowski-1, Hoelscher-1, Mikolajczyk-1, Wasicek-1. Blocks: Watts-1, Mikolajczyk-1, Wasicek-1. Overall Record: 4-2.

Clemens def. Floresville, 73-53.

Jaguars: Points: De Havalan Watts-12, Payton Cannon-12, Kristyn Coldewey-9, Sarina Thompson-5, Macy Stuart-4, McClaine Pawelek-4, Jilya Holstein-3, Ashlyn Laskowski-2, Ashley Hoelscher-2. Assists: Watts-2, Stuart-1. Rebounds: Hoelscher-5, Coldewey-5, Watts-2, Cannon-2, Thompson-2, Wasicek-1, Holstein-1, Pawelek-1. Steals: Cannon-2, Watts-1, Laskowski-1, Coldewey-1. Blocks: Coldewey-1. Overall Record: 4-3.

Floresville def. Burbank, 55-27.

Jaguars: Points: Nanette Labrada-10, Payton Cannon-9, De Havalan Watts-6, Ashlyn Laskowski-6, Kristyn Coldewey-6, Macy Stuart-5, Sarina Thompson-4, Ashley Hoelscher-2, Lauren Trevino-2, Jilya Holstein-2, McClaine Pawelek-2, Cora Mikolajczyk-1. Assists: Pawelek-3, Holstein-2, Watts-1, Cannon-1, Thompson-1. Rebounds: Coldewey-6, Labrada-4, Vicky Mayorga-3, Thompson-2, Amber Wasicek-2, Stuart-2, Holstein-2, Watts-1, Laskowski-1, Mikolajczyk-1. Steals: Cannon-4, Hoelscher-2, Trevino-2, Laskowski-1, Mikolajczyk-1, Stuart-1, Holstein-1, Pawelek-1, Ronda Ruiz-1. Blocks: Thompson-1. Overall Record: 5-3.

Floresville def. Seguin, 44-33.

Jaguars: Points: De Havalan Watts-9, Kristyn Coldewey-9, Amber Wasicek-8, Ashley Hoelscher-6, Payton Cannon-4, Sarina Thompson-2, Mary Stuart-2, Jilya Holstein-2, McClaine Pawelek-2. Assists: Cannon-4, Watts-1, Coldewey-1. Rebounds: Hoelscher-4, Watts-3, Cannon-2, Laskowski-2, Wasicek-2, Alexis Cantu-1, Thompson-1, Coldewey-1, Pawelek-1. Steals: Watts-2, Hoelscher-2, Thompson-2, Coldewey-2, Cannon-1. Blocks: Watts-1. Overall Record: 6-3.

Incarnate Word def. Floresville, 55-47.

Jaguars: Points: Payton Cannon-23, De Havalan Watts-13, Kristyn Coldewey-4, Cora Mikolajczyk-3, Ashley Hoelscher-2, Amber Wasicek-2. Assists: Watts-4, Cannon-2. Rebounds: Coldewey-9, Watts-7, Cannon-3, Lauren Trevino-1, Wasicek-1, McClaine Pawelek-1. Steals: Watts-3, Cannon-2, Coldewey-1, Wasicek-1, Pawelek-1. Blocks: Coldewey-2, Watts-1, Pawelek-1. Overall Record: 6-4.

Floresville def. Marshall, 54-47.

Jaguars: Points: De Havalan Watts-18, Payton Cannon-16, Kristyn Coldewey-6, Cora Mikolajczyk-4, Amber Wasicek-4, Jilya Holstein-4, McClaine Pawelek-4, Ashley Hoelscher-2. Assists: Cannon-4, Watts-2, Hoelscher-2, Lauren Trevino-2, Coldewey-1, Pawelek-1. Rebounds: Mikolajczyk-8, Coldewey-8, Hoelscher-7, Watts-4, Wasicek-4, Trevino-1, Macy Stuart-1. Steals: Watts-3, Cannon-2, Hoelscher-2, Pawelek-2, Coldewey-1, Trevino-1, Wasicek-1, Stuart-1. Blocks: Coldewey-4, Watts-1, Mikolajczyk-1. Overall Record: 7-4.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Medina Valley, 43-40.

Lady Bears: Points: Autumn Light-17, Brooke Martinez-10, Madison Towns-4, Kelsee Penshorn-4, Jordan Luensmann-4, Mackenzie Ford-2, Reagan Roswell-2. Assists: Martinez-2, Light-2, Roswell-1, Luensmann-1. Rebounds: Towns-6, Penshorn-3, Roswell-2, Martinez-1, Light-1. Steals: Martinez-5, Towns-1, Penshorn-1, Light-1, Luensmann-1. Blocks: Martinez-1. Overall Record: 3-0.

La Vernia def. Edison, 57-21.

Lady Bears: Points: Jordan Luensmann-12, Kelsee Penshorn-11, Autumn Light-11, Madison Towns-10, Brooke Martinez-9, Mackenzie Ford-2, Courtney Shussler-2. Assists: Light-3, Reagan Roswell-2, Towns-1, Luensmann-1. Rebounds: Towns-11, Penshorn-5, Ford-4, Martinez-3, Luensmann-3, Shussler-1. Steals: Martinez-3, Penshorn-2, Ford-2, Light-2, Luensmann-1. Blocks: Towns-1, Luensmann-1.

La Vernia def. Somerset, 44-34.

Lady Bears: Points: Brooke Martinez-15, Madison Towns-7, Jordan Luensmann-7, Kelsee Penshorn-5, Autumn Light-5, Mackenzie Ford-4, Courtney Shussler-1. Assists: Penshorn-3, Ford-2, Light-2, Luensmann-2, Towns-1. Rebounds: Towns-11, Martinez-6, Penshorn-4, Ford-3, Light-3, Shussler-1. Steals: Ford-9, Martinez-3, Light-3, Luensmann-3, Towns-1, Penshorn-1. Blocks: Penshorn-2, Martinez-1, Light-1.

La Vernia def. Randolph, 44-29.

Lady Bears: Points: Autumn Light-16, Mackenzie Ford-9, Kelsee Penshorn-8, Madison Towns-6, Jordan Luensmann-3, Brooke Martienz-2. Assists: Light-7, Luensmann-2, Penshorn-1, Martinez-1, Ford-1. Rebounds: Penshorn-6, Martinez-6, Towns-5, Luensmann-5, Light-2, Ford-1. Steals: Penshorn-4, Martinez-4, Ford-4, Light-4, Luensmann-3, Towns-2. Blocks: Light-1, Luensmann-1.

La Vernia def. Southside, 52-43.

Lady Bears: Points: Autumn Light-18, Brooke Martinez-16, Jordan Luensmann-7, Mackenzie Ford-5, Madison Towns-2, Kelsee Penshorn-2, Reagan Roswell-2. Assists: Light-4, Martinez-3, Towns-1, Ford-1, Roswell-1, Luensmann-1. Rebounds: Towns-12, Martinez-3, Penshorn-2, Luensmann-2, Ford-1, Roswell-1. Steals: Martinez-4, Towns-3, Penshorn-1, Ford-1, Light-1. Blocks: Roswell-1, Luensmann-1.

Cole def. La Vernia, 50-45.

Lady Bears: Points: Autumn Light-19, Brooke Martinez-9, Mackenzie Ford-7, Jordan Luensmann-5, Madison Towns-2, Kelsee Penshorn-2, Reagan Roswell-1. Rebounds: Penshorn-6, Martinez-6, Roswell-4, Towns-2, Ford-2, Luensmann-2. Steals: Martinez-1, Ford-1, Light-1. Overall Record: 9-1.


Poth def. St. Anthony, 71-63.

Pirettes: Points: Hannah Knight-24, Justine Quintanilla-17, Devon Dylla-10, Dominique DeHoyos-8, Taylor Lipscomb-6, Amanda Wauters-5, Adia Cruz-1. Overall Record: 1-1.


Nixon-Smiley def. Natalia, 56-23.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Tyhana Mejia-21, Alena Alvarez-7, Lexi Trammell-7, Megan Guerra-6, Natalie Trammell-6, Celeste Arriaga-3, Brooke Hester-2, Christy Perez-2, Maria Orta-2. Overall Record: 2-1.

Nixon-Smiley def. St. Andrew’s, 33-31.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Savannah Martinez-12, Tyhana Mejia-10, Lexi Trammell-4, Celeste Arriaga-3, Nancy Hernandez-2, Christy Perez-2.

Nixon-Smiley def. Palacios, 60-44.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Savannah Martinez-35, Tyhana Mejia-9, Celeste Arriaga-9, Lexi Trammell-4, Brooke Hester-3.

Falls City

Falls City def. Shiner St. Paul, 62-31.

Beaverettes: Points: Lexi Ehlers-23, Alyssa Dziuk-11, Haleigh Blocker-7, Hannah Lyssy-7, Jordan Lyssy-4, Kelsey Labus-3, Kaelan Cheatham-3, Alexis Sekula-2. Overall Record: 3-0.

Falls City def. Taft, 51-30.

Beaverettes: Points: Kaelan Cheatham-18, Lexi Ehlers-15, Haleigh Blocker-6, Hannah Lyssy-6, Alyssa Dziuk-4, Alexis Sekula-2. Overall Record: 4-0.

Falls City def. Hempstead, 73-45.

Beaverettes: Points: Kaelan Cheatham-18, Alexis Sekula-18, Alyssa Dziuk-14, Haleigh Blocker-9, Lexi Ehlers-4, Hannah Lyssy-4, Taylor Moy-2, Taylor Dziuk-2, Jordan Lyssy-2. Overall Record: 5-0.

Falls City def. Moulton, 47-27.

Beaverettes: Points: Haleigh Blocker-11, Hannah Lyssy-9, Alexis Sekula-7, Alyssa Dziuk-6, Lexi Ehlers-6, Jordan Lyssy-2, Kaelan Cheatham-2. Overall Record: 6-0.

Falls City def. Port Aransas, 44-41.

Beaverettes: Points: Hannah Lyssy-16, Kaelan Cheatham-12, Alexis Sekula-5, Haleigh Blocker-5, Lexi Ehlers-4, Alyssa Dziuk-2. Overall Record: 7-0.

Varsity Boys

East Central

East Central def. Clark, 60-54.

Hornets: Points: Ceddrick Ali-16, Brandon McClure-16, Jeremy Jones-12, Wanya Ward-6, Garat White-3, Albert Jimenez-2, Eric Ray-2, Hector Defuentes-2, Brandon Keno-1. Overall Record: 3-3.

East Central def. New Braunfels, 94-63.

Hornets: Points: Brandon McClure-20, Albert Jimenez-15, Garat White-13, Ceddrick Ali-12, Brandon Keno-10, Jeremy Jones-7, Eric Ray-5, H. Sifuentes-4, P. Hamilton-4, Wanya Ward-2, Christian Schwartz-2. Overall Record: 4-3.


Floresville def. FEAST, 72-63.

Tigers: Points: Zach Chambers-19, Estevan Mendiola-13, Jared Kotzur-10, Derek Moczygemba-8, Chris Albert-8, Richard Gonzales-6, James Arocha-5, Deric Trevino-3. Assists: Kotzur-3, Albert-3, Mendiola-2, Moczygemba-2. Rebounds: Gonzales-10, Albert-4, Mocygemba-3, Kotzur-3, Mendiola-2, Trevino-1, Chambers-1. Steals: Moczygemba-5, Kotzur-1, Luke Rocha-1. Blocks: Albert-4, Gonzales-3, Mendiola-1. Overall Record: 1-1.

Floresville def. Port Lavaca Calhoun, 68-57.

Tigers: Points: Zach Chambers-15, Chris Albert-14, Estevan Mendiola-12, Deric Trevino-9, Richard Gonzales-7, James Arocha-5, Derek Moczygemba-4, Sean Moy-2. Assists: Moczygemba-6, Jared Kotzur-5, Mendiola-2, Albert-2, Gonzales-1, Chambers-1. Rebounds: Albert-5, Gonzales-4, Moczygemba-1, Vernon Marsh-1, Zach Frantz-1, Kotzur-1, Trevino-1, Chambers-1. Steals: Albert-2. Blocks: Albert-5, Moczygemba-4, Mendiola-2. Overall Record: 2-1.

Sub-varsity Girls


Clemens def. Floresville JV, 57-14.

Floresville Freshmen def. Clemens, 53-49.

Falls City

Falls City JV def. Shiner St. Paul, 46-15.

Beaverettes: Points: Chloe Wilson-11, Taylor Mabe-8, Jennifer Pruski-7, Sydney Elkins-6, Madison Jendrusch-3, Rebecca Opiela-3, Rebekah Pawelek-2, Brittany Lyssy-2, Madison Dziuk-2, Hanna Foster-2.

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