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Political Depression: Is There No End?

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November 28, 2013 | 2,473 views | 50 comments

I firmly believe that the majority of the voters who elected the current president thought that the country had finally left racism, bigotry, slavery, discrimination and partisanship behind.

They honestly felt that BHO would unite the country again after the Democrats lost in 2000. The election of BHO reminds me of a bad choice of husbands. The saying "Love is Blind" is very true, at least for the first year, then the blinders come off and reality sets in. I think that the "BHO" love affair lasted about 6 months, maybe less for some of us. The Political Depression set in about two seconds after he had been declared the winner for me personally. I will never forget how I felt.

I was in shock, not because of his race, but because I am an informed voter and I knew this man was not worthy of the office. The biggest worry was his philosophy on how he and his Liberal buddies wanted to change this Nation. Did they not realize that he was hell bent on changing this country in a way that would take away our freedoms? What has happened to Americans and their values? The Political Depression only deepened when Governor Mitt Romney lost in 2012. It felt like it did when my Mother died. The death of America, the country I love.

The Democratic Party wanted to win so badly, and they knew Hillary was too polarizing, they looked for someone who could sell their brand of Liberalism and Socialism and make one think it was the stairway to Utopia. No more divisiveness, no more discrimination - only Happiness, Harmony, Love for the Flower Children of the 1970s. In walks Chicago Politician BHO! What a find! Perfect Candidate! His Handlers sold him to the American public like someone selling a product on QVC!
Unlike a bad marriage, we cannot divorce this person, nor can we recall him, nor, at this time impeach him. We are stuck with him and his inability to lead the country, or for that matter, do anything but spend our tax dollars in his "redistribution of wealth" mandate! I realize enough complaining has been said about O-Care but I am glad the Republicans and Ted Cruz did what they did.

They took a stand for Conservatives. They also brought the issues forward and forced Americans to listen. I had hoped the right outcome would have been accomplished but that was not to be. Instead, it appeared the blame game was again on the Republican Party. But now Karma is coming to BHO in the form of his O-Care Bill. It is richly deserved. Sadly, the Karma is now coming to those who did not want O-Care and definitely hurting the Middle Class.

But one must ask the following questions to each and every voter who put this person in control, "What were you thinking"? Did you hate President Bush so much that you sold your soul to the Devil just to "show the world that we love and accept everyone no matter what nationality, skin color, life style"? You completely forgot about POLICY and the US Constitution!

The bottom line in this sad time for America is the fact that Americans have not concerned themselves with the cause and effect of complacency when it comes time for (any) the election of public officials and/or do not educate themselves before they vote. It is only when they are "hit in the pocketbook" that they pay attention! This is called Voters Remorse!

For now, I have decided that I will no longer give into Political Depression! I refuse to let this man rob me of one more happy moment in my life! I will continue on to stay educated about any candidate I vote for and pray that Americans have now learned their lesson of, "you reap what you sow"! Maybe now things will change with the 2014 elections. A Republican Congress, House and Senate, will be able to repeal the O-Care Law and have enough to overturn any Bill vetoed by BHO.
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squawk box  
Pandora, Tx  
December 7, 2013 6:41am
BlackHorse....While those are worthy causes, I think
those alone are not enough to attract a cross section
of voter interest. Like someone said, people vote
their pocketbooks. ... Read More Read More
Next Door  
December 7, 2013 12:30am

To be specific, Johnny Partain is determined to submit a bill calling to revoke Judicial Immunity for cause. Now I dont want to misspeak to this issue. So I will ... Read More Read More
Next Door  
December 6, 2013 11:42pm

I had a considerable post and received a call another candidate has filed a last minute application for CD-15. Last minute in that it is being FEDEXed. Anyways ... Read More Read More
squawk box  
Pandora, Tx  
December 6, 2013 2:30pm
Ninny, I know three user IDs but probably due to
short term memory misfires, I can't recall the other
three possible user IDs. It would be greatly appreciated
if you ... Read More Read More
squawk box  
Pandora, Tx  
December 6, 2013 1:23pm
Ninny.....That was a link that I clicked on while
researching Johnny Partain, I was attempting to find
out a bit about his platform. The only things that
I was able to ... Read More Read More
Next Door  
December 6, 2013 12:35pm
Sqweeky, (For the sake of informed readers has admitted multiple screen names, at least 3 possibly 6)

I took some time researching I Vote Nation. Texas Ethics Commission ... Read More Read More
Chief Noetall  
Wise, Texas  
December 5, 2013 3:23pm
On the (I Vote Nation) website, three young persons
are holding up their hands with one finger painted
blue and one finger painted red. Does the fact that
the ... Read More Read More
squawk box  
Pandora, Tx  
December 5, 2013 2:24pm
ObamaHorse.....Independents don't even have a party
platform. Platitudes and the claim of honesty doesn't
explain your policy. Of course most independents end
up voting ... Read More Read More
Next Door  
December 5, 2013 12:35pm
You certainly are jaded and confirm the snipe GOP-Grouchy Old People. I heard Eddie (redeemed convict) Zamora threw his GOP hat in. I like my choices better than yours.

Me ... Read More Read More
December 5, 2013 11:58am
Ninny....Like that would make a difference. When you
add fresh water to a barrel of polluted water,
the water is still polluted and grows larger. The
overflow drains into ... Read More Read More

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