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VideoLost female longhair chihuahua that had been trimmed. Near 3rd and hwy 97 floresville. Pls call jeri 409 781 3191 Miss her very much.
Found: Charm with picture of couple, at Pecan Park, July 17. Call to identify and pick up, 830-393-6785.
Lost: White Maltese dog, 12 pounds, answers to Brookley, on Sun., July 19, 10 miles north of Floresville on Hwy. 181, $100 reward! Tom and Jean Harris, 830-393-0814. 
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Help Wanted

Service Coordination Supervisor. Camino Real Community Services is seeking a SC supervisor who will manage and supervise service coordinators. This position will ensure implementation of local authority functions for individuals diagnosed with Intellectual and Development Disabilities (IDD) enrolled in Medicaid waivers and other programs. This position will be housed at the IDD Admin. Office located in Floresville and will also service as the office manager for this location. Submit resume to  Camino Real Community Services, Attn: HRS, P.O. Box 725, Lytle, TX 78052 or fax to 830-772-4304. Visit for applications and other details. EOE.
Service Technician Assistant. Job description: Assist technician in propane tank installation, gas piping, shop work and repairs. Paid training, paid uniform, family insurance (medical and dental), paid holidays and vacation. Will need to pass a physical, background check, and drug/alcohol test. Must be willing to obtain a CDL license in the future for backup driver position. Call Kathleen, 830-393-2533, Smith Gas Company.
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December 11, 2013 | 6,097 views | Post a comment

Varsity Girls

East Central

San Marcos def. East Central, 59-50.

Hornets: Points: Janik Alexander-Smith-15, Brittany Rodgers-15, Ariel Allen-7, Claudia Flores-6, Taylor Lewis-4, Vivian Seward-2, Savannah Avila-1.

Judson def. East Central, 71-31.

Hornets: Points: Brittany Rodgers-13, Claudia Flores-9, Ariel Allen-4, Janik Alexander-Smith-3, Taylor Lewis-2.

MacArthur def. East Central, 63-41.

Hornets: Points: Na’Kia Reid-11, Janik Alexander-Smith-8, Brittany Rodgers-7, Taylor Lewis-6, Ariel Allen-5, Claudia Flores-4.

East Central def. Del Rio, 37-35.

Hornets: Points: Brittany Rodgers-12, Taylor Lewis-10, Na’Kia Reid-7, Janik Alexander-Smith-7, Ariel Allen-1.


Floresville def. Poth, 64-62.

Jaguars: Points: De Havalan Watts-16, Kristyn Coldewey-13, Payton Cannon-11, McClaine Pawelek-8, Lauren Trevino-4, Jilya Holstein-4, Ashley Hoelscher-2, Sarina Thompson-2, Cora Mikolajczyk-2, Ashlyn Laskowski-2. Assists: Watts-4, Cannon-2, Mikolajczyk-2, Laskowski-1, Coldewey-1, Trevino-1, Macy Stuart-1. Rebounds: Coldewey-6, Laskowski-4, Mikolajczyk-3, Pawelek-3, Watts-2, Holstein-2, Cannon-1, Amber Wasicek-1, Stuart-1. Steals: Watts-5, Trevino-3, Cannon-2, Coldewey-2, Laskowksi-1, Holstein-1, Stuart-1, Pawelek-1. Blocks: Thompson-2, Coldewey-2. Overall Record: 9-7.

Floresville def. Laredo United, 69-55.

Jaguars: Points: Kristyn Coldewey-13, De Havalan Watts-12, Payton Cannon-12, Sarina Thompson-11, Amber Wasicek-6, Cora Mikolajczyk-4, McClaine Pawelek-4, Macy Stuart-3, Lauren Trevino-2, Ashley Hoelscher-2. Assists: Trevino-2, Pawelek-1. Rebounds: Watts-4, Thompson-3, Coldewey-2, Pawelek-1. Steals: Cannon-2, Thompson-2, Coldewey-2, Hoelscher-1, Trevino-1, Wasicek-1, Stuart-1. Blocks: Watts-1, Thompson-1, Coldewey-1. Overall Record: 10-7.

MacArthur def. Floresville, 70-39.

Jaguars: Points: De Havalan Watts-10, Kristyn Coldewey-8, Jilya Holstein-7, Payton Cannon-5, Ashlyn Laskowski-5, Lauren Trevino-2, Amber Wasicek-2. Assists: Macy Stuart-2, Watts-1, Sarina Thompson-1, Coldewey-1, Trevino-1, McClaine Pawelek-1. Rebounds: Coldewey-5, Laskowski-5, Watts-2, Cora Mikolajczyk-2, Stuart-2, Cannon-1, Thompson-1, Trevino-1, Wasicek-1. Steals: Watts-1, Cannon-1. Blocks: Mikolajczyk-1, Coldewey-1. Overall Record: 10-8.

Reagan def. Floresville, 61-31.

Jaguars: Points: McClaine Pawelek-8, De Havalan Watts-7, Sarina Thompson-6, Jilya Holstein-5, Lauren Trevino-3, Payton Cannon-2. Assists: Watts-1, Cannon-1, Thompson-1. Rebounds: Watts-3, Ashley Hoelscher-3, Macy Stuart-2, Cora Mikolajczyk-1, Thompson-1, Wasicek-1. Steals: Watts-3, Thompson-2, Trevino-2, Cannon-1, Wasicek-1, Pawelek-1. Blocks: Thompson-1. Overall Record: 10-9.

Antonian def. Floresville, 54-50.

Jaguars: Points: Payton Cannon-12, De Havalan Watts-9, Kristyn Coldewey-9, Jilya Holstein-8, Sarina Thompson-6, Macy Stuart-4, Lauren Trevino-2. Assists: Cannon-5, Trevino-2, Coldewey-1, Stuart-1. Rebounds: Coldewey-9, Thompson-5, Watts-3, Cora Mikolajczyk-3, Stuart-2, Cannon-1, Ashley Hoelscher-1, Trevino-1, Holstein-1, McClaine Pawelek-1. Steals: Stuart-4, Cannon-2, Thompson-2, Watts-1, Hoelscher-1, Coldewey-1, Trevino-1, Holstein-1. Overall Record: 10-10.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Hondo, 53-48.

Lady Bears: Points: Jordan Luensmann-14, Autumn Light-11, Mackenzie Ford-10, Kelsee Penshorn-7, Madison Towns-5, Brooke Martinez-4, Reagan Roswell-2. Assists: Light-3, Martinez-2, Luensmann-2, Penshorn-1. Rebounds: Towns-8, Martinez-7, Penshorn-6, Luensmann-3, Ford-1, Light-1. Steals: Light-4, Towns-3, Ford-3, Penshorn-2, Luensmann-2. Blocks: Martinez-1, Light-1. Overall Record: 10-1.

La Vernia def. Lee, 50-37.

Lady Bears: Points: Brooke Martinez-12, Autumn Light-12, Kelsee Penshorn-9, Jordan Luensmann-8, Mackenzie Ford-5, Madison Towns-2, Reagan Roswell-2. Assists: Light-3, Penshorn-2, Martinez-2, Luensmann-1. Rebounds: Penshorn-11, Martinez-9, Towns-5, Light-5, Luensmann-3, Roswell-2. Steals: Martinez-5, Light-4, Luensmann-4, Towns-1, Penshorn-1, Ford-1. Overall Record: 11-1.

La Vernia def. Stacey, 61-15.

Lady Bears: Points: Autumn Light-20, Jordan Luensmann-12, Mackenzie Ford-11, Madison Towns-6, Kelsee Penshorn-6, Brooke Martinez-4, Lexi Sollars-2. Assists: Light-4, Martinez-3, Luensmann-2, Towns-1. Rebounds: Towns-9, Martinez-5, Penshorn-4, Ford-3, Light-2, Luensmann-2, Sollars-1. Steals: Light-6, Towns-4, Luensmann-3, Martinez-2, Ford-2, Sollars-1. Blocks: Penshorn-1. Overall Record: 12-1.

La Vernia def. Nixon-Smiley, 45-40.

Lady Bears: Points: Autumn Light-11, Mackenzie Ford-10, Kelsee Penshorn-8, Jordan Luensmann-7, Madison Towns-5, Brooke Martinez-4. Assists: Light-5, Penshorn-2, Luensmann-1. Rebounds: Penshorn-9, Towns-5, Martinez-4, Light-3, Ford-1, Luensmann-1. Steals: Penshorn-6, Martinez-3, Towns-2, Ford-2, Light-2, Luensmann-2. Blocks: Towns-1, Penshorn-1. Overall Record: 13-1.

La Vernia def. Marion, 45-26.

Lady Bears: Points: Mackenzie Ford-10, Jordan Luensmann-10, Brooke Martinez-9, Madison Towns-7, Kelsee Penshorn-5, Autumn Light-4. Assists: Light-4, Towns-2, Luensmann-2. Rebounds: Towns-19, Martinez-8, Penshorn-7, Light-5, Courtney Shussler-2, Luensmann-1. Steals: Towns-8, Martinez-2, Penshorn-1, Ford-1, Light-1. Overall Record: 14-1.


Floresville def. Poth, 64-62.

Pirettes: Points: Taylor Lipscomb-13, Amanda Wauters-12, Justine Quintanilla-12, Devon Dylla-8, Shelby Yanta-6, Dominique DeHoyos-4, Desiree Rivas-4, Alexis Serna-2. Overall Record: 2-2.

SFA def. Poth, 55-44.

Pirettes: Points: Amanda Wauters-17, Justine Quintanilla-6, Taylor Lipscomb-6, Alexis Serna-6, Devon Dylla-5, Shelby Yanta-2, Dominique DeHoyos-2. Overall Record: 2-3.

St. Stephens def. Poth, 56-53.

Pirettes: Points: Dominique DeHoyos-12, Devon Dylla-11, Amanda Wauters-10, Justine Quintanilla-5, Taylor Lipscomb-4, McKayla Maha-4, Shelby Yanta-3, Desiree Rivas-3, Alexis Serna-1. Overall Record: 2-4.

Steele def. Poth, 70-31.

Pirettes: Points: Dominique DeHoyos-12, Devon Dylla-6, Taylor Lipscomb-4, Amanda Wauters-4, Shelby Yanta-3, Justine Quintanilla-2. Overall Record: 2-5.

Poth def. San Marcos, 47-35.

Pirettes: Points: Justine Quintanilla-9, Amanda Wauters-9, Devon Dylla-8, Shelby Yanta-6, Dominique DeHoyos-6, Taylor Lipscomb-5, Desiree Rivas-2, Alexis Serna-2. Overall Record: 3-5.

St. Dominic Savio def. Poth, 76-72.

Pirettes: Points: Dominique DeHoyos-21, Devon Dylla-12, Amanda Wauters-12, Shelby Yanta-8, Justine Quintanilla-7, Taylor Lipscomb-6, Desiree Rivas-6. Overall Record: 3-6.


Stockdale def. Pearsall JV, 68-26.

Lady Brahmas: Points: Vanessa Urrabazo-15, Kelsea Perez-11, Lauren Donsbach-10, Payton Killian-9, Ashlee Rangel-7, Kristen Moore-6, Katelyn Shaver-2, Lauryn Coston-2, Caitlyn Dodson-2, Allison Maxwell-2, Tori Lerma-2.

Cotulla def. Stockdale, 49-30.

Lady Brahmas: Points: Lauryn Coston-7, Kristen Moore-6, Lauren Donsbach-5, Ashlee Rangel-4, Katelyn Shaver-2, Kelsea Perez-2, Payton Killian-2, Tori Lerma-2.

Medina def. Stockdale, 39-25.

Lady Brahmas: Points: Ashlee Rangel-6, Payton Killian-6, Lauren Donsbach-5, Vanessa Urrabazo-3, Katelyn Shaver-2, Kelsea Perez-2, Kristen Moore-1.

Stockdale def. Memorial JV, 74-22.

Lady Brahmas: No stats reported.

Stockdale def. Knippa, 58-46.

Lady Brahmas: Points: Kristen Moore-17, Vanessa Urrabazo-14, Lauren Donsbach-9, Kelsea Perez-7, Katelyn Shaver-5, Ashlee Rangel-3, Caitlyn Dodson-3.


Vanderbilt Industrial def. Nixon-Smiley, 47-41.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Tyhana Mejia-15, Savannah Martinez-10, Celeste Arriaga-6, Brooke Hester-4, Lexi Trammell-4, Nancy Hernandez-1, Christy Perez-1. Overall Record: 6-4.

Devine def. Nixon-Smiley, 41-33.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Alena Alvarez-14, Savannah Martinez-10, Lexi Trammell-5, Nancy Hernandez-2, Celeste Arriaga-2. Overall Record: 6-5.

Nixon-Smiley def. Lee, 42-41.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Savannah Martinez-15, Alena Alvarez-13, Brooke Hester-8, Nancy Hernandez-1, Lexi Trammell-1. Overall Record: 7-5.

La Vernia def. Nixon-Smiley, 45-40.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Alena Alvarez-17, Savannah Martinez-17, Natalie Trammell-4, Lexi Trammel-2. Overall Record: 7-6.

Nixon-Smiley def. Stacey, 60-23.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Tyhana Mejia-16, Alena Alvarez-13, Savannah Martinez-13, Celeste Arriaga-10, Brooke Hester-6, Natalie Trammell-2. Overall Record: 8-6.

Falls City

Falls City def. Shiner St. Paul, 51-31.

Beaverettes: Points: Haleigh Blocker-12, Lexi Ehlers-9, Quincey Olenick-8, Kaelan Cheatham-6, Alyssa Dziuk-6, Hannah Lyssy-5, Alexis Sekula-3, Jordan Lyssy-2. Overall Record: 8-1.

Falls City def. Luling, 70-12.

Beaverettes: No stats reported.

Falls City def. Antonian JV, 62-33.

Beaverettes: Points: Hannah Lyssy-26, Haleigh Blocker-16, Alyssa Dziuk-8, Quincey Olenick-6, Lexi Ehlers-3, Kaelan Cheatham-1, Alexis Sekula-1. Overall Record: 10-1.

El Paso Americas def. Falls City, 65-53.

Beaverettes: No stats reported.

Navarro def. Falls City, 63-46.

Beaverettes: Points: Alexis Sekula-11, Hannah Lyssy-10, Quincey Olenick-8, Haleigh Blocker-8, Alyssa Dziuk-4, Lexi Ehlers-3, Kaelan Cheatham-2. Overall Record: 10-3

Varsity Boys

East Central

East Central def. Marshall, 64-56.

Hornets: Points: Brandon McClure-20, Jeremy Jones-13, Wanya Ward-12, Eric Ray-12, Ceddrick Ali-7. Overall Record: 5-4.

East Central def. Brackenridge, 76-67.

Hornets: Points: Brandon McClure-29, Ceddrick Ali-18, Albert Jimenez-14, Jeremy Jones-9, Patrick Hamilton-5, Hector Sifuentes-1. Overall Record: 6-4.

East Central def. Clark, 58-44.

Hornets: Points: Ceddrick Ali-16, Albert Jimenez-11, Brandon McClure-10, Wanya Ward-7, Jeremy Jones-6, Brandon Keno-5, Ethan White-3. Overall Record: 7-4.

Wagner def. East Central, 68-64.

Hornets: Points: Ceddrick Ali-29, Brandon McClure-17, Albert Jimenez-8, Jeremy Jones-7, Brandon Keno-3. Overall Record: 7-5.

East Central def. Dallas Roosevelt, 76-62.

Hornets: Points: Wanya Ward-11, Jeremy Jones-10, Brandon McClure-10, Ethan White-9, Patrick Hamilton-8, Albert Jimenez-6, Brandon Keno-6, Ceddrick Ali-5, Hector Sifuentes-5, Garrett White-2, Jordan Cantu-2, Treyvon Hinson-2. Overall Record: 8-5.


Burbank def. Floresville, 62-59.

Tigers: Points: Derek Moczygemba-14, Chris Albert-13, Estevan Mendiola-9, Vernon Marsh-8, Zach Chambers-6, Richard Gonzales-4, Mason Ray-2, James Arocha-2, Jared Kotzur-1. Assists: Moczygemba-5, Kotzur-2, Albert-2, Mendiola-1, Trevino-1. Rebounds: Albert-8, Moczygemba-4, Gonzales-4, Kotzur-3, Ray-2, Marsh-2, Chambers-2. Steals: Moczygemba-3, Albert-3, Mendiola-2, Marsh-1. Blocks: Albert-6. Overall Record: 2-3.

Floresville def. Champion, 67-56.

Tigers: Points: Estevan Mendiola-23, Chris Albert-13, Richard Gonzales-8, Mason Ray-5, Derek Moczygemba-5, Vernon Marsh-5, James Arocha-3, Aaron Laskowski-2, Jared Kotzur-2, Zach Frantz-1. Overall Record: 3-3.

O’Connor def. Floresville, 65-53.

Tigers: Points: Chris Albert-11, Jared Kotzur-10, Richard Gonzales-8, Mason Ray-7, Vernon Marsh-7, Derek Moczygemba-5, Estevan Mendiola-3, Zach Chambers-2. Overall Record: 3-4.

South San def. Floresville, 59-58.

Tigers: Points: Chris Albert-18, Estevan Mendiola-14, Derek Moczygemba-9, Jared Kotzur-4, Mason Ray-3, Vernon Marsh-3, Zach Chambers-3, Aaron Laskowski-2, Richard Gonzales-2. Overall Record: 3-5.

New Braunfels def. Floresville, 60-43.

Tigers: Points: Estevan Mendiola-9, Chris Albert-9, Richard Gonzales-9, Mason Ray-7, Jared Kotzur-4, Vernon Marsh-3, Aaron Laskowski-2. Overall Record: 3-6.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Poth, 58-53.

Bears: Points: Austin Pickens-27, Colby Sims-16, Dalton Rockowitz-9, Tanner Sims-6, Zach Balcar-4, Jonathan Garcia-4, Dane Hester-2. Overall Record: 2-0.

La Vernia def. Boerne, 51-49.

Bears: Points: Colby Sims-24, Austin Pickens-16, Dalton Rockowitz-6, Tanner Sims-5. Overall Record: 3-0.

La Vernia def. Cole, 59-36.

Bears: Points: Austin Pickens-26, Colby Sims-23, Robles-4, Tanner Sims-2, Dalton Rockowitz-2, Jonathan Garcia-2. Overall Record: 4-0.

La Vernia def. Bandera, 72-49.

Bears: Points: Colby Sims-24, Robles-11, Tanner Sims-10, Austin Pickens-9, Zach Jarzombek-5, Jonathan Garcia-3. Overall Record: 5-0.


La Vernia def. Poth, 58-53.

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-18, Dylan Sefcik-13, Brock Nelson-12, Brett Kotara-6, Cody Martinez-4. Overall Record: 0-1.

Poth def. Eagle Pass JV, 63-33.

Pirates: Points: Dylan Sefcik-23, Kyler Felux-16, Brett Kotara-8, Cody Martinez-6, Thomas Krawietz-5, Jerrek Hosek-3, Marcos Guevara-2. Overall Record: 1-1.

Poth def. Knippa, 66-37.

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-27, Brock Nelson-8, Cody Martinez-8, Dylan Sefcik-6, Brett Kotara-6, Jerrek Hosek-4, Sean Clancy-3, Thomas Krawietz-2, Marcos Guevara-2. Overall Record: 2-1.

Poth def. Medina Valley, 45-39.

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-20, Dylan Sefcik-9, Cody Martinez-5, Jerrek Hosek-4, Brock Nelson-4, Brett Kotara-2, Spencer Flieller-1. Overall Record: 3-1.

Poth def. Pearsall, 59-38.

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-23, Brett Kotara-13, Brock Nelson-11, Dylan Sefcik-5, Jerrek Hosek-2, Sean Clancy-2, Cody Martinez-2, Marcos Guevara-1. Overall Record: 4-1.

Poth def. Crystal City, 25-24.

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-10, Dylan Sefcik-5, Brett Kotara-4, Jerrek Hosek-3, Cody Martinez-2, Spencer Flieller-1. Overall Record: 5-1.


Stockdale def. Odem, 61-47.

Brahmas: Points: Zach Pfeil-16, Tristan Marquez-13, Matt Valadez-9, Jacob Cardenas-7, Gage Haley-7, Bandy Larison-6, Isaiah Garza-2, Joel Marquez-1. Overall Record: 2-0.

Stockdale def. Skidmore-Tynan, 56-30.

Brahmas: Points: Bandy Larison-11, Matt Valadez-8, Gage Haley-8, Zach Pfeil-6, Tristan Marquez-4, Jacob Cardenas-4, Isaiah Garza-4, Joel Marquez-4, Zach Cavazos-4, Fabyan Ortiz-3. Overall Record: 3-0.

Stockdale def. Floresville JV, 71-64.

Brahmas: Points: Zach Pfeil-16, Gage Haley-14, Bandy Larison-14, Matt Valadez-8, Tristan Marquez-6, Jacob Cardenas-4, Isaiah Garza-4, Fabyan Ortiz-3, Zach Cavazos-2. Overall Record: 4-0.

Stockdale def. Charlotte, 74-33.

Brahmas: Points: Jacob Cardenas-14, Bandy Larison-13, Joel Marquez-11, Gage Haley-11, Matt Valadez-7, Tristan Marquez-7, Zach Cavazos-6, Isaiah Garza-5. Overall Record: 5-0.

Karnes City def. Stockdale, 47-39.

Brahmas: Points: Tristan Marquez-11, Joel Marquez-10, Isaiah Garza-9, Bandy Larison-5, Fabyan Ortiz-4. Overall Record: 5-1.


Pleasanton def. Nixon-Smiley, 73-38.

Mustangs: Points: Jared Van Auken-10, Sam Moore-10, Garrett Earlywine-4, Devon Warzecha-4, Jordan Van Auken-4, Luis Limon-3, Jose Melendez-2, Nick Pena-1. Overall Record: 0-2.



Floresville JV def. Poth JV, 31-29.

La Vernia JV def. Hondo JV, 43-28.

La Vernia freshmen def. Hondo freshmen, 26-18.

Sub-Varsity Boys

La Vernia JV def. Poth JV, 55-29.

La Vernia freshmen def. Poth freshmen, 39-20.

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