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Lost & Found

Found: Husky on Hwy. 181 in Floresville near Whataburger. Call 210-997-6010.
*Includes FREE photo online!

VideoFound: Great Pyrenees on CR 124, June 5, young male, not neutered, red banded collar, no tag, black spot on tip of tongue, cannot keep. 830-216-2380.
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Help Wanted

Floresville ISD is accepting applications at for the position of Electrician, 260 days, 5 days per week, 8 hour workday.
Experienced dog groomer needed as soon as possbile. Call Edna, 210-316-9271.
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Basketball Scores

Basketball Scores
Hannah Lyssy drives to the basket for 2 of her 4 points during Falls City’s win over Three Rivers last Friday. CORINNE SEKULA/Contributor

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January 29, 2014
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Varsity Girls

East Central

East Central def. South San, 53-46.

Hornets: Points: Brittany Rodgers-15, Na’Kia Reid-10, Ariel Allen-9, Taylor Lewis-6, Claudia Flores-6, Janik Alexander-Smith-3, Savannah Avila-2, Miranda Olmos-2. District Record: 3-3.

C.C. King def. East Central, 35-29.

Hornets: No stats reported. District Record: 3-4.


Floresville def. McCollum, 69-37.

Jaguars: Points: Kristyn Coldewey-16, De Havalan Watts-14, McClaine Pawelek-7, Macy Stuart-5, Jilya Holstein-5, Payton Cannon-4, Ashlyn Laskowski-4, Sarina Thompson-3, Lauren Trevino-3, Ashley Hoelscher-2, Cora Mikolajczyk-2, Nanette Labrada-2, Vicky Mayorga-2. Assists: Watts-3, Trevino-3, Amber Wasicek-3, Cannon-2, Labrada-2, Pawelek-1. Rebounds: Laskowski-4, Coldewey-4, Wasicek-4, Hoelscher-3, Mikolajczyk-3, Thompson-3, Pawelek-3, Watts-2, Trevino-2, Stuart-2, Holstein-2, Cannon-1, Labrada-1, Mayorga-1. Steals: Watts-2, Pawelek-2, Cannon-1, Coldewey-1, Stuart-1, Mayorga-1. Blocks: Coldewey-1, Holstein-1. District Record: 9-1. Overall Record: 19-10.

Floresville def. Harlandale, 56-53.

Jaguars: Points: De Havalan Watts-19, Sarina Thompson-8, Lauren Trevino-8, Kristyn Coldewey-8, Cora Mikolajczyk-4, McClaine Pawelek-3, Payton Cannon-2, Ashley Hoelscher-2, Macy Stuart-2. Assists: Hoelscher-3, Pawelek-3, Cannon-2, Thompson-2, Watts-1, Trevino-1. Rebounds: Coldewey-11, Thompson-8, Watts-3, Hoelscher-3, Pawelek-3, Trevino-2, Cannon-1, Mikolajczyk-1. Steals: Watts-4, Cannon-2, Thompson-2, Coldewey-2, Trevino-1, Pawelek-1. District Record: 10-1. Overall Record: 20-10.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Sam Houston, 59-50.

Lady Bears:

Points: Autumn Light-17, Brooke Martinez-15, Madison Towns-9, Mackenzie Ford-6, Jordan Luensmann-6, Kelsee Penshorn-6. Assists: Light-6, Martinez-3, Ford-2, Towns-1, Luensmann-1. Rebounds: Towns-19, Penshorn-13, Martinez-8, Light-3, Ford-1, Luensmann-1. Steals: Martinez-2, Luensmann-1. District Record: 6-0. Overall Record: 21-5.

La Vernia def. Somerset, 46-39.

Lady Bears:

Points: Autumn Light-15, Kelsee Penshorn-8, Jordan Luensmann-6, Madison Towns-4, Brooke Martinez-3. Assists: Light-4, Martinez-1, Luensmann-1. Rebounds: Towns-7, Penshorn-7, Martinez-1, Light-1, Luensmann-1. Steals: Penshorn-3, Martinez-2, Luensmann-2, Light-1. Blocks: Luensmann-1. District Record: 7-0. Overall Record: 22-5.


Poth def. Schulenburg, 57-28.

Pirettes: Points: Justine Quintanilla-15, Dominique DeHoyos-12, Amanda Wauters-11, Devon Dylla-9, McKayla Maha-4, Taylor Lipscomb-2, Shelby Yanta-2, Desiree Rivas-2. District Record: 7-1.

Poth def. Nixon-Smiley, 52-27.

Pirettes: Points: Devon Dylla-13, Justine Quintanilla-12, Dominique DeHoyos-8, Taylor Lipscomb-7, Amanda Wauters-5, Desiree Rivas-3, McKayla Maha-2, Erynn Hosek-2. District Record: 8-1.


Stockdale v. Luling.

Lady Brahmas: No score or stats reported.


Karnes City def. Nixon-Smiley, 50-36.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Alena Alvarez-13, Tyhana Mejia-11, Brooke Hester-4, Celeste Arriaga-4, Megan Guerra-2, Lexi Trammell-2 District Record: 5-4. Overall Record: 15-12.

Poth def. Nixon-Smiley, 52-27.

Lady Mustangs: Points: Megan Guerra-6, Tyhana Mejia-6, Alena Alvarez-4, Savannah Martinez-4, Brooke Hester-4, Celeste Arriaga-3. District Record: 5-5. Overall Record: 15-13.

Falls City

Falls City def. Runge, 83-18.

Beaverettes: Points: Kaelan Cheatham-29, Hannah Lyssy-18, Alyssa Dziuk-10, Haleigh Blocker-8, Grace Dzuik-6, Taylor Moy-4, Quincey Olenick-3, Lexi Ehlers-3, Jordan Lyssy-2. District Record: 6-0. Overall Record: 21-4.

Falls City def. Three Rivers, 66-33.

Beaverettes: Points: Haleigh Blocker-21, Kaelan Cheatham-15, Alyssa Dziuk-7, Lexi Ehlers-6, Hannah Lyssy-4, Alexis Sekula-4, Quincey Olenick-4, Kelsey Labus-2, Grace Dzuik-2. District Record: 7-0. Overall Record: 22-4.

Varsity Boys

East Central

East Central def. South San, 62-47.

Hornets: Points: Brandon McClure-22, Ceddrick Ali-16, Albert Jimenez-10, Jeremy Jones-7, Wanya Ward-3, Brandon Keno-2, Jordan Cantu-2. District Record: 4-0. Overall Record: 18-7.

East Central def. C.C. King, 97-64.

Hornets: Points: Brandon Keno-22, Dylan Guerrero-15, Ethan White-12, Albert Jimenez-11, Brandon McClure-8, Patrick Hamilton-8, Ceddrick Ali-7, Christian Schwartz-7, Wanya Ward-3, Jordan Cantu-2, Hector Sifuentes-2. Assists: Ali-5, McClure-4, Ward-3, Guerrero-2, Jimenez-1, White-1, Keno-1, Cantu-1, Hamilton-1. Rebounds: Keno-9, White-7, Jimenez-6, Ali-4, McClure-4, Guerrero-4, Schwartz-2, Ward-1, Cantu-1, Sifuentes-1, Hamilton-1. Steals: McClure-2, White-2, Keno-2, Schwartz-2, Cantu-2, Ali-1, Ward-1, Jimenez-1, Guerrero-1, Hamilton-1. Blocks: Keno-1, Guerrero-1. District Record:

5-0. Overall Record: 19-7


Floresville def. McCollum, 71-57.

Tigers: Points: Mason Ray-23, Chris Albert-19, Estevan Mendiola-16, Zach Chambers-7, Derek Moczygemba-2, Vernon Marsh-2, Jared Kotzur-2. Assists: Moczygemba-5, Mendiola-2, Ray-1, Marsh-1, Kotzur-1, Chambers-1. Rebounds: Albert-11, Moczygemba-6, Ray-4, Marsh-4, Kotzur-3, Chambers-2. Steals: Albert-1. Blocks: Albert-3, Moczygemba-1, Marsh-1. District Record: 8-0. Overall Record: 12-11.

Harlandale def. Floresville, 83-77.

Tigers: Points: Estevan Mendiola-21, Chris Albert-18, Vernon Marsh-11, Mason Ray-10, Zach Chambers-8, Jared Kotzur-4, Derek Moczygemba-2, Aaron Laskowski-1, Sean Moy-2. Assists: Moczygemba-3, Mendiola-2, Ray-2, Kotzur-2, Albert-2, Laskowski-1, Moy-1, Chambers-1. Rebounds: Marsh-7, Albert-6, Mendiola-4, Moczygemba-3, Kotzur-3, Ray-2, Laskowski-1. Steals: Moczygemba-4, Marsh-4, Kotzur-3, Albert-3, Mendiola-2. Blocks: Albert-2. District Record: 8-1. Overall Record: 12-12.

La Vernia

Sam Houston def. La Vernia, 69-64.

Bears: Points: Colby Sims-28, Austin Pickens-19, Nick Simpson-6, Jonathan Garcia-3, Justus Parker-2, Tanner Sims-2, Zach Balcar-2, Dalton Rockowitz-2. District Record: 3-1. Overall Record: 20-3.

La Vernia def. Somerset, 61-53.

Bears: Points: Colby Sims-20, Tanner Sims-14, Austin Pickens-10, Dalton Rockowitz-8, Zach Balcar-7, Jonathan Garcia-2. District Record: 4-1. Overall Record: 21-3.


Schulenburg def. Poth, 44-35.

Pirates: No stats reported.

Poth def. Nixon-Smiley, 62-51.

Pirates: Points: Kyler Felux-31, Dylan Sefcik-8, Brock Nelson-8, Jerrek Hosek-6, Spencer Flieller-5, Brett Kotara-2, Cody Martinez-2. District Record: 5-3.


Luling def. Stockdale, 70-57.

Brahmas: Points: Joel Marquez-19, Tristan Marquez-12, Gage Haley-8, Jacob Cardenas-7, Wyatt Howard-7, Zach Cavazos-2, Josh Rangel-2. District Record: 0-7.


Karnes City def. Nixon-Smiley, 48-45.

Mustangs: Points: Sam Moore-21, Garrett Earlywine-8, Nick Pena-6, Jared Van Auken-4, Devon Warzecha-2, Luis Limon-2, Jose Melendez-2. District Record: 4-3.

Poth def. Nixon-Smiley, 62-51.

Mustangs: Points: Sam Moore-17, Garrett Earlywine-12, Nick Pena-12, Jordan Van Auken-4, Jose Melendez-4, Jared Van Auken-2. District Record: 4-4.

Falls City

Falls City def. Runge, 44-19.

Beavers: Points: Dean Gaskamp-14, Gabe Jimerson-10, Connor Jendrusch-6, Eric Wiatrek-5, Zach Jimerson-5, Tyler Moore-2, Chase Ramsey-2. Assists: Z. Jimerson-3, Jendrusch-2, G. Jimerson-1. Rebounds: Wiatrek-6, Jendrusch-6, Gaskamp-2, Z. Jimerson-1, Ramsey-1. Steals: G. Jimerson-6, Jendrusch-4, Wiatrek-3, Gaskamp-3, Ramsey-3, Z. Jimerson-2. Blocks: Gaskamp-1, Jimerson-1. District Record: 3-1.

Falls City def. Three Rivers, 51-38.

Beavers: Points: Gabe Jimerson-14, Dean Gaskamp-11, William Stolle-8, Mitch Lyssy-4, Zach Jimerson-4, Eric Wiatrek-3, Connor Jendrusch-3, Connor Dzuik-2, Collin Dzuik-2. Assists: G. Jimerson-3, Lyssy-2, Z. Jimerson-2, Gaskamp-1, Kyle Bronder-1. Rebounds: Wiatrek-6, Lyssy-6, Stolle-4, G. Jimerson-4, Chase Ramsey-3, Jendrusch-2, Gaskamp-1, Z. Jimerson-1, Connor Dzuik-1, Collin Dzuik-1. Steals: Gaskamp-2, Stolle-1, Z. Jimerson-1, G. Jimerson-1. Blocks: Z. Jimerson-1, Dayton Jaskinia-1. District Record: 4-1.

Sub-varsity girls

Floresville JV def. McCollum JV, 54-14.

Floresville Freshmen def. McCollum Freshmen, 74-15.

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