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VideoFound: older Dachshund running down the road. If this is your dog please call (210)789-0925. Will need proof and verification that the dog is your's.
Lost Bull registered Black Angus last seen Eagle Creek, Oakfields area, south of 775 July 20th. 214 freeze branded left hip & tattooed in ears. Green eartag.Larry Smith 210 557-9201
Lost: Black cow off Hwy. 119 and Denhawken area, has a horseshoe brand with N on left hip and two ear tags. Call 830-391-5589 or 830-391-4802.
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Help Wanted

Office assistant needed, part-time office help for business in Floresville. Call for an application, 830-391-2808.
Seeking individual to work in a local child-care center, paid holidays, etc., must be high school grad or GED. Apply in person at Cubs Country Childcare, 212 FM 1346 in La Vernia.
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Area Softball & Baseball Scores

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East Central

East Central def. South San, 15-5.

Hornets: Runs: Haydi Bugarin-4, Taylor Doege-3, Alexis Macias-2, Hailey Reynolds-2, Kendall Talley-1, Angel Lopez-1, Madison Strunk-1, Alyssa Sanchez-1. RBIs: Doege-3, Lopez-3, Bugarin-2, Reynolds-2, Strunk-1, Taylor Perez-1. Hits: Bugarin-4 (2 doubles), Doege-4, Lopez-3 (1 double), Strunk-2 (1 home run), Talley-1, Macias-1, Reynolds-1 (double), Chelsea Taylor-1, Perez-1, Gracie Becerra-1. Walks: Strunk-1. Stolen bases: Doege-1, Reynolds-1, Talley-1. Pitching: Strunk-5 strikeouts, 2 walks, 6 hits, 2 earned runs.

East Central def. C.C. King, 5-0.

Hornets: No stats reported.


Floresville def. Kennedy, 12-2.

Jaguars: No stats reported.

Floresville def. Southside, 7-3.

Jaguars: No stats reported.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Sam Houston, 17-0.

Lady Bears: Runs: Alison Saenz-3, Kara Myrick-3, Annie Roswell-2, Renee Cummings-2, Kailee Wegehaupt-2, Rachel Goddard-2, Savannah Martinez-1, Morgan Mikes-1, Lauren Burkett-1. RBIs: Mikes-3, Saenz-1, Roswell-1, Cummings-1, Burkett-1, Goddard-1. Hits: Myrick-2, Roswell-2 (1 home run), Cummings-2 (1 double), Wegehaupt-2, Saenz-1, Mikes-1 (triple), Burkett-1, Goddard-1. Walks: Saenz-2, Martinez-1, Mikes-1, Roswell-1, Cummings-1, Wegehaupt-1. Stolen bases: Cummings-1, Wegehaupt-1, Goddard-1. Pitching: Mikes-7 strikeouts, 1 walk.

La Vernia def. Somerset, 4-0. Lady Bears: Runs: Alison Saenz-2, Kara Myrick-1, Johnna Sturm-1. RBIs: Sturm-1, Savannah Martinez-1. Hits: Sturm-2. Walks: Martinez-2, Saenz-1, Annie Roswell-1. Stolen bases: Sturm-2, Saenz-1, Martinez-1. Pitching: Morgan Mikes-8 strikeouts, 1 walk, 5 hits.


Karnes City def. Poth, 15-10.

Pirettes: Runs: Morgan Urbanczyk-2, Lauren Pape-2, Maddie Caloss-1, Haley Cooper-1, Alison Jarzombek-1, Amanda Lyssy-1, Adia Cruz-1, Jessie Montez-1. RBIs: Pape-2, Cruz-2, Kayla Keyser-1, Jarzombek-1, Lyssy-1. Hits: Pape-3 (1 double), Urbanczyk-2, Caloss-2, Cooper-2, Cruz-2, Keyser-1, Jarzombek-1, Lyssy-1, Montez-1. Walks: Montez-1. Pitching: Morgan Reed-1 strikeout, 4 walks, 2 hits, 1 earned run; Cooper-2 strikeouts, 2 walks, 5 hits.

Blanco def. Poth, 17-2.

Pirettes: No stats reported.


Stockdale v. Nixon-Smiley.

Lady Brahmas: No score or stats reported.

Hallettsville def. Stockdale, 13-2.

Lady Brahmas: No stats reported.


Nixon-Smiley v. Stockdale.

Lady Mustangs: No score or stats reported.

Nixon-Smiley v. Luling

Lady Mustangs: No score or stats reported.

Falls City

Falls City v. Runge

Beaverettes: No score or stats reported.

Falls City vs. Pettus.

Beaverettes: No score or stats reported.


East Central

Southwest def. East Central, 6-5.

Hornets: Runs: Russell Brown-1, Joseph Gutierrez-1, Aaron Jaramillo-1, Justin Upshaw-Mendoza-1, Brandon Keno-1. RBIs: Brown-1, Jaramillo-1, Carlos Gallegos Jr.-1. Upshaw-Mendoza-1, Kody Ramon-1. Hits: Brown-2 (1 triple), Jaramillo-2, Gutierrez-1, Fernando Luna-1, Upshaw-Mendoza-1, Ramon-1, Keno-1. Walks: Jaramillo-2, Gutierrez-1, Gallegos Jr.-1, Upshaw-Mendoza-1, Chris Trevino-1. Stolen bases: Upshaw-Mendoza-1. Pitching: Jacob Guerra (loss)-5 strikeouts, 2 walks, 6 hits, 1 earned run; Ruben Pena Jr.-2 walks; Jaramillo-1 hit.

South San def. East Central, 9-3.

Hornets: Runs: Russell Brown-1, Justin Upshaw-Mendoza-1, Chris Trevino-1. RBIs: Aaron Jaramillo-1, Carlos Gallegos Jr.-1, Brandon Keno-1. Hits: Brown-1, Fernando Luna-1, Jaramillo-1, Gallegos Jr.-1, Trevino-1 (double), Keno-1. Walks: Brown-1, Upshaw-Mendoza-1. Stolen bases: Brown-1, Upshaw-Mendoza-1. Pitching: Upshaw-Mendoza-4 strikeouts, 6 walks, 7 hits, 4 earned runs


Floresville def. Kennedy, 4-1.

Tigers: Runs: Luke Smith-2, Matthew Arevalos-1, Mark Livesay-1. RBIs: Aaron Laskowski-2, Scott Gonzales-1. Hits: Smith-2, Arevalos-1, Laskowski-1, Gonzales-1. Walks: Arevalos-1. Stolen bases: Arevalos-1, Smith-1. Pitching: Nick Sifuentes-5 strikeouts, 2 walks, 4 hits.

Floresville def. Southside, 10-4.

Tigers: Runs: Scott Gonzales-2, Daniel Ramirez-2, Jared Kotzur-2, Luke Smith-1, Matthew Pollok-1, Tyler Masur-1, John Ramdass-1. RBIs: Matthew Arevalos-2, Trevor Moy-2, Smith-1. Hits: Gonzales-2, Kotzur-2 (1 double), Jared Morin-1, Ramirez-1, Smith-1, E.T. Guerro-1. Walks: Arevalos-2, Moy-2, Morin-1. Stolen bases: Kyle Bippert-1. Pitching: Arevalos (win)-1 strikeout, 1 walk, 5 hits, 2 earned runs; Kotzur-2 strikeouts.

La Vernia

La Vernia def. Sam Houston, 15-0.

Bears: Runs: Justus Parker-3, Tanner Sims-2, Dylan Tuten-2, Christian Bruce-2, Cody Cook-1, Colby Skelton-1, Rudy Mendoza-1, Justin Trevino-1, Tristan Gardner-1, Colton Parrish-1. RBIs: Parker-4, Skelton-2, Trevino-2, Parrish-2, Tanner Sims-1, Mendoza-1, Bruce-1. Hits: Parker-4 (2 doubles), Tuten-2, Bruce-2 (1 double), Trevino-2 (1 double), Parrish-2 (1 double), Austin Starks-1, Anthony Sherrard-1, Cook-1, Skelton-1, Tanner Sims-1, Mendoza-1. Stolen bases: Tuten-1, Tanner Sims-1, Bruce-1, Parrish-1. Pitching: Skelton (win)-4 strikeouts, 1 walk; Sherrard-4 strikeouts.

La Vernia def. Somerset, 11-3.

Bears: Runs: Justin Trevino-4, Colby Sims-2, Christian Bruce-1, Cole Lowry-1, Tristan Gardner-1, Justus Parker-1, Colton Parrish-1. RBIs: Trevino-2, Bruce-1, Lowry-1. Hits: Trevino-3 (1 home run, 1 double), Bruce-2, Lowry-2, Skelton-2, Rudy Mendoza-1, Dylan Tuten-1, Parker-1. Walks: Parrish-2, Mendoza-1, Lowry-1, Gardner-1. Stolen bases: Parrish-2, Skelton-1, Bruce-1, Trevino-1. Pitching: Mendoza-4 strikeouts, 1 walk, 5 hits, 2 earned runs; Anthony Sherrard-1 strikeout; Austin Preiss-3 strikeouts.


Karnes City def. Poth, 8-6.

Pirates: Runs: Rhett Kelley-2, Thomas Krawietz-1, Matt Cantu-1, Brett Kotara-1, Preslee Moy-1. RBIs: Krawietz-2, Hayden Dallmeyer-1, Cantu-1, Koby Pruski-1. Hits: Krawietz-2 (1 triple), Kelley-1, Blake Lyssy-1, Cantu-1, Pruski-1. Walks: Kotara-2, Kelley-1, Cantu-1, Pruski-1, Moy-1. Stolen bases: Cantu-3, Kelley-2, Krawietz-1. Pitching: Moy-14 strikeouts, 9 hits, 2 earned runs.


Stockdale def. Nixon-Smiley, 2-0.

Brahmas: Runs: Bandy Larison-1, Dylan Dunn-1. RBIs: Gage Haley-1. Hits: Haley-2, Tristan Marquez-1, Dunn-1, Jesse Opela-1, Tyler Cowley-1. Walks: Larison-1, Josh Rangel-1. Stolen bases: Haley-2, Dunn-1, Matt Hartman-1. Pitching: Larison-8 strikeouts, 1 walk, 2 hits.

Hallettsville def. Stockdale, 9-0.

Brahmas: Hits: Isaiah Garza-1, Jesse Opela-1, Tyler Cowley-1. Walks: Garza-2, Tristan Marquez-1, Ty Zella-1, Gage Haley-1, Opela-1. Stolen bases: Garza-3, Joel Marquez-1, Haley-1. Pitching: Opela (loss)-2 strikeouts, 2 walks, 1 hit, 2 earned runs; Tristan Marquez-3 strikeouts, 1 walk; Haley-2 walks, 3 hits, 2 earned runs; Cowley-2 strikeouts, 5 hits, 2 earned runs.


Stockdale def. Nixon-Smiley, 2-0.

Mustangs: Hits: Carlos Rodriguez-1 (double), Dylan Maldonado-1. Walks: Nick Pena-1. Stolen bases: Pena-1, Maldonado-1. Pitching: Diego Pompa-1 strikeout, 3 walks, 5 hits, 2 earned runs.

Luling def. Nixon-Smiley, 12-1.

Mustangs: Runs: Diego Pompa-1. Hits: Pompa-1. Walks: Nick Pena-1. Stolen bases: Pompa-1. Pitching: Pena (loss)-2 strikeouts, 3 hits, 5 earned runs; Jordan Van Auken-1 strikeout, 1 walk, 7 hits, 1 earned run.

Falls City

Falls City def. Runge, 16-4.

Beavers: Runs: Gabe Jimerson-3, Cody Houdmann-3, Justin Twine-2, Dean Gaskamp-2, Jonathan Sekula-2, Zach Jimerson-2, Mitch Lyssy-1, Austen Camber-1. RBIs: Gabe Jimerson-4, Sekula-2, Houdmann-2, Twine-1, Devon Lyssy-1, Mitch Lyssy-1, Zach Jimerson-1. Hits: Gabe Jimerson-3 (1 triple), Gaskamp-3, Houdmann-3 (2 doubles), Twine-2 (1 double), Sekula-2 (1 double), Zach Jimerson-2, Devon Lyssy-1 (double), Mitch Lyssy-1, Camber-1. Walks: Twine-1, Gaskamp-1, Sekula-1, Lyssy-1, Jimerson-1. Stolen bases: Zach Jimerson-3, Gaskamp-2, Twine-2, Sekula-1, Mitch Lyssy-1. Pitching: Camber-6 strikeouts, 6 hits, 4 earned runs.

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