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Found: Female puppy, F.M. 539 area, La Vernia, must describe to claim. 501-766-7711.
Lost: Border Collie, black and light brown, 9 months old, wearing a green collar, last seen Sept. 22 near CR 427 in Poth. If found call 210-324-1208.
Found: 2 brindle cows, on Sept. 12, at the end of La Gura Rd. in South Bexar County, located between South Loop 1604 and the San Antonio River, Gillett Rd. on east and Schultz Rd. on the west. Call after 8 p.m., 210-310-9206.
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Help Wanted

Warning: While most advertisers are reputable, some are not. Unfortunately the Wilson County News cannot guarantee the products or services of those who buy advertising space in our pages. We urge our readers to use great care, and when in doubt, contact the San Antonio Better Business Bureau, 210-828-9441, BEFORE spending money. If you feel you have been the victim of fraud, contact the Consumer Protection Office of the Attorney General in Austin, 512-463-2070.
ON-CALL CRISIS POOL WORKERS NEEDED. Part-time positions are available for after hours “on-call” crisis workers to respond to mental health crisis for Wilson and Karnes Counties. Duties include crisis interventions, assessments, referrals to stabilization services, and referrals for involuntary treatment services according to the Texas Mental Health Laws. You must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, sociology, social work, nursing, etc. On-call hours are from 5 p.m.-8 a.m. weekdays, weekends and holidays vary. If selected, you must attend required training and must be able to report to designated safe sites within 1 hour of request for assessment. Compensation is at a rate of $200 per week plus $100 per completed and submitted crisis assessment, and mileage. If interested call Camino Real Community Services, 210-357-0359.
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Tomorrows leaders: East Central High School 2014 graduates

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Ivan Aceves
Jayson Acosta
Adrian Aguilar
Jeanette Alarcon
Sarahy Alarcon
Gabriela Alcantar
Myilinda Aldama
Zachary Aldridge
Matthew Alexander
Ceddrick Ali
Ariel Allen
Austin Allen
Tyler Allen
Omar Almaguer
Andrea Denise Alon-Alon
Isaiah Alonzo
Daniel Alvarado
Jacqlyn Alvarado
Samantha Alvarado
Addaline Alvarez
Ariana Alvarez
Daniella Alvarez
Jonathan Alvarez
Elora Andrade
Timothy Andrade
Miranda Arredondo
Tom Anthony
Geostin Arellano
Jimena Argueta
Javier Arizola
Megan Armstrong
Payton Armstrong
Desiree Arredondo
Miranda Arredondo
Savannah Avila
Mariah Avilez
Miranda Ayala
Victoria Ayala
Tanner Ayers
Kyle Bailes
Maddison Bailes
Louis Baker
Gabriel Banda
Desiree Barnhardt
Ariel Barrera
Nicole Barrett
Anthony Barrios
Melody Barry
Ruben Bautista
Marissa Baylor
Derrick Belcher
Billy Bell
Garrett Belt
Carlos Beltran
Horacio Benavides
Yariah Benavides
Elvis Benitez
Shelby Benner
Dru Bergeron
Katheryn Bernal
Todd Bettice
Jonathan Birrueta
Christopher Blanco
Javier Bocanegra
Anthony Borrego
Katalina Bosquez
Eva Bradshaw
Micah Briggs
Amber Brown
Russell Brown
Kyle Budde
Kathryn Burgess
Ashley Burkett
Joe Bustos
Derek Butler
Cynthia Cabrito
Erika Cadena
Marko Cadena
Rey Cadena
Katie Campa
Samuel Campos
Claudia Cantu
Jordan Cantu
Brandon Carnes
Sabrina Carrillo
Alondra Carrillo-Arocha
Kennedy Carter
Cheyenne Carver
Elizabeth Casanova
Harley Casares
Brian Casarez
Emilio Casarez
Devyn Casias
Destinee Castillo
Leanne Castillo
Isabella Cavazos
Anissa Cervera
Colton Chamberlain
Jeremy Chamberlain
Sean Chapman
Anjelica Chase
Rojelio Chavera
Dennis Chavez
Raul Chavez
Megan Childress
Jaelynn Clark
Angella Clement
Lauren Clendennen
Justin Coffman
Cody Colby
Kyla Colley
Destyne Condel
Nicholas Contreras
Brittany Copland
Timothy Cordova
Justin Correa
Danielle Cortez
Phillip Cortez
Ricardo Cortez
Ashliegh Coy
Tyler Crank
Rylee Criswell
Harley Cruz
Matthew Cruz
Yahaira Damian
Marvin Davis
Robert Davis
Christiana Davis Thomas
Zachary Davis-Ramirez
Cristian De La Cerda
Daniel De La Fuentes
Kianna De La Garza
Daniel De Leon
Dorothy Dear
Dan DeLaCruz
Devan DeLaCruz
Nieves DeLaFuente
Daniel DeLaFuentes
Manuel Delgado
Tyler Deville
Esteban Diaz
Kolton Dieckow
Andrew Dillard
Joshua Divin
Derek Dixon
Taylor Doege
Alina Dominguez
Raven Donally
Jaqueline Dorton
Alex Dotson
Maisha Dramiga
Devin Durham
Jeffrey Dzierzanski
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Justine Encino
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Alfred Esparza
Alexandra Esquivel
Fernando Esquivel
Jake Esquivel
Kathleen Esquivel
Roberto Esquivel
Victoria Fancki
Arturo Farias
Saria Farias
Emerald Favella
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Justin Fernandez
Kayylen Fernandez
Gabriel Figueroa
William Fletcher
Andrew Flores
Anthony Flores
Claudia Flores
Frank Flores
Katy Flores
Roger Flores
Stephanie Flores
Yadira Flores
Glen Fluitt
Michael Fountain
Caid Franckowiak
Corbin Friant
Gabriel Fuentes
Chasity Funari
Gianna Galan
Mauricio Galarza
Argenis Galindo
Christian Galindo
Ameriz Gamez
Richard Garay
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Andee Garcia
Destiny Garcia
Joseph Garcia
Kevin Garcia
Lauren Garcia
Orlando Garcia
Vanessa Garcia
Javier Garcia
Miguel Garcia-Rangel
Jennifer Garza
Joshua Garza
Miquel Kian Garza
Ruby Garza
Yadira Garza
Mark Gasca Toscano
Ciarra Gawlik
Camryn Geissler
Stephenie Geistweidt
Alicia Ghenatos
Tamika Gloria
Sarah Godwin
Ariel Golightly
Briana Gomez
Dylon Gomez
Alec Gonzales
Briana Gonzales
Devin Gonzales
Dillon Gonzales
Gabriella Gonzales
Jovan Gonzales
Katelyn Gonzales
Lauren Gonzales
Charles Gonzalez
Christopher Gonzalez
Feliz Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez
Julia Gonzalez
Kimberly Gonzalez
Marisela Gonzalez
Mirella Gonzalez
William Granados
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Megan Green
Tabitha Greene
Cody Gregory
Ritchie Gregory
Mickaelo Guerra
Dylan Guerrero
Joshua Guerrero
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James Gutierrez
Alonso Gutierrez Bujanda
Daniel Guzman
Lindsay Hamer
Robert Hammon
Shelby Hardin
Alysa Harroff
Kaila Hatcher
Logan Heinesh
Natalie Helire
Kenya Henderson
Cheyenne Hendricks
Tristen Henze
Angel Hernandez
Antonio Hernandez
Autumn Hernandez
Blake Hernandez
Courtney Hernandez
Elijah Hernandez
Ernesto Hernandez
Jolyne Hernandez
Juan Hernandez
Julian Hernandez
Lea Hernandez
Maricela Hernandez
Monica Hernandez
Moses Hernandez
Raul Hernandez
Samantha Hernandez
Stephanie Hernandez
Troy Hernandez
Veronica Hernandez
Eduardo Hernandez Hernandez
Michael Hernandez Olvera
Agustin Hernandez Rodriguez
Jake Herrera
Myles Hester
Jordan Hevner
Brittany Hicks
Brooklynn Hilton
Cheyenne Hines
Treyvon Hinson
Jalisa Hockley
Kaylon Hopkins
Mikaila Horsman
Gilbert Huizar
Matthew Hunker
Walter Huntington
Ambyr Hurst
Alexis Hyatt
Ez-Aldeen Ideis
Damian Isaac
Johnathan Jackson
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Nia Jaramillo
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Albert Jimenez
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Meagan Juarez
Christopher Keller
Trey Kelley
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Tanner Kelly
Marnie Klesel
Heather Knowlton
Shelbi Knox
Alyssa Koenning
Ann Kongglang
Joshua Kowalik
Denise Kung
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Juan Landeros
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Mordecai Lawshea
Roger Lawson
Jacquelyn Leija
Jordan Lemons
Jon Liberda
Samantha Limon
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Jonathan Long
Alexandra Lopez
Christian Lopez
Lisa Lopez
Perla Lopez
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Kelsey Lucio
Yazmin Luevanos
Melissa Luna
Nathan Luna
Alexis Macias
Shar’Ronda Mack
Daniel Madrigal
Cristina Mann
Eugene Marquez
Ariana Marroquin
Breana Martinez
Chelsea Martinez
Christian Martinez
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Victoria Martinez
Walberto Martinez
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Anthony Mata
Fabian Mata
Steven Mata
Lewis McClure
Brandon McClure
Aundrea McCord
Damonte McCoy
Willowmina McDonald
Wyatt McDonald
Garrett McGloin
Johnathan McPeters
Miranda Medellin
Miranda Meija
Robert Mejia
Alexandra Melendez
Raul Melendez
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Adolph Mendoza
Georgina Mendoza
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Catherine Millard
Cody Miller
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Jeremy Miller
Rainah Miller
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Joseph Montalvo
Selena Montalvo
Edith Montalvo Ramos
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Marcelle Moore
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Reyna MorenoAcosta
Lawrence Mosley
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Yusuf Muhammad
Jacob Munguia
Andrew Munoz
Jessika Murphy
Dylan Murray
Adrian Naranjo
Laura Narvaez
Nia Nava
Bianca Navarro
Sarah Niemeier
Summer Nino
Joshua Nowlin
Keith O’Brien
Marissa O’Brien
Austin Oates
Sergio Obregon
Alexis Obregon Machuca
Caleb Okon
Sergio Oliva
Erica Olivarez
Michael Olvera
Miranda Ornelaz
Adrian Orozco
Antonio Ortiz
David Ortiz
Gilbert Ortiz
Jozie Ortiz
Raymond Ortiz
Eddie Ortiz-Moran
Robin Ott
Lazaro Ozuna
Ashli Pacheco
Joshua Palmer
Jeremy Pappas
Fallon Pavlas
Rocco Paz
Corey Pederson
Benjamin Pedraza
Melanie Pena
Jose Pena Jr.
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Brittany Peralez
Luis Perea
Alejandria Perez
Andrew Perez
Bernardo Perez
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Kailyn Perez
Mariel Perez
Raul Perez
Madison Peterson
Channalee Phelan
Shane Phelan
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Adam Pieniazek
Dulce Pitacua
Alexander Ploetz
John Pond
Seth Porter
Ana Portillo
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Martin Prieto
Frank Proano
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Naciely Puga
Courtney Ramirez
Luz Ramirez
Leonardo Ramirez Paulin
Pedro Ramirez
Reynaldo Ramirez
Claudia Ramirez-Coronado
Rosalio Ramirez-Delgado
Issac Ramon
Kody Ramon
Brittany Ramos
Robert Ramos
Gerald Ramzinski
Joshua Rangel
Dakota Rapstine
Cheyann Ray
Eric Ray
Isaac Raygoza
Jacob Recio
Na’Kiah Reid
Juan Reyes
Marc Reyes
Moriah Reyna
Sterling Reynolds
Mike Rico
Rosalba Rios
Myra Rios
Matthew Ritch
Luis Rivas
Alexandria Rivera
Amanda Rivera
Draven Rivera
Jesse Rivera
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Jennifer Robey
Peachlyn Robinson
Terrilin Robinson
Angelica Robles
Joe Anthony Robles
Jonathan Robles
Richard Robles
Xavier Rocha
Esteban Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez
Daniella Rodriguez
Erin Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez
Jeremy Rodriguez
Miranda Rodriguez
Raul Rodriguez
Angelica Rodriguez-Bolden
Brianna Rodriguez-Valero
Tyler Rogers
Rosa Rojas
Sara Roman
Dalton Romero
Yolanda Romo
Brandon Ruiz
Elaine Ruiz
Nathan Ruiz
Savannah Ruiz
Destiny Rutherford
Ross Sacriste
Rebekah Salas
Samuel Salazar
Joe Salazar II
Eduardo Sanchez
Fabian Sanchez
Gabriella Sanchez
Michael Sanchez
Zoey Sanchez
Fernanda Sanchez Hernandez
Andrea Sanchez Morales
Lashay Sandoval
Meghan Sauceda
Claissa Saucedo
Caylee Schaedler
Trenten Schmidt
Lauren Schodts
Sarah Schuchardt
Christian Schwartz
Alyxandria Scott
Colton Scott
Kaevon Scott
Robin Sczepanik
Cody Sells
Kristen Sendemer
Hunter Shadrock
McCoy Shadrock
Matthew Shaner
Joanna Shannon
LaShante Sherman
Joshua Sherwood
Jose Sierra
Walker Slates
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith
Elora Smith
Michael Smith
Katherine Snider
Gregory Sparks
Lalania Spaulding
Gabrielle Stafford
Casey Starr
Dalton Steele
Markus Stephens
Aaliyah Stewart
Tyanna Stewart
Aalyiah Stywall
Shawn Summers
Dylan Sutton
Sierra Tapia
Joe Tarin
Lane Tate
Tiarra Taylor
Regina Terrazas
John Thomas
Noel Thomas
Daniel Thompson
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Steve Tovar
Wesley Townsend
Adriana Trevino
Christopher Trevino
Michael Trevino
Angel Turcios
Iniaye Turner
Jarrett Urbanczyk
Karina Valdes
Angie Valencia
Patsy Vanblaricum
Amber Vance
Eligio Vargas
Amparo Vasquez
Brittany Vasquez
Daemien Vasquez
Daisy Vasquez
Hilda Vasquez
Isaac Vasquez
Kimberly Vasquez
Rebecca Vasquez
Dominique Vega
Sadie Vega
Nicholas Velasquez
Karla Villafranco Lopez
Valerie Villagran
Chloe Villarreal
Emilio Villarreal
Sabian Villarreal
Corbyn Vordenbaum
Clayton Walleck
Timothy Wallis
Russell Walter
Trevor Warren
Jason Watkins
Adam Watts
Cornelius Watts
Dustin Webb
James White
Megan Whittley
Corey Wilhite
Gloria Wilson
Joseph Wilson
Isabella Witherspoon
George Woods
Melissa Ybarra
Keith Zaiontz
Alex Zavala
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