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Reb's Race Report

IMCATexas Nationals/Lone Star Series @ Heart o' Texas Speedway, 7/4-5/14

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July 8, 2014 | 2,493 views | Post a comment

Waco, TX.,(July 5th, 2014) After a huge night of racing, and post-race partying, Heart o' Texas Speedway concluded their big Independence Day weekend show with the final points runs for the Lone Star series in all four IMCA Classes(Modifieds, Southern Sportmods, Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks). Fans were also treated to a fireworks display at intermission.

It was a whole new night of action on the 1/4 mile, high-banked, dirt oval with a complete show for all IMCA classes, plus Street Stocks, Bombers, Mini Stocks and Twisters also competed for track points.

Last nights winners, Dean Abbey(Modified), Jake Upchurch(Sportmod), Chad Estes(I-Stock) and Shannon Dulock(Hobby Stock) look to repeats their efforts.

Once again the Modifieds not only vied for the $1000 payday but their chance to qualify for the 2014 IMCA Fast Shafts Invitational ballot.

Lucky Littlejohn Scores Modified Main
Just when it looked like Dean Abbey would be the only driver to double up for the weekend, racing fate stepped in. Abbey, who led from green with Nicholas Littlejohn on his tail throughout the first 18 laps, had a hub break on a late restart and stacked up the field.

Littlejohn got a slight piece of the action but was able to clear the ensuing melee that took over several of the front runners. Once back to racing, Little john was challenged by Justin Cass on the final restart, but held him off for the victory. Mike McCarthy, Pat McGuire and Keith Green survived the carnage for other top five spots.

Some gamesmanship on the front row should have been a sign of what was to come in the 20-lap IMCA Modified main. After two aborted starts that saw the pole sitter put back a row it was Abbey of turn 2 first trailed by Littlejohn, Darryl Campbell, Johnny Sheets and Ben Ketteman. Keith White quickly moved around Ketteman for fifth as the top four put a gap on the rest of the field.

In the pack, Glen Hibbard, Justin Cass and Eric Tomlinson were three wide for ninth. Coming up to halfway Littlejohn was pressuring Abbey for the lead with Campbell, Sheets and White a distant fifth. Littlejohn stayed within a couple car lengths until lap 14 when he slipped and fell to Campbell and Sheets.

Abbey now a huge lead, but a yellow for Billy Bachmeyer, who was stopped at the top of turns 1-2, rebunched the pack. Abbey got a clean get away on green with Sheets and K. White getting past Campbell. Campbell got turned around in turn 4 with JP Dowell, Josh McGaha, Hibbard, Ketteman and Chad Melton in a pile. Tempers flared after the incident until order was restored.

AgainAbbey got the jump on Littlejohn, Sheets, K. White and Tomlinson. With two to go, Abbey looked to be the only weekend double winner, but Melton stopped in turn 4 bringing the caution out on lap 18. As the green flag waved again Abbey broke a hub on the left rear wheel stacking up the field and collecting Justin Radcliff, Joe Spillman, and Tomlinson.

After a red for a fan that struck by debris in the stands, Littlejohn now held point with Cass, Hardy Henderson, Mike McCarthy and Pat McGuire in tow. As the green waved again it was Cass taking a look low on Littlejohn for the lead, but not able to get by. On the final lap Cass tried one last time, but came up short as Littlejohn in the Builders Electric, Wells Racing Engines, Paul Cook Racing Chassis took home the victory.

"Dean(Abbey) was fast, it was his to lose," said Littlejohn. "I got a little bit of him after the studs pulled out of the hub. It was just one of those deals and when it came apart he just turned sideways in front of us. I was fortunate enough to clear it and keep going."

"I'm all about winning, that's all anybody wants to do. I just tried to get up to him and I could so I was just saving the tires, waiting to see if I could do anything at the end."

"This was my first weekend in this car and I was phone with Paul Cook that designed it all night. I was giving him feedback up until the last race before mine. He told me what to do and here we are. If it wasn't for him, my dad allowing me to drive his car and Junior sponsoring us I wouldn't be standing here."

IMCA Modifieds
87 Nicholas Littlejohn, 56 Justin Cass, 20 Mike McCarthy, 9 Pat McGuire, 5 Keith Green, 911 Josh McGaha, 11j Justin Radcliff, 44 Joe Spillman, 45t Eric Tomlinson, 63 Hardy Henderson, 37 Ben Ketteman, 1 Keith White, 26 Dean Abbey, 96 Johnny Sheets, 71 Chad Melton, 38 Billy Bachmeyer, 3 Sam Cox, 183 Darryl Campbell---BF(unsportsmanlike), 127 Glen Hibbard----BF(unsportsmanlike), 715 JP Dowell---BF(rough driving)

IMCA Modified B-mains(top 4 to A-main)
B-main 1; 5 Keith Green, 44 Joe Spillman, 3 Sam Cox, 38 Billy Bachmeyer jr., 52 Ken Old, 28 Billy Williams, 51p David Pierce, 07jd Joe Morales, 27 Marlin Samford, 83 Chad Estes

B-main 2; 715 JP Dowell, 911 Josh McGaha, 20 Mike McCarthy, 11j Justin Radcliff, 2w Paul White, 27g Dwayne Grantham, 777 Jason Hubert, 34w Ronnie Warren, 717 GW Egbert, 808 Craig Mendenhall, 13 Jerry Frydrych

IMCA heats(top 3 transfer)
Heat 1; 63 Hardy Henderson, 37 Ben Ketteman, 71 Chad Melton, 51p David Pierce, 5 Keith Green, 44 Joe Spillman, 38 Billy Bachmeyer jr, 28 Billy Williams

Heat 2; 9 Pat McGuire, 183 Darryl Campbell, 56 Justin Cass, 911 Josh McGaha , 20 Mike McCarthy, 2w Paul White, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 808 Craig Mendenhall, 34w Ronnie Warren

Heat 3; 87L Nicholas Littlejohn, 26 Dean Abbey, 96 Johnny Sheets, 3 Sam Cox, 52 Ken Old, 27 Marlin Samford, 83 Chad Estes, 07jd Joe Morales

Heat 4; 45t Eric Tomlinson, 127 Glen Hibbard, 1 Keith White, 715 JP Dowell, 11j Justin Radcliff, 717 GW Egbert, 777 Jason Hubert, 27g Dwayne Grantham

Kiphen Conquers Sportmod Field
Sid Kiphen, who was off on his heavy, rutty set up Friday had it dialed in Saturday on the dry, rubbered up track surface. Kiphen jumped out from the pole and was never headed as he went wire to wire for the win. Kiphen was chased early by James Guyton, but pulled away leaving the others behind. Jacob Pirkle got close on a restart, but wasn't able to keep up with Kiphen as he rebuilt a nice margin at the finish. Behind Pirkle were Guyton, Chris Cogburn and Timothy Cummings in the top five.

Kiphen was first off turn 2 with the lead as the 20-car, 20-lap IMCA Sportmod feature fired off. Chasing Kiphen were Guyton, Mark Patterson, Pirkle and Jarrett Roberts. Pirkle used the top go drive around Patterson leaving him three abreast with Roberts and David Goode jr. Roberts backed out with Patterson and D. Goode still side by side.

Behind the lead group it was four wide for sixth until Don Painter cleared the path. Kiphen was just beginning to run away when yellow waved for Jeff Sheppard who stopped in turn 4. On the restart Pirkle got second from Guyton with D. Goode and Cogburn side by side for fifth. At the crossed flags, Kiphen had rebuilt his lead over Pirkle, Guyton, Patterson and Cogburn.

JC Howell appeared to break coming off turn 2 setting off a chain reaction on the back stretch collecting several cars and bringing out a red to clear the blocked track. Back to green, Cogburn got past Patterson who quickly faded with problems. As the white flag waved, Kiphen had set sail again easily taking the checkers in his K&S Backhoe Service, Bell County Electrical Supply, NateMare Wraps, Hooked Up Guide Service, CenTex Motorsports powered, Express Chassis by CAM.

"It was a whole different track tonight," replied Kiphen. "We made a few changes from Friday because it didn't work so well as rough as it was. We came out after the heat race and changed tires. The car was good tonight. We didn't too big changes, these cars are pretty sensitive."

"My crew chief, Kyle(Bloodworth), just told me to get up on the wheel and drive it like you always do. I just tried to hit my spots and not mess up. I knew there were some fast cars out there and didn't want to make any mistakes."

"The worst thing about starting on the pole is trying to find a good line. I watched some of the races before and pretty well knew it would be mid to upper track. The track was fast, even though it went dry slick, it took on some rubber."

IMCA Southern Sportmods
58 Sid Kiphen, 141 Jacob Pirkle, 68 James Guyton, 601 Chris Cogburn, 1 Timothy Cummings, 21 Chris Florio, 10d Don Painter, 55 TJ Green, 24 Jake Upchurch, 7g David Goode jr, 37 Jeffrey Abbey, 6 Jarrett Roberts, 00 Brad Shirley, 17 Jeff Sheppard, 66 Johnny Torres, 9m Mark Patterson, 4g Garett Rawls, 951 Steve Hayes, 103 JC Howell, 00x Clark Warren

IMCA SSM B-mains(top 4 to A-main)
B-main 1; 00 Brad Shirley, 66 Johnny Torres, 4g Garett Rawls, 00x Clark Warren, 712 Colton Monroe, 002 Kevin Dobecka, 9j Cody Shaw, 5 Kevin Green, 53 Robert Scrivner, 13g Sarah Goode, 88m Calen Mohler, 777m Lodi Mitchell---DNS

B-main 2; 24 Jake Upchurch, 21 Chris Florio, 17 Jeff Sheppard, 37 Jeffrey Abbey, 42 Justin Long, 777 James Hanusch, 30s David Sanford, 11t Tom Grothues, 44 Anthony Simcik, 2f Greg Frazer---BF(rough driving), 21f John Freeman---DNS

IMCA SSM heats(top 3 transfer)
Heat 1; 6 Jarrett Roberts, 68 James Guyton, 55 TJ Green, 66 Johnny Torres, 712 Colton Monroe, 5 Kevin Green, 53 Robert Scrivner, 002 Kevin Dobecka, 9j Cody Shaw

Heat 2; 951 Steve Hayes, 58 Sid Kiphen, 1 Timothy Cummings, 24 Jake Upchurch, 2f Greg Frazer, 37 Jeffrey Abbey, 42 Justin Long, 21f John Freeman, 11t Tom Grothues

Heat 3; 141 Jacob Pirkle, 601 Chris Cogburn, 9m Mark Patterson, 00 Brad Shirley, 00x Clark Warren, 13g Sarah Goode, 4g Garett Rawls, 88m Calen Mohler, 777m Lodi Mitchell

Heat 4; 103 JC Howell, 7g David Goode jr., 10d Don Painter, 17 Jeff Sheppard, 21 Chris Florio, 777 James Hanusch, 30 David Sanford, 44 Anthony Simcik

Batt Bests I-Stock Bash
After a disappointing night Friday that saw Jason Batt and Tristan Carman get together racing for the lead, J. Batt rebounded to take the IMCA Stock feature. J. Batt got two good break, the first when his wife spun while leading and the second when Dillon Smith broke the right front and slapped the wall while way out in front. This put J. Batt in the cat birds seat just before midway. From there J. Batt was trailed by Billy Wade and then by Carmen in the latter stages.

Twenty of the twenty-one IMCA Stock Cars took the green for their 20-lapper with a three wide fight for the lead in turn 1. Robin Batt came out on top followed by Dillon Smith, Jason Batt, CJ Gray and Joe O'Bryan. Smith Got along side R. Batt for the lead while Wade got past Carmen and Charles Cosper for fifth.

R. Batt spun from the lead battle leaving Smith on point for lap 5. Last nights winner, Chad Estes had bad luck on lap 6 he spun with a flat for a caution. Under yellow Smith had something break on the right front sending him into the wall on the back stretch. This put J. Batt out front for the restart on lap 7 chased by Gray, Wade, Brandon Taylor and Carmen.

After a couple restarts, Wade took second from Gray with Cosper working his way past Carmen for fourth. As quick as the green waved, yellow was out again as Damon Hammond went around collecting R. Batt and Taylor. On the restart coming to halfway it was J. Batt, Wade, Carmen, Cosper and Gray in the top five.

J. Batt was putting some distance on the field until Cosper went off turn 3. The ensuing restart saw Carmen get second from Wade with Sam Sovey and John Riechard getting spots from Gray. One final caution for spins by Anthony Otken and Brandon Hood on lap 15 set up a five lap dash to the finish.

As the final circuits wound down, J. Batt was able to open up about a six car length advantage over Carmen, who was trying to hold off Wade. At the checkers it was J. Batt in the Brazos Roofing, Hoffman Fabrications, Garvin Machine Shop, Victory Chassis scoring the victory.

"Awesome," exclaimed Batt. "After a bad ending to last nights battle for the lead it was nice to pick up the win tonight. I hated to see Dillon(Smith) break under caution while leading the race. He would have been tough to beat."

"I really have to thank my crew guys Johnny Widener, Jeremy Jackson and, of course my wife, Robin for all their help and support to get the car going after our bad luck Friday night."

IMCA Stock Cars
9 Jason Batt, 4 Tristan Carmen, 22 Billy Wade, 771 Sam Sovey, 8j John Riechard, t4 Tony Hamil, 116 Damon Hammond, 5 Brandon Taylor, 07d Dennis Bissonette, 23 CJ Gray, 83/74 Jeff Bauser, 489 Anthony Otken, 33c Charles Cosper, 20 Trevor Sparkman, 03 John Frydrych, 1b Brandon Hood, 83 Chad Estes, 3 Robin Batt, 25 Dillon Smith, 14 Joe O'Bryan, 45 Chris Cockrell---DNS

IMCA Stock Car heats(top 4 redraw)
Heat 1; 25 Dillon Smith, 116 Damon Hammond, 3 Robin Batt, t4 Tony Hamil, 07d Dennis Bissonette, 83 Chad Estes, 489 Anthony Otken
Heat 2; 4 Tristan Carmen, 33c Charles Cosper, 9 Jason Batt, 23 CJ Gray, 8j John Riechard, 20 Trevor Sparkman, 83g/74 Jeff Bauser

Heat 3; 5 Brandon Taylor, 22 Billy Wade, 14 Joe O'Bryan, 03 John Frydrych, 45 Chris Cockrell, 771 Sam Sovey, 1b Brandon Hood

Geurin Great in Hobby Stock Hustle
Another local racer scored the victory in the IMCA Hobby Stock feature when Brandon Geurin got the lead after early leader Joe Williams got sideways, then spun a lap later. B. Geurin was hounded by Ray Kemp jr. until he looped it with two laps to go. After shaking Kemp, B. Geurin was able to cruise unchallenged ahead of Daniel Van Haitsma, series points leader Jeremy Oliver, Jamie Herring and Westin Abbey.

The 20-car, 20-lap IMCA Hobby Stock feature started like the Stock Cars, three wide into turn 1. Westin Abbey and Joe Williams were still door to door on lap 1 with B. Geurin, Van Haitsma and Oliver trailing. Williams finally secured the spot on lap 2 with Kemp, Abbey and Oliver three wide for fourth.

Williams time up front was short as he got sideways two laps in a row and spun in turn 4 giving the lead to B. Geurin on lap 5. As green laps clicked off to the midway point it was B. Geurin, Kemp, Van Haitsma, Oliver and Abbey in the top five with the leaders bearing down on traffic. Williams had his second spin on lap 13 this time in turn 2.

On the restart AJ Dancer dove in low going three wide with Jamie Herring and Abbey, who kissed the wall coming off turn 2. With five to go Kemp was putting the heat on B. Geurin while Oliver had Van Haitsma in his sights. Kemp looped it on lap 18 leaving B. Geurin a clear run to the victory in his Richard & Karen Pickens owned, Beaty Tree Service, Hammock Racing Chassis, Autoworks, Slider Racing, CenTex Motorsports, Destroyer Chassis.

"This is definitely a big win for us," explained Geurin. "We don't run too many big shows and it feels great. I've never won anything like this before. Basically we just used the same set up because we knew the track would be dry tonight. We knew with the little water they put on it that it would go away before our feature."

"It was a top groove track tonight. I knew if I kept it pinned up there I'd be alright. I knew Ray(Kemp) was right there with me so I just tried not to make any mistakes. I knew if I made one that he'd capitalize on it. So I tried to be patient and take care of my business."

"It's a lot of fun," added Geurin after being interrupted by Sid Kiphen and Kyle Bloodworth. "We've made some great friends, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I got to race against my dad in my car since I'm driving for Richard Pickens. I have a lot of fun racing him. I drive a lot harder when I see him ahead of me. We race each other hard. It was good to have him out there."

IMCA Hobby Stocks
128 Brandon Geurin, 00d Daniel Van Haitsma, 82 Jeremy Oliver, 222 Jamie Herring, 12 Westin Abbey, 42g Mark Geurin, 89b Chase Breese, 42 April Phillips, 32 Joe Williams, 52 AJ Dancer, 555 Richard Shields, 210 Halie Brown, 43 Stacey Robinette, 34 Corey Samford, 50b Chad Bowman, 45 Ray Kemp jr., 63 Andy Roller, 47 Shannon Dulock, 72 Ronnie Gregory, 41 Tommy Phillips

IMCA Hobby Stock heats(top 5 redraw)
Heat 1; 45 Ray Kemp jr, 63 Andy Roller, 42g Mark Geurin, 12 Westin Abbey, 128 Brandon Geurin, 222 Jamie Herring, 555 Richard Shields, 41 Tommy Phillips, 43 Stacey Robinette, 42 April Phillips

Heat 2; 82 Jeremy Oliver, 72 Ronnie Gregory, 89b Chase Breese,00d Daniel Van Haitsma, 32 Joe Williams,47 Shannon Dulock, 52 AJ Dancer, 50b Chad Bowman, 210 Halie Brown, 34 Corey Samford

The 18-car, 20-lap Street Stock ran clean and green for every lap and was over before you knew it. Benji Kirkpatrick was quickly out front at the drop of the green pursued by Ryan Powers, Michael Villanueva, David Khoury and Tommy Kirkpatrick. Khoury and T. Kirkpatrick had a battle for fourth as they came to halfway.

B. Kirkpatrick had built a huge lead over Powers who had a gap to Villanueva with similar distance to Khoury, T. Kirkpatrick and Mike Golightly. Powers closed the gap to a few car lengths as the race wound down, but could get no closer as B. Kirkpatrick scored the win.

Street Stocks
47 Benji Kirkpatrick, r12 Ryan Powers, 70v Michael Villanueva, 4 Tommy Kirkpatrick, 173 David Khoury, 8g Mike Golightly, 1b Brandon Hood, 22 Paul Barton, 3a Matt Hood, 181 Ed Thompson, 473 Justin McCullough, 7 Jeremy Adkins, 1j James Cochran II, 32 Bill Eller, 11 Jack Lewis, 9g Drew Garcia, 39b Billy Rupert, 28 Billy Williams

Street Stock heat winners; 47 Benji Kirkpatrick, 173 David Khoury

Andrew Richards led the 17-car Bomber feature into turn 1, but it was JC Howell off the top shooting past to lead lap 1. Richards, Ryan Hopkins, Chase Neill and Greg Andrews took up pursuit. Neill got under both Hopkins and and Richards to take second with them staying in a side by side battle.
Neill ran down Howell in traffic, while G. Andrews finally split Hopkins and Richards for third.

Once clear of slower cars, Howell stretched out his margin over Neill who had G. Andrews closing in. G. Andrews caught Neill and used slower cars to get by for second. Up front Howell was again in traffic and G. Andrews was cutting into his lead. Laps ran out for G. Andrews as Howell snagged the win unchallenged.

037 JC Howell, 8 Greg Andrews, 1c Chase Neill, 4 Ryan Hopkins, 1st Doug Andrews, 00 Justin Bruce, 8w Steve Wade, 9 Andrew Richards, 45 Brian Bagent, 124h Rowdy Holbert, 007 Monique Bagent, 62s Matthew Scott, 22 Jack Jenkins, 293 Barry Gaston, 9j Cody Shaw, c4 Cheyenne Morris, 194 Dylan Cates

Bomber heat winners; 8 Greg Andrews, 037 JC Howell

Joshua Kuhnau quickly jumped into the lead of the 8-car, 12-lap Twister feature followed by Michalla Beatty, Scott Blauen, Aubra Parker and Benji Booth. Booth worked his way to second only to have a flat tire end his night. This left Kuhnau with a huge advantage over the field.

The races only yellow flew when Blauen went around and collected Michael Whisenhunt and Michael Avant. On the restart Cori Beatty and Parker got around M. Beatty for second and third. C. Beatty was able to keep up with Kuhnau and challenged for the win, but Kuhnau held him off at the checkers.

3 Joshua Kuhnau, 42 Cori Beatty, 571 Aubra Parker, 02 Michalla Beatty, 808m Michael Avant , 22 Scott Blauen, 75m Michael Whisenhunt, 11 Benji Booth

The Jr. Mini Stock 12-lap feature saw Cade Fabian lead lap 1, but was Taylor Florio getting the spot on lap 2. Behind Fabian were Hayden Wade, Bradley Warren and Bobby Joe Sheets. Caution waved for Aaron Bailey who nosed his car into the wall, but was able to drive off. Florio and Wade pulled away once back under green, but Wade was never able to mount a serious challenge as Florio took the second checkered flag of the weekend.

Jr Mini
21t Taylor Florio, 8w3 Hayden Wade, 34w Bradley Warren, 10 Casey Brunson, 03 Cade Fabian, 19 Aaron Bailey, 96 Bobby Joe Sheets

Richard Parker jumped out front early in the Outlaw Mini Stock feature chased by Ruben Broussard, Vincent Head and Tim Stone. Broussard and Head swapped second giving Parker the chance to pull away. Once Broussard secured the spot he tried to catch Parker, but was never close e enough to challenge.

Outlaw Mini Stock
69 Richard Parker, 51 Ruben Broussard, 2 Vincent Head, 412 Tim Stone, 0 Lee Praytor---DNS
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