Saturday, December 3, 2016
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VideoFound: Dog, chocolate color, on old Pittman Rd., be prepared to prove it's your dog, looking for owner. Call or text Tammy at 830-391-6662.
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Musings from Behind the Couch

H.R. Grimm: The Lake

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H.R. Grimm is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

August 17, 2015 | 1,425 views | 1 comment

I can see from where I'm sitting, it's drying up. The vegetation around the water's edge has an exposed earthen ring. One might think that maybe there could be a leak somewhere, and that may indeed be true. It could just be its been too long since the last good, cleansing rain. Whatever the cause, it needs attention, and soon, before it is overrun with toxins that supports nothing.

A lot of us can remember when it was full, healthier and teaming with life. We were proud to be a part of what this lake provided. The gate and fence around it provided a sense of security and it just seemed that everyone had the same reason to be here that provided an honor and respect to all of us. A person could come and find a place to sit and dangle their feet in its cool waters. It was as if the very ground held a mystical power of reverence. People from all over came to sit in the shade from those big trees that grew feasting their roots on that lake.

A Flag waved happily in the breeze standing proudly in honor of those who dared dream and paid to construct it and, in all reality, maintain it. Some of the earlier founders left their mark here and there. Some are but initials on the landscape but as a whole they are interwoven into the very fabric of the story of what has made this so well known. If you take the time to read some of the engravings they enhance the story, some of it is troubling, but divinely enhanced and it is quite amazing. Growing up, many of us didn't know our lives were so protected and enriched by what this lake provided. For some, it is difficult, if not impossible to realize the World culture was so vastly different then than it is today.

Recently, we found out too late that there were others who wanted it gone, regardless the cost. They haven't presented a better place but they seem hellbent on destroying this one. They either don't like the leisure it provides or the laughter that permeated the atmosphere. What they did was downright mean and wicked, as it wasn't against anyone who actually operated the lake but against those who enjoyed it.

These people thought that if they knocked over a couple of the largest trees or a maintenance garage they'd destroy this place. At first, everyone was shocked and rallied around the lake and its Flag in a unified purposeful voice. There were songs written, performed and even more Flags waved. People unified even more to do whatever it took to keep this lake and area healthy. There was a surge in those willing to search out who attacked as well as who sent them. Those who sought out the perpetrators never tired in their fight or search though the cost was of great personal sacrifice.

Horrible as it sounds, those who paid the price were too soon viewed by some to be seen as a drain on those who enjoyed the lake. Those who died in the search were brought home to their families shrouded in the Flag. Insanely, people ripped these shrouds from their honored remains to burn and stomped upon them as if filth. A few claimed their god inspired them to protest at the funerals of these, even as family members wept and grieved. Some new management personnel threw open the gate and let the fence fall into disrepair allowing anyone to come in.

This new management invited newcomers to settle, to disregard the very guidelines that brought this lake the health and joy it had provided. People who forgot their own history engraved in the trees allowed others to take over, even encouraging it. Some tried to remove many of the engravings, some re-wrote the maintenance manual that had kept it operating efficiently for over 200 years. Too many stopped caring about how the lake looked or the quality of the water and life within it. Some even apologized that it existed or had overflowed and watered the fields far down stream.

And so, today from where I sit, I see an earthen ring and sludge along its descending edge. I know I'm not alone but cannot help but wonder if enough people still really care enough to restore the health needed to fill it again with life. This is going to take a good, hard, steady rain that may just force a few new settlers to leave. Maybe it will take honoring what made it the way it was before and restore its dignity as a melting pot, not a smorgasbord or worse yet, a dump of toxins. hrg
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Senior Citizen  
Wilson County  
August 18, 2015 7:56pm
America is The Lake. Does anyone care?

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