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VideoFound: Male brindle Boston Terrier, Lake Valley Estates Subdivision, sweet and friendly but misses his family! Call 210-744-6072.
Lost Huawei phone, black phone case with stickers. Lost at LaVernia park 10-22-16 @ 7:00 and 7:30 pm. If found, call 830-216-0493, for Fred or Krista.
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Need toddler/pre-k teacher in Falls City, located at 401 Front St., GED or high school diploma required. Come in for more information and application.
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Musings from Behind the Couch

Grimm's Musings: The Great BACON Revolution

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September 14, 2015 | 1,003 views | Post a comment


Just a few words about bacon as we get started. The powerful aroma of sizzling, crispy slices of hickory or maple smoked or maybe black peppered bacon filling your awareness.

The power of thought and visualization through the introduction of words is a powerful thing. We use words at every turn in our lives. We use words to communicate with the world around us. We talk to people, pets and inanimate objects (oh don't you even say you haven't talked to a computer or car). We have conversations in our mind or we've sometimes actually caught ourselves talking to ourselves. We even talk to other people knowing full well they can't hear us (If you drive any distance at all you have even spoken out loud at other drivers and you know they can't hear you.). We use words to communicate feelings and meanings in the expectation that the other person or persons will understand us (In traffic, we try telepathically to communicate with other drivers especially if young children are in our car.)

Personally, I am guilty of all of the above plus I write trying to paint emotional pictures as I arrange words that will elicit thoughts and feelings within readers. Sometimes I do this to make people chuckle and at other times for deep thought.

I think if you are like me, you are ready for something great. Something so fantastic that it will re-route your life. But it's going to take being aware of what's going on around us and in U.S. and to us. OK, stay with me until the end.

At best we're here for seven decades, maybe eight or nine, but we all are merely passing through. Our departure may no doubt be devastating to a few close family members and friends, noted by others with even a slight mention in that newspaper we rarely read. There will be someone who
officially will make remarks about our defining points and achievements as a few gather to pay respect. For most of us as a stone will be placed
over our final resting place and for another two or so decades, if we're lucky, a few may visit for a moment.

What I'm getting at is that while you and I are alive, we need to be as active as we can possibly be. All any of us have is this exact moment. Some claim they are limited by illness, aches, pains, education, situation or location, but the harsh reality is, we only limit ourselves.

Sure, you may not have everything at your disposal that you may claim to want and need. But ask yourself this harsh question, how are you using the resources, energies and time you do have?

Sitting on your assets watching hour after hour of TV makes you an observer not a participant. Too many of us are addicted to watching television all the while our lives of inactivity turn into days, weeks, months, seasons...until our life is spent. While not all TV watching is a complete waste of time, it is in and of itself numbing our senses and using up our time. Let me encourage you to use that God-given 40-watt computer placed between your ears to figure out whether we as a culture are merely being manipulated and controlled, if you will, by the media.

You do realize the power in the psychology behind advertising, right?

Each year we are told in so many words that we a must have the latest fad as advertising geniuses elicit excitement in our senses to want. We constantly hear our children and ourselves ask for some THING more. So, we buy things we do not need and as soon as the newness wears off, we go buy more. This elicited want for more is so powerful it leads some people want to steal the THINGS you and I buy. It's an ever widening cycle in our culture. You and I are brighter than this to remain stuck in this Matrix existence.

So, here again I've tried to paint a word picture that gets you to think and thinking causes you to feel. I want you to realize just how easy it is to be motivated by the right or wrong words. Even though you and I may not be aware it is happening.

Let us return to BACON. Now, I am not absolutely sure how the word BACON causes a reaction in each of you. Some of you may be picturing a nice steak wrapped in bacon or a picture of strips of crisp bacon stacked on a plate or two slices of bacon beside a couple of eggs. My hunch is that this one word, BACON, has brought up a physiological reaction in you.

Your mouth may have begun to water. You may actually smell frying bacon. In fact, you may be aware of a craving arising within you for some crisp BACON. If you have no BACON in your refrigerator or freezer, I suggest you go to the store and buy some thickly sliced bacon.

Just by getting people's attention to what's important in life is how we joined forces and started what came to be known as "The Great Bacon Rebellion" of 2015. (hrg)
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