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Musings from Behind the Couch

Grimm's Musings: What HYPOCRITES!

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H.R. Grimm is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

December 11, 2015 | 1,139 views | Post a comment

Well, I fit that description...and so do you! Ain't none of us as we want to be or project to be. We talk about how tragic the way we treated the Native Americans making the USA but I have yet to meet anyone willing give back their pampered lawns or their government subside housing... Ain't we just the hypocrites? And what about those sucking the disability monies out of the government? Wait, you talking 'bout me?!?!

I know something of disabled, maybe not to the extent of being house bound as I am able to be let loose on the public at large! Discouragement and Depression try to visit...sometimes they arrive without invitation.

Is there a Church Family that you've been involved who know you? What HYPOCRITES! These people talk about Jesus and sin and holy...All of us got this sin stuff down so good we need Jesus. Shoot, if Jesus lets go of me I'm going to fly off in who-knows-what direction like a busted belt on my Harley. Sure would like to be as automatic about praising Jesus as calling His Wrath when I smash my thumb...get cut off in traffic...or maybe the stupid people who take "my" parking spot at HEB...and Church...

Now, my Church Family is just as screwed up as me, and they know it! Not one of us is perfect as we'd like to be...or as you may think we are. We like this honesty about each other. The weirdest ones I do avoid or maybe they avoid me because they think I am "too weird" and the "normal" ones scare me! I tried being "normal" once. Worst 30 seconds of my life!

I write my FB ramblings, La Vernia Newspaper and Wilson County News online BLOG to invite others into my mind and heart. Some are my friends and surrogate family. It's their choice if they want to know just how much UN-Christ-like I am...and how humbled I am that Jesus would even save someone who keeps falling so short of this perfectly saintly imagine I and you have. Does this make me a HYPOCRITE?

I have a number of Bikers I used to ride with but haven't ridden much since pneumonia August 2014 just took wind outta my sails, so to speak. I just ain't the social running "life of the party" I used to be. I miss them more than they know, but that's my fault for getting frail...or maybe I am more weird than even I realize. ("You know, 'TheGrimmOne'? That dude is WEIRD!")

So I write, inviting others to run wildly thru the emotional land mine strewn field of my twisted mind and memory. Some have had deep talks with me about Jesus and some have shared how they haven't darkened a Church since they were kids or so hurt that the wound is still oozing these decades later. Nothing cuts as deeply as when those who claim to know Jesus use the "double edge sword" when one's guard is down...damn hypocrites! How dare they be as screwed up as the rest of us! We still need Jesus and I am so glad He let me get to know Him. I gotta admit, I NEED JESUS!!

So, I write. Some say that I am the hypocrite because I no longer fill a pulpit since I was called to be preacher. Honestly, I talk about the peace of Christ but I am scared to death of what will come out of my mouth even with a manuscript sermon in my hands. Someone asked me what my preaching style is, "Kinda like a cross between Jeff Foxworthy, the late Robin Williams and a Charismatic preacher on speed", if I remember right. It's been a while since I've been asked to be in a pulpit. Maybe that's the reason. "Hey, LOOK! A squirrel!!"

And so, I write...

"Nestled behind make shift hiding places of camouflaged discarded cardboard boxes he invites others to run freely. Alas, he jumps out to the unsuspecting and those who refuse to accept his lovable sarcasm as a viable social grace. Just watch where you step..." (hrg)
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