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VideoLost: Our family cat, off 216 C.R. 240 in McCoy, he was wearing a very worn light green collar, no tags or chip. Message or call if found, 210-980-1199.
Lost: Heart charm bracelet, necklace with arrow and heart, crown ring, and heart knot ring, all pieces are silver, lost at LV Light It Up ceremony. Please call Sheri, 210-833-8377.
Lost 4 Limosine Calves brown 6-month old on Friday September 23 Stockdale between CR334 and 421 Yellow ear tags. Please call 210-887-5442
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Pecan orchard is hiring additional employees for busy harvest season, Oct. 1-mid Dec., Falls City area, will be working in processing plant sorting pecans or with harvest crew, full/part time, $10/hr. Call for more details, 830-484-3759, leave message.
Seeking individual to work in a local child-care center, paid holidays, etc., must be high school grad or GED. Apply in person at Cubs Country Childcare, 212 FM 1346 in La Vernia.
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Musings from Behind the Couch

Grimm's Musings: What happened to US?

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H.R. Grimm is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

December 27, 2015 | 761 views | Post a comment

There was a time when morality ruled the social conscience. Whether church-goer or not, people had a sense of right and wrong. Today, we've lost a basic scriptural understanding and it is as if "everyone did that which is right in their own eyes" (Judges 17:6).

Of course, those who repeat Jesus emphasis of following "the strait and narrow" are mocked as being narrow minded. Those preachers who adhere to a biblical standard are easy targets for their lack of Political Correctness. Yet, when someone is sick, injured, dying or in need of prayer, these are the ones who people seek out to visit those hospitalized, to conduct funerals, comfort those hurting all the while society continues to harden its collective heart, soul and conscience.

Slick televangelists and charlatans, "in the Name of The LORD", have grown financial empires of personal renown equal to "feel-good" emotional amusement parks for the soul. The natural desire to find a quick fix for guilt makes too many people easy financial targets void of social moral accountability.

At one time to the World this USA was known as a Christian Nation with even our money proudly being stamped "In God We Trust". Painfully, it is soon becoming to mean nothing as surely as the Courts are requiring the removal of all mentions of God. Our culture as a whole is sliding into a dangerous quagmire of that which we can easily read God judged ancient Israel in the Old Testament.

In this vacuum of biblical understanding, moral compass and spiritual
discipline there has risen a public sentiment that runs counter to common
sense. "Love" now is the word used to describe emotional attachment to
animals, appliances, cars, devices, pets, etc., while children are
removed from the womb as "inconveniences" or "parasites". Sex has become a
recreational activity void of commitment between whoever or whatever.
And society as a whole slides into a dangerous quagmire of that which we can easily read God judged ancient Israel in the Old Testament.

Our excesses have become our obsessions and threatening to possess us all. Once a Nation of fit Warriors we have become "couch slouches" who gorge ourselves
mentally on watching others in a "virtual reality" while we fail to
live with any lasting purpose. Marriages fail so quickly it has became a
joke, partners are changed as frequently as securing another car or a
new pair of shoes. There is so little moral compass that our children
escape into the shiny and flashy things provided and become even more
numbed to real love than their parents. And society as a whole slid even
further into a dangerous quagmire of that which we can easily read God judged ancient Israel in the Old Testament.

Other regions and religions of the World watch and call our once great Christian Nation a whore. In our twisted way we believe that offending no one was a possibility and we ended up offending the God who allowed us to even exist as a Nation. Our excesses are viewed by the rest of the World as oozing sores, moral diseases and
worthy of being eradicated before the whole World is so infected. I fear there is one ideology that will in time succeed. They are without mercy
and as much without conscience as our Nation has allowed ourselves to
become. They easily infiltrate our Elected Leaders who live removed
from the common good of the people. Actually, "WE, The People..."
demand more luxuries, more comforts, more cheaper items, more moral laxity, more
protection and more of what we want at the cost of what we need. So,
in all reality, it is our own fault. We are getting what we wanted.

The take over is obvious and gradual. As they arrive as we show our "love" and
"enlightened understanding" to the World. We open our borders void of
sense, offer social programs that were unsustainable and they use these
to enter in mass numbers. We see our inner cities crumble and the
distrust, as well as, social unrest makes us easily dividable. Once
they have sufficient numbers, they will anchor themselves in Communities to
elect their own people with their own sense of convictions and by their
numbers use our own Constitution to vote in the changes they want. Once the changes are in place they will spread across the Nation as the hellish wildfire of
judgment the old Bible preachers had warned. Our judgment will be as severe as any
the God of the Old Testament had allowed upon ancient Israel. Based on current news reports, our fall will be as horrid as the historic accounts of the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

Once the old preachers have been silenced, those who meet in secret will speak longingly for the days when these old voices echoed openly through
the land. The freedoms will be gone as all will be limited by the local
governing councils. And we will remember that society as a whole slid into a
dangerous quagmire of that which we can easily read God judged ancient Israel in the Old Testament.

And we did nothing to stop it. (hrg)
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