Friday, December 2, 2016
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Lost: Male Great Pyrenees, all white, double dew claws on back legs, sweet, shy, not aggressive, Nov. 10, C.R. 404/405, neighbors heard 2 shots, any information appreciated. 830-393-0801.
Found: Red Chihuahua, male, friendly but frightened, need to find his owner, in Floresville. 830-534-6413.
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The Wilson County Clerk's Office is accepting applications for a full-time clerk. Qualifications: Must have two (2) years office experience dealing with the public, be computer literate, use a 10 punch adding machine, and be able to use a typewriter. Bilingual preferred, but not required. Must be able to lift at least twenty (20) pounds. You may contact Eva S. Martinez at 830-393-7309. Resumes may be emailed to or delivered in person to the County Clerk's Office at the Wilson County Courthouse, 1420 3rd Street. All applications received by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, December 2, 2016 will be considered.
Experienced mechanic on forklifts and man lifts, Class A CDL preferred but not required, must pass background and drug/alcohol test. Email resume to
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Musings from Behind the Couch

Grimm's Musings: What Do You Want?

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H.R. Grimm is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

January 10, 2016 | 906 views | Post a comment

For those of us who have had children grace our presence, we have had times of happy memories, cheerful times, and times we have felt that thin line of totally frayed close to total insanity, last nerve. You may have found yourself secluded behind that last vestige of personal space and time hoping the impregnable closed bathroom door will hold just long enough to answer nature's call knowing that at any moment if they could find a way, they would be in there too.

In our youth, beyond our wildest thoughts, we never could have comprehended that life could come to this, but you've been there, haven't you? It may not be in so many words but you find yourself asking how can the people closest to your heart become such total drains on your psyche? Maybe it's late at night when the rest of the house is asleep and you're staring at the ceiling wondering where you missed the magical formula to insure your expected heavenly plans of matrimony. You vaguely remember those moments of uncontrollable passion that caused thinking whatever you surely did to choose the mate you did to do what you did to make the babies who are in your lives. In moments like these it hits you how amazing it is that the very ones who can bring us the most joy can also takes us to the very brink of despair.

Then again, maybe it's in the late morning or early afternoon, starved for adult conversation, you find yourself at your wits end, or maybe way past wit's end and you're crumpled into a blubbering, sobbing pile of beaten adulthood at the hands of a toddler. I dare say that most of us, no, I'll go on record as saying that ALL of us have found ourselves frustrated, looking at a toddler who cannot speak intelligently, and we knowing they cannot answer intelligently as surely as we know we can ask intelligently asking, "What do you want?"

Now, I ask you to look at Washington, D.C.

There was a time we looked with hope for wise guidance, well thought out plans and security for the future of our Great Nation. We expected that this was the place where we sent OUR elected representatives, someone who was OUR voice and collective conscience. There was a sense of adulthood being brought together in OUR Nation's respected Capitol who were thinking, planning, building, preparing and securing OUR Nation's greatness.

Now, I ask you to look at Washington, D.C.

It has become apparent the American People are not that important anymore. It has become apparent that it doesn't matter if it's the Democrats or the Republicans in majority. It is apparent they don't care about you or me, and based on the obvious lack of what-is-BEST-for-this-USA, our President or Congress no longer care. I base this on the lack of securing our sense of safety, our sense of so-called Homeland Security, our obvious lack of economic, family-supporting, wage paying, employment developing opportunities in manufacturing and industry. And if you hold Judaeo-Christian values as part of OUR National heritage as important, well, forget it!

Instead of looking at Washington, D.C. being our help, it has become a hindrance. Instead of representing US, you and me, "WE, The People..." they live on a level removed from us. When we should be able to feel good about having reached this place and time in American history we find ourselves wondering "What do THEY want?" And the tragic reality is that we should not have to be asking this question as they should be giving us what we NEED. But like toddlers they are foolishly playing a type of Russian Roulette with OUR Nation and as a Nation, we are feeling like the unnerved scenario I described at the beginning of this article.

But let me tell you what I want. I want Elected Officials to be held accountable, from the President on down. I want Leaders who value OUR European Judeao-Christian values. I want American born and military Service members and Veterans above refugees. I want men and woman who will run for Elected Office to LEAD me and this Nation toward Greatness, not away from it. I want what I have invested my life for to stand worthy for my great-great grandchildren and to know that I did more than throw toddler fits in the streets.

I want my life to make a positive difference. I want to feel safe again!

What do you want? (hrg)
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