Friday, December 9, 2016
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Time Warp

Why Trump cannot be an effective president

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Bob Pritts is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

February 15, 2016 | 1,388 views | 7 comments

There are many reasons why I believe the subject line of this essay is true, but probably the most blunt and poignant reason is that he has a bullying, arrogant personality. That's not to say he is not a decent man in many other of his life's endeavors, but he is not used to taking 'no' for an answer. He must have everything his way or no way. And, he will virtually say or do anything he can to make certain 'his way' becomes a reality. In business, one may have a chance to get away with that. In governing, not so much. He's far too authoritative and dictatorial.

In business. If you're building an apartment complex and your labor contractor is not cooperating with what is in the contract, you can terminate that agreement under breach of contract and hire another labor contractor who will perform as you wish.

In governing. If you want to do something that is not permitted by our Constitution or politically expedient to the Congress, and the Congress will not go along with you, you can't fire Congressmen and Senators! And, if you go on your own anyway, a federal judge can issue an injunction, later upheld by the Supreme Court as an unconstitutional executive action, and you lose. And, we all know that Donald Trump doesn't take legitimate losses too well.

The above roughly explains the subject of this essay as to why he can't operate with American government. Many of the 'old timers' in Congress are as stubborn and arrogant as he is. And, unfortunately, we the people have a very poor record of voting our losers out of Congress.

Now for dealing with the outside world. Let's look at some of his proposals. You know, the ones where he states what he will do for us which pretty much matches our current wrath and disappointments with the ongoing, corrupt status of our nation's ills. Translation ... he says what you think and you agree with him. That's no reason to vote for him until he tells you exactly how he intends to fix our mess to the benefit of our people.

Take our border problem for instance. He says he will build a fence the entire length of our southern border with Mexico and he'll make México pay for it. He can't make them write a check. He can't set up a loan and demand they make payments. And, just last week, former President of México, Felipe Calderon, wrote an op-ed emphatically stating that "Mexico will not pay for Trump's stupid fence". Trump's response was to call Calderon a 'has been'. You don't insult México that way and get away with it. Current President Nieto will defend Calderon and deny payment as well, even though they are in entirely different political parties.

What can he do? Oh, that's right, he said he would charge a high tariff on all products crossing the Mexican border bound for the United States. He's told us that and we apparently think it sounds reasonable. Well, he could do that.

Let me share with you some products and American companies that will be affected, by brand. These are but a few ... GM, Ford, and Chrysler small engine plants; Colgate Palmolive, Tecumseh Diesel, Kimberley Clark, General Tire, Firestone Tire, and, Levi Strauss. This list goes on and on including the 40,000+ maquiladoras along our border. Now, here's how the tariff will work ... they pay the tariff and add it on to the price we pay for imported products and we the people pay the tariff in the increased cost of the products we buy because our American companies that assemble and deliver the final product will add the tariff costs into the retail selling price! Think it's a brilliant idea and solution now? He's also intending to use this same tariff idea with Japan, China, and others to make our companies decide to move back to the U.S. by making Chinese, Japanese, and others less competitive. They manufacture so much less expensive than the U.S. that they will just add the tariff into the cost of the products. Not to mention, they could easily charge tariffs to our companies trying to sell products in their country. The result ... our company brands stay in China, Japan, and elsewhere and we have just caused a loss of sales and resultant profits to our country's companies who globally trade. In both cases he's just increased our own cost of living!

The only way we may be able to entice our American corporations to bring their manufacturing home is to give them a fair chance to be profitable and compete with the world. We must abolish the labor unions in this country, which is long past due. They are the main reason our companies moved in the first place. The reason is only somewhat corporate taxes. They just pass them along in the cost of their final products. And, speaking of the 'bleeding' of our corporations abroad, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is planning on moving its headquarters to Ireland. And, just last week, Ford Motors announced it is planning to relocate most of its remaining production facilities from Michigan, where it's been from day one, to Mexico City. This week, Carrier Air Conditioning told their employees they are moving production facilities to Mexico City and closing their operation in Indianapolis, Indiana. They cite labor and benefits as the main reason saying they can no longer compete. Once again, union wages and particularly cadillac benefits, are the reasons (although most may not publicly admit it).

There's a huge difference between running a corporation where you are the decision maker and running a country where you have hundreds of others on your staff (Congress and The Supreme Court) who can stall or eliminate your proposals plus 315M+ shareholders (We The People) who can end your career at the next board meeting (election), or at a specially called board meeting (impeachment).

Final note. Here's Trump's political allegiance over the years. Until 1987 he was a democrat; 1987-1999 a republican; 1999-2001 in the Reform Party; 2001-2009 a democrat; 2009-2011 a republican; 2011-2012 an independent; and, 2012-present a republican. Staunch conservative? Give me a break!

Do we really want to elect a flamboyant entertainer to be our president? Think hard before you vote for a nominee!
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Your Opinions and Comments

Bob Pritts  
St Hedwig, TX  
February 17 at 10:42am
Correction. The end of the third line should read 'he voted AGAINST the ...'

Bob Pritts  
St Hedwig, TX  
February 17 at 9:18am
New Guy. Just what part of my writing did I plagiarize? I quoted Calderon, but other than that the piece is original. As for voting against the VA, did you research what else was in the bill? That's a trick used by both side... More ›

New Guy  
Wilson County  
February 17 at 8:16am
OBTW, at least Trump would not vote against Veterans like Cruz did when he voted against providing $27 million for the Veterans Health Administration. Shame on Cruz.

New Guy  
Wilson County  
February 17 at 8:07am
Too bad these words are not your own, you should be ashamed on plagiarizing other people's words.

Senior Citizen  
Wilson County  
February 16 at 10:51am
As a one-time Trump supporter, I am finding his crass behavior a big negative. Although, he has presented some good ideas, his follow-through is shallow.

Bob Pritts  
St Hedwig, TX  
February 16 at 9:59am
I find it rather surprising that none of you Trump supporters out there (and I know you're there) will not dispute anything I have questioned about your candidate. It's called a debate among fellow Americans.

February 15 at 11:44am
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