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Think before you vote!

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March 6, 2016 | 1,461 views | 5 comments

By Ken Semlinger

Although Texas Primaries are history, voting continues in other states.

Because Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and a couple of others in the Senate have fought against the RHINO establishment for The Rule of Law and the Constitution, and because Cruz and those few who stood with him are now hated by those who call themselves Republicans and conservatives, we will now abandon Cruz and those who did the right thing?

Abandon the guy who has actually proven that he will fight for conservative principles in favor of a guy whose actions in the past label him as anything but a Conservative?

A guy who favors pro-choice and the funding of Planned Parenthood, who has contributed to liberal Democrat campaigns and is close friends with Hillary, who speaks kindly about him, and the guy who is Harry Reid's choice from among the Republican candidates?

The guy who has not really put forth details of his plans but speaks in generalities, saying exactly what those of us who are pissed off at the agenda of the liberals and at those supposed Republicans in the Congress who have not kept their promises to us?

Donald Trump is smart, no doubt about that, but what do you really know of his true beliefs? If you judge a candidate by what he has actually done in the past, how can you choose Trump over Cruz? This election is too critical to base your choice on political hot air. We must spend some time actually studying the candidate and what they have done in the past. We must think!

I beg all the Trump supporters to dig into the man's past and decide if what he says now squares with his previous actions. Be honest -- does it?

Are you willing to gamble our Country's future on it, because that is what you are doing. Ted Cruz has done exactly what Conservatives and the Tea Party movement elected him to do -- fight for our principles. And what exactly has Trump done in his past to fight for those principles?

We need to be honest, folks, and not be swayed by tough talk from a guy who has no conservative track record. Remember what P.T. Barnum said: "You can fool most of the people most of the time, but not all the people all of the time".

You just have to figure out which section of that quote you fit into.

Our Nations future depends on it.

Semlinger is a retired businessman who lives in Poth, Texas.
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Your Opinions and Comments

City dweller  
March 8 at 6:46pm
Serious Thinker So you thought about what? The fact that the hair stands up on the back of your neck? Have you considered he is constitutional scholar? Did you think about how Ted Cruz has spoken out about the way the Congress... More ›

Senior Citizen  
Wilson County  
March 8 at 11:36am
I totally disagree with Serious Thinker. He would be the farthest thing from Obama that you can imagine. He would be cordial to foreign dignitaries, he would not be above communicating with both Houses of Congress, he would not... More ›

Bob Pritts  
St Hedwig, TX  
March 8 at 10:17am
Serious Thinker. "There is just something about this man that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. He would be a Republican Obama." The majority of the citizens of this nation want Washington to go back... More ›

Serious Thinker  
La Vernia  
March 7 at 9:19pm
I thought long and hard for 6 months! I did not support Ted Cruz for Senator and I did not vote for him in the Primary. There is just something about this man that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. He would be... More ›

Bob Pritts  
St Hedwig, TX  
March 6 at 3:28pm
Ken. People are being mislead by the other candidates and the press that the folks we sent to Congress have not done what we sent them to Congress to do. Ted Cruz and over two dozen other Senators voted against the $1.1T dollar... More ›

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