Monday, December 5, 2016
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70 Days and Counting Down — Who Will Win?

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Nannette Chopin-Cook is responsible for this content, which is not edited by the Wilson County News or

August 30, 2016 | 926 views | 13 comments

It has been almost a year since I wrote an opinion piece on the election. As I re-read my predictions, I did not predict the correct winner for the Republican Party Nomination, although by January 2016 I had narrowed it down to the following individuals:

-Marco Rubio - Young, did not go off-script, and was the "new" Republican darling!

-Donald J.Trump - He was eating them alive! He made the debates fun and interesting and still said the things that we all wanted to say, but knew that the PC police would come get us. I had predicted that by December 2015 he would be GONE! Well, I was WRONG!

-Cruz - figured he would never give up and was wondering why he mostly showed admiration for Trump when the others did not.

I had taken Kasich off the list for sure. He was not catching any interest - just too dull and boring, and said the same thing over and over. The same way that Rubio kept on script. So he was off my list because I did not take into consideration that the majority of this country REALLY was sick and tired of the "establishment crowd".
When things really turned ugly and there were only 4 left, Rubio, Kasich, Cruz and Trump, I really had to pay attention as I knew that I would never vote for Ted Cruz and of course by now, never Kasich.

As we became closer to March 1, I was 99% sure I would become a Trump supporter. Poor Rubio fell into the "Trump" trap and lowered his standards for 2 weeks and that ended my hopes of his chances. But never fear, he is young and will be back in 4 years.

Ted Cruz is nothing but a lawyer and not trustworthy (just like a used car salesman). He would not have had the support of the Senate and that is a crucial point when running for the Office of the Presidency. He had made too many enemies. There was also "just something" about Ted that turned me off. When Governor Pence endorsed him it was such a half-hearted endorsement that I suspected he was just doing what he was told to do by the "establishment". I was not impressed!

This has been one of the most entertaining and enlightening election cycles that I have ever experienced. I loved the Republican Convention. WHAT GREAT SPEAKERS! What a 180 degree turnaround from the "same ole' same ole'" Republican Convention. The country saw what a good man Trump is in his private life. They say that one can tell the true success of a man or woman by how their children act and what they do with their lives. I was so inspired by all of Donald J. Trump's children and his beautiful wife. This in itself speaks volumes about his ability to love, lead, and care about people.

When he picked Governor Pence for his VP selection I was concerned, but now I have watched and listened and learned about the man and his family and I KNOW that Trump picked the best of the best for someone who could take over in the event something happened to the President!

Unless one has been on a trip to the Moon in the last 30 days, we all know that the Clintons are in some very serious trouble and it is getting worse. I know that Trump has made some errors, but he is recovering and he is learning what needs to be done to win.

I have no issues with all the changing of the Campaign Staff because to me it means he is learning the pitfalls of politics, appears to be a fast learner, and still maintains his positions on the economy, trade, immigration, and how to make this country great again. An excellent Negotiator like Trump is a winner and he will never show his hand to our enemies nor to his. Surprise is the greatest element in a true leader!
So now for my predictions for the next 70 days.

Trump can win this election! It will be a rough 70 days, but he will win providing he does the following:

1. He must stay on message and continue to give detailed and resounding speeches regarding his policies.

2. He must NOT back down on HRC in his rallies or at the debates. He MUST NOT TURN INTO A ROMNEY!

3. He must continue to reach out to the African Americans and Hispanics BUT he must not forget those who brought him to the party. HRC is banking on the Jewish, Muslim, and women voters, especially the older generation. She is also banking on those who have given her and Bubba all that money filtered through their CGI foundation.

4. He must continue to keep railing against the Media bias which distorts everything he says. I understand his tweets, his comments, and statements - just read through the lines.

Most of all the establishment Republicans MUST endorse him and allow the country to survive the last 8 years of HRC and Obama.

I am praying and hoping that after Labor Day holiday that all voters pay attention to what is really going on and the impact of putting HRC in charge of this country.
The voters must realize that if Trump refines his policies before the debates and 8 November, it is fine. Wouldn't you rather know what he will do and not have him tell you one thing only to find out it would not work as well as he originally thought and when elected deal with the reversal? I would. Then they cannot slander him with "failed campaign promises".

As he says, "What have you got to lose"?

And I answer NOTHING!
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Your Opinions and Comments

New Guy  
Wilson County  
September 22 at 9:47pm
Google "10 ways white people are more racist than they realize" Or "Why White People Will Always Be Racists". Lowest gas prices, low unemployment, stock market strong, service members not dying in the... More ›

Elaine K.  
September 22 at 11:50am
New Guy, I can't help that there are some out there who are racist or haters, but they are on BOTH sides of the aisle. All I'm saying is that, by and large, criticism of this president is based on his actions, not his race.... More ›

New Guy  
Wilson County  
September 22 at 8:58am
Nope, I can't use her online name or I get banned....add 2+2?

September 22 at 8:51am
Did I hear my blog name mentioned? I'm flattered................

New Guy  
Wilson County  
September 22 at 7:34am
Elaine: I invite you to come to several restaurants in Wilson County and listen to the racist comments from the general public when I bring up our President. Have you not read the posts in your own WCN Online, especially from... More ›

Elaine K.  
September 21 at 12:31am
MyOpinion, you say we are racist because we disagree with you? If that is true, how do you explain that some of my favorite people are Walter Williams, Star Parker, Condoleezza Rice, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain, Alan Keyes, J.... More ›

September 20 at 8:12pm
Chopin, the only thing I agree with you on is Ted Cruz.. that guy is definitely not right in the head. He is scary. I love President Obama. I think he has been an awesome President with a couple of exceptions. He saved us... More ›

New Guy  
Wilson County  
September 19 at 2:50pm
So, here is an update. It is all about the electoral college. Trump has to win North Carolina, he's behind; Arizona, Georgia, neck and neck with Clinton. Additionally, he has to win Florida and Ohio to give him 253, but... More ›

La Vernia  
September 1 at 9:56pm
New Guy. I have never liked Cruz. I did not support him when he ran for the Senate. Something is just not right with him. He was a Junior Senator and thought he could jump right into the Presidential election without even... More ›

New Guy  
Wilson County  
August 31 at 2:28pm
I am very surprised the 4th has not jump in on the comment about "Ted Cruz is nothing but a lawyer and not trustworthy", or even the editor of this newspaper who wrote about her love for him and his father, just saying.

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