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Friday, Sep 19, 2014
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Tell It Like It Is

General is right: Terrorists stand down in face of power
September 14, 2012
Harlingen, Texas, September 14, 2012: When FOX News ran the story of attacks on our embassy in Cairo, Egypt and consulate in Bangladesh, Libya, plus the deaths of the ambassador and three embassy employees, they also asked a retired Army general for comment. He said all these terrorists know is to fear power and force. The best was to control them, he offered, was to tell the country in no uncertain terms that if it killed 4 of our people, we would respond by killing 400 of theirs. This brought shock and dismay from mainstream media commentators across both the electronic and print news services. But, I agree with the general. I have seen it in action.  (More)
Education And The Texas Vote

August 27, 2012
Harlingen, Texas, August 22, 2012: It isn’t too difficult to figure out. The lack of a solid education produces a multitude of bad, or at least, unintended consequences. Most people realize that those with the best educational background tend to have the better jobs, make more money, live in better homes, have better health care and many other plus factors in their lives that are not available to those who struggle at the low end of the economic ladder.  (More)
The real one percent

April 23, 2012
Harlingen, Texas, March 3, 2011: The malcontents, riffraff, and anarchists who make up the “Occupy” movement remain busy attacking those they call the “One Percent,” or the 3 million Americans who provide most of the funding that runs the great American engine. It might be more fitting for the same body of individuals to take a few moments out of lives which are, for the most part, self-serving, and think about the real 1 percent of Americans who have always “paid it forward” for their country.  (More)
The Obama War On Elderly Seniors And Military Retirees
March 9, 2012
Harlingen, Texas, March 9, 2012: By now most of America should know the Obama Administration looks for the easiest targets when it plans to redistribute the taxpayer bounty of America.  (More)
Moving Further Into The Wounded Warrior Maze

March 1, 2012
Harlingen, Texas, February 29, 2012: The number of charities, both good and bad, that support our men and women wounded in combat were previously examined. The question as to when military medical care ended and when the VA healthcare system took over was not answered. It is a subject where information is very hard to obtain. It is even difficult to identify an exact count on casualties that need treatment or the total number of military personnel wounded in action.  (More)
The Wounded Warrior Maze
February 28, 2012
Harlingen, Texas, February 28, 2012: It is rare these days when a person can spend more than an hour looking at television without seeing some highly polished pitch seeking financial support for wounded military service personnel. Many of these groups seeking donations are worthy organizations. The problem is…it is next to impossible for a person to determine just who some of these charities support or their legitimacy.  (More)
Unfavored People Are Targets During Political Campaigns
February 15, 2012
Harlingen, Texas, February 15, 2012: When I view the campaign strategy of Barack Obama, it appears to me as if he is attempting to base an election victory on a plan that will prove itself to be detrimental to the poor,, the immigrant, the elderly, the military retiree and the handicapped. He will continue making false promises to the poor, because they are willing to grasp at any lifeline they perceive is being tossed their way. He can take actions against the elderly because he views them as expendable and of course, the military retiree and the handicapped, a large number of which are made up of war veterans...well they just cost to much money. That is money he sees as being better spent on both crony capitalism and the false hope of green energy.  (More)
Will We Heed The Warnings of Our Founders?
January 31, 2012
Harlingen, Texas, January 30, 2012: Those of you in America who still think any politician gives a fat pig’s whistle about your problems and anxieties must have arrived here on the last bus from La La Land. There are only two things in this world the political elite cares about and that is the power they gain by winning their next election and the political party they serve.  (More)
What We Are Hearing And Want to Hear

January 24, 2012
Harlingen, Texas, January 23, 2012: As the momentum builds within President Obama’s reelection campaign and the GOP primary season the media has become saturated with pundits informing their respective audiences about what to expect from those seeking the highest office in America. What is lacking on television and within the print media is anyone taking the time to ask average citizens what they are looking for as they search where to cast their ballots.  (More)
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