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Monday, Sep 22, 2014
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Wilson County History

The Texas Independence Trail
Gene Maeckel
January 22, 2014
The Texas Independence Trail is one of the 10 Texas Heritage Trail Regions. Each trail is marked by highway signage installed and maintained by the Texas Highway Department. The intent of these highway markings is to support the historical heritage trail for anyone passing through the state.  (More)
A very benevolent citizen of Sutherland Springs
Gene Maeckel
December 26, 2013
William Waldo was one of the early burials in the Sutherland Springs Cemetery. He is best remembered for his help and contributions in assisting American immigrants from the Plains states of Midwest United States in crossing the high Sierra Mountains into California. Waldo and his volunteer assistants faced great risks of their lives and unnumbered perils during this time in the mid 1800s. It was later said of him, “There was at that period no name upon the Pacific slope around which the heart of public gratitude and affection so clustered as that of William Waldo.” In 1851 and later, bills were introduced into the legislatures of Missouri and Illinois and also before the U.S. Congress in recognition of his unstinted contribution of great work and material assistance to provide relief to the groups traveling west over the mountains.  (More)
Farmer finds pot of gold in Wilson County field
Gene Maeckel
December 4, 2013
In the month of August 1891, a young farmer named Edwards was plowing his field near Sutherland Springs. As he was going along, his plow hit a large solid object buried in the earth. On inspection of this object, it was found to be a large metal iron pot with its top protruding about one-half inch above the surrounding surface. On removal of the lid, it first appeared the pot was filled with dirt. However, when the object was lifted it weighed much more than just an earthen-filled vessel. On further investigation and after the removal of about an inch of the surface dirt, a large cache of gold coins was discovered. These coins were doubloons, a former gold coin of Spain and Spanish America. They were wrapped in leather which had rotted away, leaving a greenish mold on the coins, but had no effect on their condition.  (More)
El Camino del Cibolo links trail of historic treasures
September 4, 2013
Historians look back in time and wonder what past events took place to bring us to where we are today. They attempt to solve the historic mysteries that link the past to the present. El Camino del Cibolo is greatly abundant in historic treasures such as to demand discovery and is interesting enough to capture the attention of anyone. El Camino del Cibolo (the road to the Cibolo) proudly cuts a path in Wilson County, Texas. Its fabulously rich and deep-rooted history is found in abundance.  (More)
A taste of Wilson County history prior to the Texas Revolution
Gene Maeckel
June 26, 2013
Wilson County did not exist as an individual area prior to this period. However, it was an area which was greatly involved in the Texas Revolution of 1836. The majority of the county area as it exists today was a part of Bexar County with a smaller part from Karnes County. Almost all of the land was devoted to ranching controlled and owned by persons of Spanish heritage, many of whom were descendants of the original 16 Canary Islands families who came from Spain and established the Villa de Bexar.  (More)
The history of Lodi, land of the Chayopines
January 30, 2013
By J.T. Jaeggli  (More)
Beauregard Ranch spawns ‘maverick’ moniker
Gene Maeckel
December 26, 2012
The Beauregard Ranch was one of the earliest ranches established in Wilson County during the open range days prior to the American Civil War. It was located in the San Antonio River Valley and was situated mostly in Wilson County, with a small portion on the southern end of Karnes County. It was part of the original Luis Menchaca 11-league grant, granted to him by the king of Spain in 1758. Luis Menchaca was captain of the Presidio San Antonio de Bexar at this time and the ranch was called El Rancho de San Francisco. It is one of the first and largest private ranches on record in the Spanish Archives of the General Land Office of Texas in Austin.  (More)
A historic Texas gunfight
Gene Maeckel
December 19, 2012
Albuquerque was a small community in Wilson County located on the old San Antonio-Gonzales Road near Union Valley. This historic fight occurred on May 17, 1873, at the local blacksmith shop, between John Jack Helm and John Wesley Hardin. Both men were known to be hardened gunfighters and killers. Helm was considered to be the leader of the Sutton group in the Sutton-Taylor feud. Hardin, due to his family relationship with the Taylors, was appointed as their lead spokesman.  (More)
Celebrate with Wilson County Sept. 25
September 7, 2010
In 1960, Wilson County celebrated its 100th birthday with great fanfare. As the centennial year drew to a close, the county interred a time capsule under the Wilson County Courthouse lawn, not to see the light of day again for 50 years. Inside were placed mementos of the celebration, newspapers of the day, and letters from hopeful county residents and dignitaries to residents of the future.  (More)
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