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Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014
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Episode Three

February 6, 2010
Amy had finally fallen asleep. Fred turned the door knob as quietly as a burglar sneaking out the door. Fred thought to himself, “I can’t let any one see me, I might be wrong. And what if I am wrong, what will I do then?”  (More)
Episode Two: “The Lonesome Pigeon”

February 3, 2010
The Clegg brothers, Calvin, Clem, Jake, and Wade, were lowering Mr. Baker’s coffin into the ground. The four brothers were among the dumbest individuals ever to take a breath on God’s earth. They had never completed an undertaking of any kind that didn’t end in disaster. There was the time the four were hauling a load of dry goods for Mr. Owens and decided to take a short cut across the river rather than travel the extra mile to the low water crossing. Horses can swim alright, but not when they’re strapped to a two-ton wagon-load of dry goods that was sinking in twenty feet of water. Mr. Owens claimed those were the best team of horses he’d ever owned.  (More)
The Lonesome Pigeon

January 25, 2010
The wood floor creaked with every step Fred Wilson took sweeping from one end of the bank to the other. And as usual Fred was thinking of Amy. Two years is a respectable, proper length of time in a marriage for Amy to be pregnant. Fred just knew it had to be that day they made love down by the river under the willow tree.  (More)
“I Can See”

January 16, 2010
When I became aware of the existence of God, I reminded God of my existence, with prayer. And as we all do in our first conversation with God, I came to my knees. "Dear God," I prayed, "Please give my eyes to my father so that he can see. Let me be blind instead, it will be okay with me as long as dad can see."  (More)
“The Bunk Bed”

December 17, 2009
Dad and my older brother had spent the last two hours assembling a bunk bed. Judy and I had been rolling marbles cross the living room floor when Dad shouted out:  (More)
“I Remember”

December 15, 2009
The day we moved into the Projects, Judy was running the entire length of the apartment building as fast as her little five year old legs would carry her. Mom hadn’t paid much attention to Judy’s running, until she noticed the look of urgency growing on little Judy’s face. Judy was passing mom for the third time when mom grabbed Judy by the arm.  (More)
“Tarzan Hill”

November 24, 2009
Peering down from the edge or as near to the edge of the cliff as I dare, I could see the mattress lying in the dirt. The mattress may break your fall, but anyone falling from such a height would surely die.  (More)
Bear Sighting in La Vernia

November 13, 2009
Floyd was running faster than what should be humanly possible when he turned the corner at route 87. With the bear just a few feet behind and closing fast, Floyd's heart was pounding in his chest with each gasp of breath. Floyd knew each breath might be his last. As he was running across Bluebonnet Street, he looked back. The bear's cold steely blue claws were ripping gouges in the asphalt street as the bear ran behind Floyd by just a few feet.  (More)
"Floyd meets Jimmy"

November 6, 2009
It is an odd thing indeed what a memory will bring and my memory brings me to a shaded area beneath the crabapple tree where I first met my best friend, Jimmy.  (More)
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