Below are digitally-scanned images of newspaper clippings of area soldiers from WWII.
To find a particular soldier, click on each one to see them larger.
They are in no particular order. Family members can claim them at the
Wilson County News, located at 1012 C Street in Floresville.

For a list of soldiers' names included in the clippings, click here
(clippings that have been picked up are denoted with an asterisk).
Read about these clippings: "Yo Soy History"

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Pvt. O. B. Adcock*
Pvt. Louis Aguilar*
Ensign Reginald Ammons
Carlos Baker Jr.
Cpl. Hipolito Barcenez*
Pfc. Margarito "Pete" Barcenez*
Pvt. Edward Barosh*
Pfc. Buster Barrera*
Pvt. Leslie W. Baumann*
Lt. C. F. Bell
Pfc. Cecilio V. Botello*
Pvt. George Brown Jr.*
Lt. Col. Wm. H. Brandon
Capt. "Cary" Campbell
Pfc. Daniel Carrillo
Cpl. R. R. Chavez*
Pvt. Steve Chilek*
Lt. Merrill L. Connally
Pfc. Milton "Teet" Cox*
Pfc. Arthur Coy
Cpl. Joe Courvier*
Pvt. Alvin C. Diecke*
1st Lt. August Dugi*
2nd Lt. Dorman Harley Dunaway
Pvt. David Dworaczyk*
Calvin Ray Faulkner
Capt. Ira F. Ferguson*
Warrant Officer Theodore L. Fest Jr.
Pfc. Fred L. Flores Jr.*
Pvt. Jesus F. Flores
Sgt. Vyron Freeman*
Cpl. Amadio Garcia*
Pfc. Henaro Garcia*
Pvt. Joe Garcia*
Sgt. Miguel M. Garcia*
Pvt. John F. Garza
Cpl. Juan Garcia
Pfc. Paz de Jesus Garcia
Petty Officer 2nd ClassVera Garza*
Pvt. Rudy R. Garza*
Pvt. Tony R. Garza*
Pvt. Tom P. Garza*
Sgt. Filomeno Gonzales*
Staff Sgt. Frank Guerrero
Pfc. Tomas Guerrero
Pvt. Alfredo Guerra*
Sgt. Joe G. Guerra*
Pvt. Ignacio G. Herrera*
2nd Lt. John Hill
Cpl. Raymond H. Hill
1st Lt. Millie A. Hornor
Pvt. August Hosek Jr.*
Sam S. Houston
Pvt. Thomas L. Ivy*
Dan Johns
Pfc. Herman Jaeschke*
Pfc. Walter H. Jaeschke*
Pvt. Jarzombek
Pvt. Feliciano Y. Jimenez
Cpl. Trinidad Y. Jimenez
Rudy Keilman*
Lt. J. R. Kolenda
Lt. Johnny R. Kolenda
Pvt. Clifford Kotara*
Sam W. Lane
Master Sgt. Clement Laskowski
Pvt. Roy T. Lazarin
Pfc. Leroy Linnstaedter*
Zilmon Linnstaedter*
Pfc. Jose Longoria
Sgt. Romio S. Lopez
Capt. John E. Lyle
Pvt. Pete J. Lyssy
Cpl. David B. Martin
Pfc. Mike Martinez
Pvt. Louis B. Martinez*
Seaman 1st Class D. H. McInvale*
Cpl. J. B. McInvale*
Staff Sgt. Oxford McInvale*
Tech. Sgt. Emil Moczygemba*
Pfc. Edward Moczygemba*
Pvt. Terry C. Moore*
Pfc. Alberto Moreno*
Pfc. Raymond Moszee
Cpl. Doroteo R. Muñiz*
Pvt. Enrique Nieto*
Andrew Paulus
Sgt. Arthur E. Pavliska*
Pvt. Jerry Pavliska
Sgt. John Pavliska Jr.*
Seaman 1st Class Raymond V. Pavliska*
Robert Payne Jr.
Pvt. Ysidro Peña Jr.*
Pfc . Martin Pennartz*
Pvt. Elias Pineda
Sgt. Felipe R. Ramirez*
Cpl. John Reese
Sgt. W. O. Rehfeld*
Pfc. Floyd Richardson
Pfc. Jack Wesley. Robbins
Pvt. F. L. Robles Jr.
Sgt. Alfred E. Rodriguez
Pvt. Pedro E. Rodriguez
Sgt. G. G. Sanchez*
AV Cadet Robert A. Sawyer
Pvt. Arthur Pierce Sexton*
Cpl. Edmund J. Skloss*
Pvt. Johnny Svoboda
Pvt. Louis W. Taylor*
Sgt. William E. Thompson
Cpl. John A. Toscano
Richard E. Trappe
Pfc. M.G. Trevino Jr.
Sgt. Manuel M. Villa
Pvt. Tony Villa
Pvt. Fermin Valdez*
Pvt. Jesse Valdez
Cpl. Charlie Villareal
Sgt. Harry A. Werland
1st Lt. Elmo Wright Jr.
Lt. Phlemon T. Wright
Sgt. Dan Wright
Pvt. Hudell Wright
Cpl. Mariano Ximenes Jr.*
1st Lt. Vicente Ximenes
Pfc. Peter O. Zaiontz*
Jim Zuniga*
Pvt. Nemencio Zuniga*
Sgt. Miguel Zuniga*

Names denoted with an asterick mean that the actual clipping has already been picked up by a family member.
Yo soy history

By Margarette Chavez
Wilson County News

FAIRVIEW — "Yo soy history."

What Petra Hernandez means is that she can tell you a thing or two about the "good old days" in Wilson County.

The 77-year-old has lived on the same farm in Fairview all her life, and until the mid-1960s, she ran the family’s dry goods store on a now seldom-used lane across from the Baptist church.

Although she doesn’t go out much anymore, she remembers many of the old-time residents in the area.

Much more gregarious when she was younger, she took a daring step for a woman of her era and learned to drive; she frequented the movies with her girlfriends, and attended numerous social events.
Her family had an interest in the community and kept up with the news by subscribing to the Floresville Chronicle-Journal as well as the San Antonio paper.
Influenced by her father who fought in World War I, Hernandez’s sister, Maria Reyes, cut out dozens of newspaper articles of young men from Wilson County serving in the military during World War II. The clippings, in surprisingly good condition considering their age, were one of the few mementos Hernandez had of her sister, who died in 1949 at the age of 25 from what Hernandez thinks was leukemia.

According to Hernandez, the newspaper articles were lovingly stored in an antique wooden box no one ever opened, because it belonged to Reyes. When Hernandez sold the box during the 1960s, she removed the contents and carefully placed them in a large envelope.

Then two months ago, Jim Weaver, a longtime friend from Graytown, was assisting Hernandez, with the help of her lawyer, put her estate in order. Hernandez, who has decided to simplify her life, gave Weaver the newspaper excerpts.

"‘I want you to return them to the owners … to the people’s families.’ That was her intention," said Weaver. "She said she was very old and she might die soon. ‘If you know the families, get the clippings back to them.’"

Since the clippings appeared in the Chronicle-Journal, they featured boys she knew, either directly or indirectly.

"I know that the clippings are probably very important to somebody. So I gave them to Jimmy," said Hernandez, "so he could return them or give them to the paper or do something with them."

She had already given Weaver a "family clipping" a couple of years ago.

"In 1988, a little before my brother died, she gave me a clipping of my cousins, Louis and Rudy Keilman, because she knew them and she knew they were kin. Rudy went to school with Petra," said Weaver.

They were the sons of George and Julia Keilman of Graytown. Louis has passed away, but Rudy lives in Devine.

"A month after Petra gave me the clippings, my brother was buried in Graytown," said Weaver, "and I had a big family reunion at my house. My cousin, Rudy, came."

Weaver took the opportunity during the solemn occasion to give Rudy the clipping. It stated that the Keilman brothers were serving in World War II and that one was in the Navy.

"Rudy was so happy he had tears in his eyes," said Weaver. "My father’s sister, my aunt, never saved anything for them while they were in the military. This was the first thing he ever read about himself in the war; it showed a picture of him and his brother really young.
"His daughter was thrilled and she said she would decoupage it. I came back to Petra to tell her that was a wonderful thing she did to give that to my cousin," Weaver said.

It was then that Hernandez told Weaver she had many more articles and showed them to him.

"Of course I knew a lot of the guys who were local Graytown and Fairview boys," said Weaver. "I said, look at this — it’s so and so — and we reminisced about them … who they were and everything. She had clippings of Merrill Connally, a Gillette, and there were some Talamantezes, and some Quinteros who had died over there."

It was another time, according to Weaver. No one shirked his duty.

"Back then, they’d take a prominent citizen from the community and the military would put him in charge of the draft," said Weaver. "My uncle, George Keilman, was in charge in our area. He knew everybody, and he’d go to a farm and say, ‘Jesus Tejeda, you have Vidal and Juan that are of age. We’re going to sign them up and induct them. We’re going to take your sons.’ They needed soldiers. World War II was a nasty, big war."

Weaver said that the boys from this area gladly went to fight for their country. As a matter of fact, he added, Wilson County raised more money in war bonds than the quota. During those hard times, he calls that patriotism.

Hernandez did her share by writing to 15 friends and relatives who were fighting overseas.

"They would tell [us] to write to the boys because they were so sad so far from home and we’d all write to each other," said Hernandez.

"Then I thought maybe the Wilson County News would want to do an article. Because it would be great for the grandchildren or sons and daughters to see their kinfolk in the newspaper or get the clipping for their family," said Weaver.

Hernandez was reluctant. She said she didn’t want to be in the newspaper; that she did nothing. But the fact is, she and Maria Reyes did do something. They cared enough to save a little part of Wilson County’s heritage. That is a big deal indeed. Eso si es history.


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