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Water everywhere!

By Margie Keutz

It was the morning of Oct. 18, 1998, when I rolled over in bed at 7:30 a.m. and all I could see through my bed-room window was wa-ter! I screamed for my husband and ran to the back door to look … the water was all around the house up to the first patio level. I couldn’t hear anything except for my chickens flapping around outside. At this point is when I guess I started to panic. I threw on my rubber boots. My 23-month-old son had still not awoke and my husband actually made coffee and called for me to forget about the birds; this was much more serious than we had ever imagined — the water was already to the next level of the patio. I grabbed two bags, one with all the essentials — cash, dia-pers, shoes. We started lifting things off the floor onto chairs: stereo, TV, etc. By now the water was above the doors coming in the house! M son awoke and we realized we had to get out fast. I have three German shepherds who were swimming as soon as we forced the front door open and stepped into the front yard. We have an RV bus and decided to jump in it and drive out. As soon as my husband tried the engine, it failed! At that point I started walking with my son Patton on my hip, one of the bags, and three swimming dogs. The road is a few feet higher than the house and the yard so when I got to the road the water was only a little over my knees. It’s about a tenth of a mile from my house to my nearest neighbor in Sutherland Springs and we walked the whole way. At one point the water was at my neck for a short time, but I was already halfway there and wasn’t about to turn back. There was a policeman waiting on the side when we came out and told me that his house was on 539 on the river and was under water, that’s when the enormity of it all began to sink in. We all made it fine, they sent a boat in for my husband Stand a while later. By the way, the bag I left with was the one that had none of the essentials; Stan left the other on in the bus! Here we are soaking wet, no clothes, no shoes, no money, no home. It was by far the scariest thing that has ever happened to me and I hope ever will. Our lives were immediately changed forever in just a few minutes, I mean totally turned upside down. You possess absolutely nothing. There was, it seemed like immediately, so many wonderful people who brought us every-thing we needed; way to numerous to mention them all now. The wa-ter was 4 feet, 7 inches in our house and didn’t even begin to recede until 24 hours later. Many people said they didn’t know we lived on a river, we don’t, we live on a dry creek.

On a lighter note, we have a buffalo that be-came quite famous. During the 24-hour pe-riod when we were un-able to return to the hose we heard stories from neighbors about him swimming all over the Cibolo Creek. We were even informed that he had been "floating dead" down at the "Y". Well, we walked down to look at the house and could see TV crews setting up right in front of it. A policeman told us we could now drive around the back way to our house and we better hurry because there was a buffalo right in front in front and he was madder than ----!

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